Friday Night Lights: Sparkle at your Weekend Wedding

A perfect end to a perfect evening with sparklers

A perfect end to a perfect evening with sparklers

Couples are choosing Friday night weddings.   I personally have never attended a wedding on a Friday night, but I am also almost 39 and do not have many friends getting married these days.   With weekends traditionally the favorite time for most couples to schedule their wedding ceremony, it’s always a very busy time for vendors and venues that normally host wedding celebrations. This can cause it to be very difficult for couples to get the right space that they were hoping for.

Better Availability Lower Prices

Caterers are also extremely busy on weekends, but not so much during the week. For this reason, they will often offer discounts on their services if you’re willing to choose a week day for your celebration. For instance, a bridal shower could be scheduled on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday evening. A rehearsal dinner could be held on any week night as well.

All vendors who cater to weddings are far less busy on weekdays and nights than weekends. The only exception to this rule is on those dates that are numerically significant. Couples like to get married on dates like 09/9/09, 10/10/10, 12/12/12 etc. Couples also like to get married on historically significant dates such as Elvis’s birthday, Pearl Harbor Day, and dates that are meaningful to them personally.

A survey of vendors that normally work with weddings shows that many of them offer discounts if you’re willing to schedule your wedding on Friday night. You might be able to save up to half off the cost of a hall or chapel, food service, and rented equipment. Brides will also find better availability of all the items needed to put together a top-notch wedding.

How Will your Guests Feel?

Wedding guests also agree that a Friday night wedding is completely agreeable. Most people can take Friday off work without any problem, then they have the rest of their weekend left for other relaxing family events. This will give you and your guests all day to prepare.

Sleep in. Take a relaxing bath. Visit a spa or salon to get your makeup and hair done. There’s no rush with a Friday night wedding, either for the bride and groom or for the guests. This idea also works well for destination weddings or out-of-towners. After the Friday night ceremony, your friends and family will have the whole weekend to get together for dinners, pool parties, shopping trips, etc.

Make it Special with Wedding Sparklers

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