Sparkler Writing: How to Take Great Photos of Your Wedding Sparkler Messages

Think weddings are over?

A popular belief is that the younger generation no longer believes in marriage.

Despite that claim, around 35% of adults in the country still want to get married at some point in their lives. Weddings are great milestones in life, with the union of two lovers cementing their relationship into something almost inseparable.

A great way to accentuate your wedding is the use of sparklers. There are a lot of unique things you can do with it. But if you want to make great memories, you can make sparkler writing and take photos with it.

Read on if you want to know how to take sparkler messages on your wedding day like a pro.

1. The Set Up

You need to collaborate with your wedding photographer with this. They need to use long shutter speeds or Bulb mode if their camera has the capabilities. The photographer needs to have a tripod to put the camera on since the lack of support will result in shakes that can spoil the shots.

If they don’t have a tripod, a good alternative is a level surface where the camera can rest without movements. Working in Bulb mode needs a remote or cable release since the shutter needs to be open. A shake can appear in your shot even if you hold down the shutter button with your finger.

Without the use of Bulb mode, your photographer needs to set the exposure going. They can use the self-timer option of the camera, so they aren’t in contact with the camera when it begins. Even the smallest shake can spoil the shot, so it’s essential that no one touches it until it’s over.

Make sure they set an aperture of f/8 and get the exposure time to 30 seconds. It should be long enough when your photographer has no Bulb mode for their camera.

2. Position the Writer and Do a Trail Run

The background isn’t that important as long as it’s dark and there are no distracting lights around. The latter can turn into overexposed globs of light in the final image. The person in charge of sparkler drawing should face the camera and write their message backward to appear the right way in the photo.

If the writer is having difficulty writing this way, you can always edit it later in Photoshop, flipping it to display the correct words. Make sure that the ones writing the photo don’t have slogans or recognizable pictures that look weird once you do the image flip. It’s going to look awkward when people see the backward letters on the writers’ shirts after all.

Before your photographer hits the shutter button, you might want to do a practice run first. This allows you to save on the best wedding sparklers and lets the photographer check if they already set the focal point to be wide enough to capture all the writing with sparklers within the frame.

When they aren’t using Bulb mode, it allows them to catch the timing on how long the process takes to work out the exposure times necessary.

3. Focus

Your photographer needs to shift their focus to the person in front of the camera when doing sparkler words photography. Since they’re doing this in the dark, it’s possible that the camera will keep on searching for them. To make it easier, you can always use a torch as a means of highlighting the person.

Once you apply the proper lighting, the camera can adjust and find the person without further issues.

4. Hit the Shutter Button

Once the writer lights the sparkler, the photographer can begin with the exposure. Ensure that the writer does it with an even flow to keep the trail smooth throughout the shot. In its most common means, the sparkle writer won’t be visible once the shot finishes.

If you want to include the writer on the shot, there is a great way to accomplish this. Get your photographer to fire the flash before the writer finishes their message.

5. Check the Shot

Getting the perfect wedding sparkler words picture needs trial and error for it to work. Especially for amateurs, getting the shots right is a hit, and miss technique so make sure to check the shots whenever you’re done and see if it’s to your liking. Make sure that you have a lot of sparklers to use so you can continue striving towards the perfect wedding photo.

If the trail doesn’t appear, you might need to ask your photographer to use a wider aperture. As an alternative, you can ask the person doing the sparkler words to make it a little slower. Otherwise, when the trail looks too bright and wide, you need to do the opposite.

Advantages of Using Wedding Sparklers

There are a lot of benefits when you use sparklers for your wedding. It makes your event more memorable since the bright, sputtering lights are an instant crowd pleaser. Traditional sparklers only last around less than a minute, but it’s already enough to make the atmosphere celebratory and take lots of great pictures.

It’s friendly to the environment since all you need to throw to the trash once you’re done are long, thin wooden sticks. Among other decorations your venue has, wedding sparklers are the least wasteful. It’s also easy to distribute and use, allowing you to coordinate for better wedding shots.

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