Sparkle at Your Fall Wedding!

fall wedding Fall is truly a beautiful time to get married. The weather has cooled down some and the days and evenings are usually mild in most parts of the country. The colors of fall lend themselves very well to a wedding celebration. There are many lovely shades of deep orange, brown, gold and yellow that will enhance the beauty of any wedding party.

Using Pumpkins

Pumpkins are an obvious choice for decorations but don’t go overboard. Place a few in various sizes in appropriate locations. You can carve the pumpkins and place lights, flowers, or Sparklers inside or just leave them whole. Also, the smaller pumpkins make great party favors for guests to take home. Pumpkins will make a wonderful centerpiece for your tables as well. Surround them with silk or real flowers and dress them up with fall fruits such as pomegranates, gourds and apples.

Decorating with Apples

Apples are another great fruit that most people associate with fall. You can use all shapes, sizes and varieties. The larger ones can be carved out to allow room for a votive candle in the center. And don’t forget about using a cornucopia filled with apples, acorns and grapes. Cinnamon sticks can be tied together with twine and placed beside or even inside apples. Caramel apples would be a delicious treat and continue the fall theme. Don’t forget to serve a punch bowl full of apple cider at the reception.

Fall Flowers

Calla Lilies can be purchased in many fall colors such as brown, gold, yellow and shades of orange. Tiger lilies are also available in many beautiful fall colors and can be used for centerpieces and other decorating. Calla lilies in deep, rustic tones would even make an extraordinary bridal bouquet. Tie them with a brown satin ribbon.

Other Ideas

Consider using fall colors in the table covers and linens. If you’re concerned about it being too much, use white linens and brown or orange table runners.  Wreaths twisted with vines of maple leaves and accented with rustic gourds, berry sprigs, and small faux pumpkins lend a definite, but refined fall flair. A large amber-glass vase with small maple tree limbs flowing carelessly outward will give your reception area the beautiful festive fall ambiance.

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