Adding sparklers to your special day – three perfect themes for a magical night

wedding sparklers Bright, beautiful wedding sparklers add an undeniable touch of magic to your special day. More than just fun accessories, indoor sparklers can affect the ambience and mood of the entire space by complementing your wedding’s theme with a twinkling glow. Sparklers have become a popular trend for today’s bride because they are unexpected and undeniably fun. If you’ve fallen in love with the elegance and excitement of wedding sparklers, here are three magical themes that sparklers would be perfect for!

    1. Roaring 20s/Gatsby
      A little party never hurt nobody, and a 1920s Great Gatsby themed wedding is a great way to marry the opulence and elegance of the era with a modern twist. The bride can pull inspiration from the most popular styles of the decade with flapper-style dresses, ornate headpieces and long strands of pearls. Popular color schemes for this theme are combinations of silver and gold with black or ivory. Chosen by 44% of newly married couples, ivory has proven to be among the most popular colors for a wedding’s theme. Imagine how spectacular wedding sparklers would look against soft, classic colors like ivory and gold. A touch of glitz from long lasting sparklers will ensure that the party goes on all night!


    1. Disney/Classic Princess
      If you’re a kid at heart, a princess/Disney themed wedding may be a perfect option for your special day. With this theme, a ball gown style dress adorned in gems will make you feel like the princess that you are! Smokeless sparklers mimic the fireworks display that Disney is famous for and will bring the magic inside your wedding venue. If your guests will be waving around the sparklers like the Fairy Godmother’s magic wand, you may want to use 20 or 36 inch sparklers. These sparklers have a very long handle to hold and will only need to be lit once. Give your guests these extra long sparklers for some whimsical fun!


  1. Hollywood Glamour
    The romance of old Hollywood is a perfect theme for a bride who dreams in glitter and glamour. Turn your wedding into a red carpet event! A long, figure flattering gown complements the sleek and classic look of the 1940s and 50s. Some ideas to consider are using vintage film equipment as centerpieces or making your invitations look like ticket stubs. Wedding sparklers add the perfect amount of glitz to this theme. On average, a wedding has about 136 guests. If every guest had a sparkler in hand during your send off, you’ll feel like the paparazzi are snapping a thousand pictures of you, the star that you are!