planning an outdoor winter wedding

Five Easy Tips for Planning an Outdoor Winter Wedding

Five easy tips for planning an outdoor winter wedding

Although winter brings freezing temperatures, shorter days, and inclement weather, it is also one of the most beautiful holiday season — especially for the cold-loving, snow lovers out there. A dreamy snow-covered backdrop, crisp air, romantic winter skies, and sparklers are just a few reasons many winter brides want to plan an outdoor ceremony, despite the many downsides of the cold weather season. If you are considering planning an outdoor winter wedding this season here are a few easy tips to ensure you (and your guests) comfortably enjoy the ceremony.

1. Choose Your Location Wisely

A mild winter day with a snowy backdrop can make for an unforgettable wedding ceremony. However, winter weather is unpredictable and can easily take your winter wonderland wedding into a wedding nightmare. If you decide to plan an outdoor wedding, be sure to have an inclement weather backup plan with an alternative indoor location to ensure your ceremony goes smoothly no matter what mother nature may bring.

Choose your Outdoor wedding location wisely

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Use Heaters

With all of the excitement surrounding your wedding ceremony, you probably won’t even notice the cold — especially if you are a lover of the cooler months. However, your guests may not feel the same way as they sit waiting in below-freezing temperatures. An easy way to ensure your guests are comfortable no matter how cold the temperatures may dip is to bring in industrial heaters. By strategically placing them in the seating area your guests will remain toasty and warm while watching you say “I Do.”

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Don’t be afraid to use heaters

3. Ensure Guests are Aware You are Planning an Outdoor Winter Wedding

Unless you explicitly tell your guests that your ceremony will be held outdoors, most will assume it is going to be indoors and will dress accordingly. Be sure to include the fact that the ceremony will be held outside on your invites so that your guests can plan ahead and bundle up in their warmest wedding attire.

4. Supply Guests With Blankets and Wraps

Another easy way to ensure your guests are warm during your outdoor wedding is to provide them with warm, cozy blankets and wraps. Event planner Leslie Kaplan tells that this also provides “for a cute design opportunity styled up in a cozy corner.” We couldn’t agree more!

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5. Set up a Fire Pit and Provide Warm Drinks

If you are planning an outdoor wedding creating a warm gathering point for guests is crucial. We love the idea of creating rustic fire pits with a warm beverage station to the side of your ceremony so that guests can warm themselves by the fire while sipping on hot cider, tea, or cocoa. This also makes a fun backdrop for photos of your ceremony.

Set up a fire pit and provide warm drinks

If you are a snow bunny that can’t get enough of winter weather, an outdoor winter theme event may be perfect for you. Fortunately, with a little bit of extra planning, you can ensure your special day goes off without a hitch. One more thing to keep in mind? An epic wedding send-off is always in season! So don’t forget to plan one. Looking for winter wedding send-off ideas? Some of our favorites include wedding sparklers, feathers, fake snow, and bird seed.


Q: Can I plan an outdoor wedding in winter?

A: Yes, you can definitely plan an outdoor wedding in winter. However, it’s important to take the chilly weather conditions into consideration and plan accordingly.

Q: What should I consider when choosing an outdoor winter wedding venue?

A: When selecting a venue, consider the location, accessibility, availability of heating, hand warmers, fairy lights, and the size of the space.

Q: How can I dress appropriately for outdoor winter weddings?

A: Choose a wedding dress or suit that’s warm and comfortable, and consider layering it with a jacket or coat. Don’t forget to accessorize with gloves, scarves, and hats to keep yourself and your wedding party warm. It is recommended to choose the long sleeve wedding dresses for outdoor weddings.

Q: What kind of decorations work well for an outdoor winter wedding?

A: Winter-themed decorations like pinecones, evergreens, and snowflakes can create a festive atmosphere. You can also use lighting to create a cozy and intimate ambiance.

Q: What kind of food and drinks are suitable for an outdoor winter wedding?

A: Consider serving warm and comforting dishes like tomato soup, chili, wedding cake with whipped cream, hot toddy, and roasted vegetables. For drinks, you can offer hot cocoa, mulled wine, or spiked cider to keep your wedding guests warm. These drinks will stay warm you guests.

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