How to Incorporate Sparklers Into Your Wedding

Nothing brings a wedding night send-off to life quite like sparklers. But have you ever considered using them in other innovative ways to “light” up your special day?

From professional photos to the cake cutting, wedding sparklers can provide dramatic punctuation as you and your loved one pass over the threshold into married life.

Interested in learning more about how to fill your wedding with glow and dazzle? Read on for fun ways to incorporate sparklers into the different stages of your once-in-a-lifetime event.

Decorate with Wedding Sparklers

Instead of saving the lights for the end of your special event, incorporate them into your wedding decorations. In fact, why not make sparklers for weddings an unforgettable theme for your big day? How?

Place them in glass jars, sophisticated vases, or quaint metal buckets to create unforgettable centerpieces. Not only will these decorations create a unique wedding-day ambiance but they’ll stoke anticipation for the light show to come.

You can also spread them on a table in an artistic arrangement. Be sure to include matches or lighters for ease of lighting. You’ll want to clearly demarcate where sparklers will appear during your wedding ceremony and reception.

High-quality sparklers come in myriad shapes and sizes including 10 inches, 20 inches, and 36 inches. So, you can choose the best option depending on your decor, arrangements, and planned activities. Do a little research so that you choose the best products for your special day.

Make Your First Kiss Momentous

As guests take their seats for your ceremony, have ushers distribute sparklers and matches or lighters. Make sure the ushers let guests know when and where these sparklers should be lit. That way, you’re sure to have magical light for that most special of moments when the ceremony culminates in your first kiss.

A breathtaking event illuminated by these props, you and your significant other will cherish the photos that result. Imagine a sea of sparkling lights through which you and your loved one float mid-kiss. The sparks will literally fly, and why not?

There’s no better way to capture the moment as you and your loved embark on your new life together. Your guests will be talking about this moment for years to come.

Sparklers Transform Wedding Photos

While we’re on the topic of wedding photos, let’s discuss more fun ways to incorporate them into your pictures. There are so many ways to use sparklers in wedding photos that it’s difficult to know where to start. They bring formal portraits to life with romantic sparks.

They make casual reception photos memorable and unique. You can even have your bridesmaids use them to spell out words or dates during nighttime photos. (Just think about the visual impact of “LOVE” glittering in the background of your photo.)

Interested in learning more about how to write with sparklers in your wedding photos? It’s easier than you think. But you’ll need the right equipment and a skilled professional photographer.

Cake Cutting Lights

There are a number of ways to tackle how to use sparklers during the cake cutting ceremony. Each one is innovative in its own way and produces irresistible results. So, think about how you’d like to set this portion of your ceremony ablaze with golden light.

If you plan for a big cake reveal, consider having staff place lit sparklers all over your cake before rolling it in. Then, when it enters your guests will gasp with amazement and long-awaited anticipation.

Or, as you dole out individual pieces of cake, place a sparkler atop each one as a dynamic garnish. How you use sparklers is up to you.

In terms of seasons, keep this in mind. Many brides gravitate toward sparkling toppers during the summer. Why? Because they are evocative of the Fourth of July with its fireworks and festivities.

That said, you may choose to make your winter wedding unexpected with glowing lights as well. They are especially well-suited for cozy weddings where snow echoes their white brilliance.

First Dance Fantastic

Your first dance represents another dramatic opportunity for using sparklers. Like your first kiss, you’ll want to make arrangements ahead of time to have ushers or other designated individuals pass out all of the necessary props and communicate when the lighting should take place.

Because of the nature of a wedding reception, it’s also advised that the bride make arrangements with the DJ for an announcement when it’s time to light the sparklers. That way, the glittering scene will illuminate you and your partner as you enter the room. Not only will your first dance feel extra special, but you’ll come away with captivating images.

The Perfect Send-Off

While using sparklers to conclude a wedding is not a new concept, there’s a reason couples continue to opt for the experience. It’s stunning. Or, as Brides puts it, “For a finale fit for the Fourth of July, make your getaway amid a shower of sparklers and fireworks.”

The dazzling lights will look magical. Imagine walking into the future with your loved one surrounded by glittering, glowing radiance.

You can also create another photo opportunity by placing sparklers around your getaway car. Then, as you prepare to drive off, they’ll light up. You’ll leave in a blaze of brilliant lights and fairy-tale magic.

Make Your Wedding Memorable

Do some online research to find the perfect products for your wedding. Some sparkler kits even come with matches and stickers that read, “Let Love Shine.” Whatever you choose, let wedding sparklers bring whimsy, romance, and light into your transition into married life.

Interested in learning more about lighting up your wedding night? Still not sure which sparklers are right for you? At Sparkle, we’re here to make your event spectacular and unforgettable.

Do you want to add flare to photos with wedding sparklers? Or, perhaps, light up your first kiss? Whatever your goal, contact us today to find the right products for your event.

We’re the wedding sparkler experts. Let us help you light the way to a bright future with your soulmate.