3 Ways to Use Wedding Sparklers in Other Ways This Winter

wedding sparklers These days, wedding sparklers are all the rage. They’re popular throughout the year, but they can look especially magical against a backdrop of winter snow and ice. If you’re buying sparklers online for your wedding, 20 inch sparklers or 36 inch sparklers are ideal; that way, each guest needs only one without repeated lighting and won’t experience difficulty holding it.

Sparklers are ideal for weddings, but have you ever thought of ways to use festive wedding sparklers for other celebrations? At this time of year — when daylight is limited and cold weather can still be a concern — lighting up the sky with long lasting sparklers can make any occasion more beautiful and special. Here are three other ways to use wedding sparklers this winter:

    • Lunar New Year Party
      Lunar New Year and Chinese New Year celebrations occurs between January and February (depending on when the observed day falls in the lunar calendar). Traditionally, this holiday honors ancestors and spiritual deities. In China, those who celebrate want to gather as much good luck for the new year. Parades are often held in major cities, and many Chinese restaurants host Chinese New Year festivities. While big events often light firecrackers, you can partake in a Chinese New Year celebration at home with traditional foods and wedding sparklers. You can have a small gathering that pays tribute to the beauty of the culture and educates about the meaning of the holiday — all while enjoying a delicious feast and sparklers that light up the dark.


    • Valentine’s Day Soiree
      Whether you’re planning on a romantic dinner for two or a table full of your favorite couples, long lasting sparklers can make your Valentine’s Day celebrations even more festive. Plan a scrumptious supper (with a decadent dessert, of course). Afterwards, head outside to an area filled with candles and twinkly lights for some hot chocolate or coffee, music, and some fun with sparklers. There’s nothing more perfect for a day that reminds you of those sparks you feel for your honey! Be sure to take some snapshots with long exposure of the hearts and lovey-dovey messages you can write in the air.


  • St. Patrick’s Day Bash
    You can invite your loved ones — or even the whole neighborhood — over for a family-friendly St. Patrick’s Day dinner. After a traditional meal of corned beef and cabbage, head to the backyard or a nearby park for some fun with sparklers. Just be sure to supervise children closely during use, especially if you use longer sparklers, and use sparklers responsibly! Bring along an iPod and play traditional music for an impromptu dance party or end the night with some fun leprechaun-themed games.

While sparklers are perfect for your wedding day, they aren’t limited to matrimonial celebrations. For more information on our sparklers and ways to use them on a day that’s special to you and yours, get in touch with us today!