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Top 5 Festive Thanksgiving Wedding Ideas | Inspiration & Non-Cheesy

November is here, which means Halloween is over and it is officially the Thanksgiving season. Focused on gratitude and gathering friends and family, what could be better than incorporating a little bit of this classic American holiday into your Thanksgiving wedding celebration? Below we share a few fun ways to add a touch of Thanksgiving to your November nuptials.

Serve Up Pie Instead of a Traditional Wedding Cake

When you think about Thanksgiving, chances are that pie is one of the first things to come to mind. Whether you prefer pumpkin, pecan, apple, or chocolate, it wouldn’t be a Thanksgiving wedding celebration without pie! So why not ditch the traditional wedding cake in favor of this beloved Thanksgiving tradition? If you aren’t sure how to pull it off, we love the idea of setting up a pie bar featuring a variety of popular pie flavors. You could even ask friends and family to contribute their favorite family recipes to the spread.

Serve up pie instead of a traditional wedding cake - Thanksgiving Wedding Ideas

Incorporate Gratitude

A Thanksgiving wedding is a wonderful opportunity to let those you love most know how grateful you are to have them in your lives as they are gathered together to celebrate your love. Show guests how thankful you are by preparing thank you notes to add to their place settings or creating a thank you map that expresses your gratitude for the time and money guests spent to be there on your special day.

Mix Up Seasonal Cocktails

Cranberry sauce is synonymous with Thanksgiving, so why not incorporate the tart yet sweet berry into your signature wedding drink? These cranberry fizz cocktails are simple and delicious and will instantly add a touch of fall celebration to your wedding reception.

Mix Up Seasonal Cocktails

Give back at your Thanksgiving wedding

The holidays are a time to remember the less fortunate and give back to society. As you gather your guests for your wedding celebration, it is a wonderful opportunity to encourage them to give back, be it through hosting a canned food drop-off for a local charity or asking guests to donate to a favorite cause in lieu of a traditional registry gift.

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Fully Embrace Seasonal Decor

Thanksgiving means all things fall – especially when it comes to decor! Embrace the season by incorporating fall into your centerpieces, floral arrangements, and table settings. Some of our favorite ideas include this stunning fall foliage bouquet and these seasonal place settings. You can even take the Thanksgiving decor to the next level by opting for a fall-themed cake, using mini pumpkins as seating cards, or placing bowls of these classic pomander balls throughout your venue (bonus: they smell amazing!). Planning a wedding sparkler send-off? You can add a Thanksgiving touch to your sparklers display by placing them in a hollowed-out pumpkin or a festive fall basket adorned with leaves.

Fully Embrace Seasonal Decor

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What are some creative ideas for a fall-themed wedding?

If you’re looking for creative ideas for a wedding that embraces the beauty of autumn, consider incorporating elements such as rustic wooden tables, fall berries, fresh fruits, and even edible branches. These elements can create a warm and inviting atmosphere, giving your wedding a chic and whimsical effect.

How can I incorporate Thanksgiving-inspired elements into my wedding decor?

To incorporate Thanksgiving-inspired elements into your wedding decor, you can consider using items like rustic wooden tables, autumnal colors like orange and yellow, candles, pumpkins, and even cartoonish turkey crafts. These elements can add a touch of Thanksgiving charm to your wedding and create a festive atmosphere that screams “Turkey Day.”

What are some tips for planning a Thanksgiving wedding?

Planning a Thanksgiving wedding can be a daunting task, but with the right approach, it can be a memorable celebration. Here are a few tips: make a long to-do list to stay organized, choose a venue that suits your vision, incorporate fall elements in your decorations and menu, express gratitude and thankfulness throughout the day, and consider special roles for your family members to make them feel involved and welcomed.

What are some ideas for a holiday-themed wedding?

For a holiday-themed wedding, you can opt for a cozy and elegant atmosphere by incorporating elements such as warm lighting, greenery, wreaths, and vintage decorations. Additionally, you can choose a color palette that reflects the holiday season, such as red, green, and gold, and consider serving a menu that features traditional holiday dishes with a twist.

How can I create a chic and rustic vibe for my Thanksgiving-inspired wedding?

To create a chic and rustic vibe for your Thanksgiving-inspired wedding, you can use rustic wooden tables, textured linens, and natural elements like branches, pinecones, and wheat. Adding candles, hydrangeas, and berries to the decor can further enhance the rustic flair. Consider incorporating warm neutrals and earthy tones into your color scheme to complete the look.

What are some wedding favor ideas for a fall wedding?

For wedding favors at a fall wedding, you can choose reimagined versions of classic favors that embrace the autumn theme. Consider options such as mini pies, jars filled with Thanksgiving-inspired ingredients like spices or preserves, or small bags of fall berries or nuts. These thoughtful favors will leave a lasting impression on your guests and tie in with the overall theme of your wedding.

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