Make That Twinkle In Your Eye Sparkle on Your Wedding Day

smokeless sparklers Some things about your wedding are sure to be traditional, and justifiably so. June and October — the most popular months to get married — are surely the most lovely, and ivory and white — the wedding colors chosen by 44% of new couples — is a perfect palette for any union. Indeed, there is something magical and enchanting about traditions like these, and knowing that you are joining a long line of couples in tying the knot.

But there is no doubt that you also will want your wedding to stand out from the crowds, in both your own and your guests’ memories. One way to do this is to utilize a unique visual element: wedding sparklers.

For weddings, 20- to 36-inch sparklers are ideal for both visual, timing, and safety. This way, each guest only needs one long sparkler; they only need to light it once; and the handle is long and easy to hold. Imagine a tent or a field full of beautiful sparks, each being held by a beloved family member or friend as they send you off on your journey with your new spouse. For wedding sendoffs like these, it is a good idea to order enough smokeless sparklers for 75% of the guests in attendance, just in case of early departures. It is also worth it to consider keeping the sparklers an adult only affairs — children have a two-and-a-half times greater risk of suffering injury from fireworks than do adults.

A traditional sparkler may last for about 45 seconds, but that is more than enough time to capture the beautiful images for your wedding that you need to preserve forever. Having multiple rounds of the sparklers during the night might be a good idea to improve the overall picture quality. Make sure to get smokeless sparklers to preserve their magical quality.

Sparklers for a wedding — what a great way to celebrate a union of love, by bringing the light of the stars down to earth for a night! Combined with the floral arrangements, the delicious food, and the amazing people, your wedding night will be one for the books.