3 Benefits of Using Sparklers For Events

When it comes to event planning, especially wedding planning, you have to strike a balance between sticking to tradition and planning a unique event. And some conventions have become a tradition for very practical reasons.

For instance, the most popular months for weddings are June and October, because weather tends to be very pleasant during those months. But some ideas are just plain conventional, and there is so much room to assert your personality in how you throw these events.

One great way to throw a really memorable celebration is to utilize wedding sparklers in your event. They will light up your night in ways you never would have expected. Check out their other benefits here:

Instant Crowd Pleaser

What’s more exciting than those sputtering lights and crackle that can only mean sparklers? Hardly anything, especially at a party. A traditional sparkler may only last for about 45 seconds, but that is more than enough to delight an already celebratory and excited crowd, take hundreds of pictures, and light more smoke free sparklers.


Yes, you do have to dispose of sparklers once they run out, but they are simply long, thin wooden sticks. Think of the waste involved with other types of party supplies, like string lights that go unused, bits of plastic from cheap party favors, and paper from hanging decorations. Minimize the waste and maximize the sparkle to illuminate any special night, from a wedding to a sweet sixteen party.

Ease and Convenience

There is practically nothing as easy as distributing lit, long lasting sparklers, then collecting them when they sputter out. Even safety measures for sparklers at parties aren’t hard to implement since they pose practically no risk once they’ve gone out. Since children tend to get burned two and a half times as often between the ages of 10 and 14, perhaps they can be passed over during the sparkler handouts. But otherwise, obtaining, distributing, and cleaning up party sparklers is as easy as pie. Especially when you think about confetti, rice, or pinatas.

Plus, buying sparklers online makes it even easier for you to plan the wedding or party of your dreams.

From easy cleanup to buying sparklers online, there is no doubt that wedding sparklers, or sparklers for any other celebration, is an amazing, low cost, and minimal effort way to celebrate with your own unique style.