3 Great Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Wedding Sparklers

wedding sparkler tips If you’re a bride-to-be in search of that special “something” to take your wedding to the next level, then sparklers are your answer. Indoor sparklers for weddings light up the room unlike anything you’ve ever seen, and they’re even better outdoors when the sun goes down and the night is coming to an end.

Even if you’re not yet officially engaged, it’s never too early to start planning. A recent Bridal Guide survey revealed that women spend about one to nine hours a week planning their wedding, and that includes the single ladies! Couples often spend about $169 on wedding accessories, so sparklers are the perfect way to minimize your cost while maximizing the fun. Here are three quick tips to get the most out of your wedding sparkler experience:

Check with your venue to make sure they allow sparklers.
Some banquet halls and other facilities may have some concerns with indoor sparklers for weddings, so be sure to check with your contact at the venue to make sure it’s OK with them. Many places will allow them as long as you’re only using cake sparklers, and you can always take the party outside to let the rest of your guests take part in the fun.

Go with the extra long ones for more leeway during pictures.
Make sure you notify the photographer when you want to capture the magic of your guests holding the sparklers to get the perfect pictures. The extra long sparklers last up to four minutes, so they give you plenty of time to get things situated before they start taking pictures.

Line people up and create the perfect send off!
There’s no better day to ride off into the sunset after a perfect day than a wedding sparkler send off. You usually only need to order enough for about 75% of the guests to account for everybody who will line up. Simply form the party into two lines with a space in the middle and let everybody hoot and holler with their sparklers while you and your new spouse walk through. The visual is absolutely stunning.

Indoor sparklers for weddings will have all your guests clamoring as to where you found the idea, and the photographs will leave you breathless. They are the perfect way to make the greatest day of your life even better, and your friends and family will never forget your special night.