6 Tips for Holding an Outdoor Wedding in the Cooler Months

wedding sparkler send off The most popular months to get married in are June, accounting for 15% of total weddings, and October, accounting for 14% of total weddings — months in which the weather is particularly favorable to outdoor ceremonies and receptions. However, there is no reason why you can’t pull off a beautiful outdoor wedding event at any time of the year. To be sure, there are extra things to consider in these circumstances, but it can definitely be done. Check out some recommendations here:

1. Embrace the Season
Go all out with seasonal decor — especially if you have the outdoor backdrop to go with it. For early to late fall, cover hay bales with blankets to seat your guests and commission beautifully carved pumpkins. For winter, distribute quality wedding sparklers (smokeless sparklers are best) to highlight the sparkle of snow.

2. Provide Warmth
Consider your younger and older guests and if it’s going to be very nippy, provide leg coverings on every chair. Another option would be to station heat lamps throughout your venue, or to distribute feet and hand warmers at the beginning of your ceremony.

3. Schedule for the Warmest (and Lightest) Part of the Day
Usually, this means around three o’clock. You could also have a very beautiful sunset ceremony to create a natural segue to move the party indoors.

4. Have a Backup Plan
The truth is that you simply won’t be able to pull off your beautiful outdoor winter ceremony if it’s sleeting, hailing, or blizzarding. Have a backup on hand, or at least plan to rent a durable events tent for the day.

5. Plan a Suprise
Make your ceremony extra special by planning a surprise to thank all of your guests for celebrating your special day with you. This might mean an epic wedding sparkler send off or a complimentary hot chocolate bar.

6. Keep the Ceremony Brief
Don’t dillydally outdoors — make the ceremony short, poignant and beautiful, and then get everyone up on their feet and dancing.

From something as simple as staging a wedding sparkler send off to something as complex as booking horse and carriage rides for your guests, there are many ways to make a late fall or winter outdoor ceremony work.