Five Pointers for Planning the Perfect Beach Wedding

One of the best parts of Planning the Perfect Beach Wedding in the spring or summer is the many outdoor event spaces that are available during these seasons. However, planning an outdoor wedding can be tricky—especially if you opt for a seaside setting—due to the unpredictability of nature. If you are planning a beach wedding this season, here are a few tips and tricks to ensure a seamless and beautiful event from the moment you say “I do” until your triumphant wedding exit.

The Perfect Beach Wedding

1. Dress Accordingly

If you are planning a beach wedding, chances are you are planning on a less formal affair. However, this laid-back event style is important to keep in mind when planning your attire, as a traditional ballgown-style dress with heels could easily prove disastrous on the beach!

The Huffington Post’s Destination Weddings & Honeymoons blog suggests ditching traditional ballroom-style gowns for dresses made from light, flowy fabrics such as charmeuse or chiffon, which will look stunning and be more functional on the beach.

Other wardrobe elements to keep in mind when planning include opting for flats instead of heels so that you can comfortably walk in the sand, and considering an up-do in case of strong ocean winds.

2. Timing is everything

Another critical factor when planning the perfect beach wedding is timing. There are many factors to take into consideration when picking the time of your ceremony, including the tides, the lighting, and the temperatures.

To avoid the sweltering mid-day heat, experts suggest opting for either morning or sunset ceremonies. Your guests will thank you!

Along these same lines, it is important to consult with your photographer about the best times of day to capture stunning beachfront photos of your wedding.  

Finally, be sure to research the tide schedules to ensure your carefully planned ceremony setup isn’t interrupted by high tide.

3. Obtain the proper permits

When planning a wedding on a public beach it is important to adhere to all local ordinances and obtain the proper permits for your event.

Some common city ordinances to look into include policies regarding open containers on the beach, noise level regulations, and bonfire permit requirements. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to obtaining the necessary permissions beforehand when using public spaces for your big day.

4. Embrace the setting

The beach provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic wedding ceremony and reception. When planning your decor, it is best to keep it simple and natural, embracing the soft colors of the ocean, sand, and sky. There is no need to spend big on ornate flower arrangements and centerpieces. That will only distract from the natural beauty surrounding you.

5. Plan the perfect exit

One of our favorite things about outdoor weddings—especially those on the beach—is the chance to incorporate sparklers into the reception and wedding send-off!

After all, what could be more magical than sparklers lighting up the sky on a warm summer evening as the waves crash in the background? If you are looking for the best wedding sparklers to illuminate your beachfront wedding with a touch of magic, we offer both 36-inch sparklers and 20-inch sparklers, that are perfect for special events like these.

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