Buyers Guide to Wedding Sparklers

buying guide for wedding sparklers

We all know that your wedding is the most important event in a bride’s life. You plan every detail and want everything to turn out picture perfect. You also desire your special day to be perfectly unique as well. What if you could have all of this with the addition of one special item? Guess what, you can. With the addition of wedding sparklers to your already unique style, you can take your big day from amazing to sparktacular, let us tell you how.

Finding the Right Sparklers for Your Wedding

When you decide to add a sparkle to your wedding (literally), you will have several different choices. With a variety of wedding sparklers ranging in length at 10 inch sparklers, 20 inch sparklers, and 36 inch sparklers, you are sure to find something that is perfectly matched for your desires. You can even choose heart sparklers to show the spark that is in the heart of the happy couple. With a variety of wedding sparklers to fit your need, all you have to do is choose. With the many decisions you have to make during the planning of your big day, why not take a break and imagine the possibilities of incorporating wedding sparkles into your plans. With a great line of smokeless wedding sparklers, not only can you bring a glow to your reception, you can do so without smoking everyone out. The smokeless premium sparklers are fantastic for leaving the air virtually, smoke-free, which makes for excellent photo opportunities and memories that last a lifetime.

Choosing the Right Wedding Accessories

Many people think that because sparklers emit sparks and are meant for outdoor use that they cannot be used inside; this could not be further from the truth. In reality, wedding sparklers make great wedding accessories both indoors and out. While they cannot be lit indoors, they make great table decorations and perfect wedding favors. The list of ideas is too numerous to write down but here are a few great ideas for incorporating wedding sparklers into your wedding reception and beyond. By adding ribbons to match your wedding colors, you can make a table sparkler bucket. Filling the bucket and placing one on each table will make a beautiful decoration as well as an easy way for each guest to grab a sparkler for the big send-off line.


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When you have decided to add a spark to your wedding reception, let us help you with ideas and inspiration to make your wedding sparkler experience the best it can be. With a simple call or message, you can get expert advice from people who know the ins and outs of wedding sparklers. With answers to all of your questions, you will be ready to spend your special day and light up your perfect night with your smokeless wedding sparklers. All that will be left is basking in the glow of a sendoff that sparkles like the stars. The only thing that will shine brighter will be the love the two of you share.