How To Make Your Wedding Unforgettable: Plan the Wedding Sendoff of a Lifetime

sparklers for a wedding A traditional sparkler lasts for about 45 seconds — but the memories of your wedding day last a lifetime.

There are many ideas for unconventional decoration and theme ideas for weddings out there, but they tend to be costly, inconvenient, or tacky. That’s one reason why simple, elegant ideas based around symbolism and imagery are making a huge comeback. Some ideas include string lights, wildflowers, and sparklers. Here are a couple of ideas for how to incorporate these beautiful, light-emitting design elements into your special ceremony:

Invent a new ceremony
Consider drawing all of your guests into the wedding ceremony by asking each of them to hold smokeless sparklers for a wedding in a line, and lighting them in succession. The effect will be dazzling. You’ll make your grand exit as you walk back through an aisle of sorts at the end of the reception. As the last of the sparklers die out, you will be remembered as the happy, dazzling bride surrounded by a halo of light on her way to her honey moon.

Encourage revelry!
It is your party, after all! By distributing sparklers and encouraging dancing and outdoor games, everyone will remember your wedding as a glorious cacophony of sound, light and sparkles.

Have an evening outdoor ceremony
And light it with sparklers! A professional photographer taking pictures with a slow shutter speed will capture some truly astounding images of your ivory dress lit by moonlight and sparklers.

Spell out your names
Have guests arrange the letters of you and your newly wed’s names for a stunning sparkling display by sticking long sparklers and wire sparklers,into the soil or sand of wherever you are tying the knot.

Make sure to order enough sparklers for a wedding to account for 75% of your guests, which should be enough after accounting for no shows and early departures. It also may be worth it to try to keep sparklers an adult only affair at your wedding, since the risk of fireworks injury is two and a half times as high for children ages 10 to 14. Order smoke free sparklers for an even more pronounced effect

But no matter what, remember that this is your day and your chance to go down in sparkling history!