Non-floral wedding centerpiece

Non-floral Wedding Centerpiece Ideas | Unique and Budgeted

If flowers aren’t your style or floral arrangements simply aren’t in the budget. there are a variety of non-floral wedding centerpiece ideas and color palette options that will work for every season and every price point! Just because you ditch the flowers, doesn’t mean your wedding guests won’t enjoy a beautiful table cape that reflects your wedding’s theme. Read on to get inspired by some of the most popular non-floral wedding centerpiece ideas on the internet.

1. Seashells

Whether you going for a seaside wedding planning, or just want to incorporate a beach wedding theme into your wedding reception, beach-themed centerpieces will perfectly set the mood. you can keep it simple with a basic shell wedding tables cape or add driftwood and coral for a more dramatic effect.

Non-floral Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

2. Fall Harvest

If you are planning a Fall wedding and want to embrace the harvest season, we love the idea of substituting fall foliage, with dried wheat. and other seasonal decor for traditional flower arrangements.

Two of our favorite ideas include celebrating the season with beautiful and elegant palm leaves and branches of colorful leaves or creating rustic arrangements from dried wheat and grass tied up in satin bows.

Fall harvest

3. Lanterns

It is also a good Non-Floral Centerpiece Idea, If you want your centerpiece design to double as the perfect mood lighting, we suggest opting for lanterns. Metal lanterns with a vintage feel will add a cozy touch to fall or winter wedding, while more modern. White lanterns work well for spring and summer festivities. If you have an Event Planner he will manage all these to make your big day. You can even let your guests take the lanterns home as a fun favor that they will use for years to come!


4. Goldfish

For a totally unique centerpiece, why not incorporate fish bowls into a table scape? You can stick with traditional goldfish bowls, or create elegant vases filled with aquatic designs. Either way,

This is a fun centerpiece that will lead to plenty of conversation between guests. while also doubling as a wedding favor that kids and adults alike will love.


5. Balloons

We love the idea of incorporating balloons into a daytime wedding! You can make this playful touch elegant by tying twine to large white balloons. and anchoring them to the table with a rock wrapped in a sleek material.

This decor idea can also double as a fun send off if you have guests untie the balloons and release them into the air during your grand exit.


6. Sparklers

Another centerpiece that doubles as a wedding send-off idea is sparklers. This is an easy and affordable centerpiece idea that will add a magical touch to your table settings with a wedding cake. Some easy and fun ideas include placing them in glass jars with matching ribbons, adorning them with cute labels that include your wedding date, or placing them in an elegant vase filled with glitter.

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Q: What are some non-floral wedding centerpiece ideas?

A: Popular non-floral centerpiece ideas include candles and candle holders, fruit, greenery, branches, lanterns, vintage books, and decorative items.

Q: Are non-floral centerpieces more cost-effective than floral centerpieces?

A: Non-floral wedding centerpieces can be less expensive, but it depends on the materials used.

Q: How do I create a DIY non-floral centerpiece?

A: Use a variety of materials like candles, fruit, greenery, or decorative items, and consider incorporating personal touches. Online tutorials and DIY guides can help.

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