How Many Sparklers Should You Buy for Your Wedding?

If you’re planning a wedding that includes sparklers in the celebration, you don’t want to simply guess How Many Sparklers Should You Buy for Your Wedding? you need. You should have plenty for all of your guests, even if a few sparklers are not used. Although wedding budgets may be tight, you don’t want to end up with guests feeling left out because you didn’t order enough sparklers. Also, an insufficient amount of sparklers may cause photos to look dimmer than you expected. Don’t under the plan—you deserve to have a luminous wedding celebration and beautiful pictures to look back on!

There are many factors that influence How Many Sparklers Should You Buy for Your Wedding? you will need for your wedding. These factors include guest count, plans for special photos set up by your photographer, the desired sizes of sparklers, and how you plan to use them. Here we explore the main factors to think about when trying to decide how many sparklers to buy. Taking this information into account, you will be ready to place an order that covers all your sparkler needs.

Consider Your Wedding Guest Count

The first thing to consider when deciding how many sparklers to buy is the amount of people attending your wedding. If you forgot the size of the total wedding guest list or the size of the bridal party, now is the time to verify those numbers. If you have simply set a maximum number, plan for that amount instead of trying to compensate for individuals who may not show up on your big day.

The last thing you want is to run out of sparklers, so make sure to multiply the number of guests by the wedding activities that require sparklers. It’s better to buy more and have some spare sparklers than to end up with left-out guests or lackluster pictures.

What wedding activities will require sparklers?

Another thing to consider is how you plan to use the sparklers. Do you want to just have a few on display during photographs? Or do you want sparklers for each of your guests? These details make a big difference when deciding how many to order.

How you plan to use your wedding sparklers is a key piece of information to consider when placing an order. You definitely want to have enough sparklers for each planned activity, such as a grand wedding exit or first dance.

How to Use Sparklers

Grand Wedding Exit

If you plan to use sparklers during your grand wedding exit, you will need to coordinate this in advance by:

Once you have your wedding exit coordinated, you should talk to your photographer about getting photos that capture the beauty of your exit. You can find excellent tips for photographing a wedding sparkler exit here.

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Photo Shoots

If you plan to use sparklers during a photoshoot, it’s necessary to pre-plan the different shoots in advance to make sure you will have enough sparklers. Also, these pictures may take longer than expected, so be sure to leave some extra time.

Before you purchase your sparklers, think of all the different groups of people you’d like to have in photos. For those group photos, decide which will contain sparklers and how many each person will use. On top of that, you should always purchase more sparklers than you think you need in case one burns out or won’t light.

Wedding Couples Photoshoot wiht Full Moon and Sparklers in Background

Couple kissing | People showing sparklers

First Dance

If you plan to have sparklers lit during your first dance, you will want to time your first dance appropriately. Determine how long it will take to light the sparklers, how long the entry to the dance will take, how long the announcement will take, and how long the dance will take overall. This planning will help you guarantee that sparklers stay lit the whole time.

What size wedding sparklers
will you need to buy?

Once you know which activities you will need sparklers for, you can choose which size of sparklers you’d like. Wedding sparklers come in different sizes and varieties. For lighting your first dance, having a photoshoot, or having a grand wedding exit, plan to purchase either 20-inch wedding sparklers or 36-inch wedding sparklers.

The 36-inch sparklers will last longer, while the 20-inch sparklers will be easier to control with wind or other conditions. Below details a few additional things to keep in mind when deciding sparkler size.

36-Inch Wedding Sparklers

36-inch wedding sparklers are the ideal size for weddings of 200+ people. Each has a burn time of four minutes, which makes them perfect for longer activities like the wedding exit, first dance, and individual photos.

When purchasing 36-inch wedding sparklers, Sparklers Online recommends that you have one per guest. You may want to have additional sparklers on hand in case one burns out or you need additional sparklers for extra photos.

26-Inch Wedding Sparklers

20-inch wedding sparklers are ideal for weddings of 100 people or fewer. These sparklers light for around two minutes each, and they are smokeless. For a wedding of this size, it’s best to have at least two sparklers per person, according to Sparklers Online.

You also need to talk to the venue and find out if sparklers are allowed on the property. Some venues don’t like to have sparklers due to the increased risk of fire. Other venues are happy to oblige up to a certain number of sparklers or sparklers of 20 to 36 inches only. Talking to your venue and wedding planner about sparkler approval is an essential step.


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Placing Your Wedding Sparkler Order

Now you can use this information to plan and purchase the right amount of wedding sparklers for your big day. Remember to first go over the total number of guests that will be attending your wedding and get an accurate headcount for your order. Then, plan for how you will use sparklers at your wedding, how many events you will have, and how long the sparklers have to be lit.

After you get some clarity with these questions, determine which sparkler size is right for your needs. Remember, 20-inch sparklers burn for around two minutes, while 36-inch sparklers burn for around four minutes. With larger sparklers, you should plan for one sparkler per guest per event.

For smaller sparklers, you may need two sparklers per guest per event. Finally, get ready to place your wedding sparkler order—and get excited about making your special celebration sparkle in an unforgettable way!