Wedding Planning on a Budget

Every bride longs for a gorgeous wedding that will be a totally unforgettable and joyous occasion for friends and family to celebrate. But sometimes our pocketbook just doesn’t match our concept of the perfect wedding. In this economy, more and more brides are searching for ways to cut a few corners and save some money […]

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Smokeless Sparklers

About Smokeless Sparklers This is a question I receive all the time…are your wedding sparklers smokeless?  That is a tricky question.  When you light a match, there is a tiny amount of smoke, when you light a candle – there also is a tiny amount of smoke.  Photographers ask their brides to order a smokeless […]

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Ever feel like you have the product, now you just need to make it look like the picture?  Wedding sparklers are fun because they look best when lit, but they also can set the stage for the fun “cherry on top” of the perfect wedding  by being displayed with a simple card or tag. Check […]

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Tags…who could have guessed this would be something I search for, blog about, and describe to customers.  They are simple, inexpensive (sometimes), and often can turn your wedding sparklers into something spectacular.  Now let me say first what I ALWAYS say.  Spend the money on wedding sparklers and if you have any left-over, get the […]

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