3 Cool Wedding Trends for 2016

sparklers for a wedding

Credits: Music City Events and Kristyn Hogan

If you’ve said “yes” to the ring, then the next logical step is planning out the wedding. If you’re planning on getting married within the next year, then like many couples, you may be interested in knowing what’s trending in the wedding community. While you’re not going to want to opt for flash-in-the-pan trends, it’s possible to get ideas for unique and classy additions for your own celebration. Here are three things that are going to be popular in weddings this year.

The Naked Cake
A recent survey from USA Today has showed that young consumers are increasingly concerned about eating healthy and “clean” food. Naked cakes have either no frosting or are only partially frosted, typically revealing the cake layers for all to see rather than hiding them beneath a layer of fondant. Adornment with berries or flowers is typical. This can also encourage brides to get more experimental with the actual flavor and texture of the cake, which will be the star of the show.

Wedding Sparklers
We love wedding sparklers here! This year, you’ll see couples use them more and more in order to create unique and memorable wedding photos. The average wedding has about 136 guests, and wedding sparkler send offs are a way to get everyone in on something fun without having to drop thousands of dollars. Experts recommend planning on having sparklers for at least 75% of your anticipated number of guests, so that you have enough for everyone who wants one. Sparklers also pair well with themed weddings, whether you’re going for a hollywood glamour or a roaring 20s theme. For indoor parties, smokeless sparklers offer a handy solution.

Drones as Photographers
It’s been news for a while that companies like Amazon are considering using drones for quicker shipping. One intriguing trend has been the use of drones for taking unique wedding photos. Drones are capable of taking wide-angle and top-angle shots of ceremonies and parties that would previously only be possible by use of a helicopter. Drones can also be used to capture epic shots of sparklers for a wedding send off at night.

Sparklers for a wedding may only last for about 45 seconds, but your wedding memories will hopefully last a lifetime. Take tips from these three 2016 wedding trends in order to make your celebration amazing!