How to Photograph a Wedding Sparkler Exit

Don’t Let the Wrong Wedding Sparklers Ruin Your Big Day

Every bride and groom wants their wedding day to be as special and memorable as possible so that they can reminisce and relive every wonderful moment. One way to ruin your perfect wedding is by investing in the wrong wedding sparklers. At Sparklers Online, we understand the importance of your special day, which is why we offer the highest quality wedding day sparklers you can find. We stand behind all of our products with a 100% money-back guarantee.

When it comes to researching sparklers, wedding events rank pretty high as a reason to purchase 10-inch, 20-inch, and 36-inch sparklers. We carry all three sizes, and we are happy to help you choose the best option for your grand exit, first dance, or party introduction. Whether you are looking for an exciting way to memorialize your post-wedding send-off or to get all of your wedding guests involved in the first dance for the bride and groom, wedding sparklers can certainly provide you with an extraordinary addition to your big day.

Why Use Wedding Sparklers on Your Special Day?

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Because this will be one of the biggest, most important days of your life, you have it planned out perfectly down to the minute, and every aspect of the event needs to fall into place just right. From the flowers to the dress, centerpieces to catering, and everything in between, a wedding has a multitude of necessities that have to be coordinated and decided on to create the perfect aesthetic that matches you and your partner’s style.

A unique way to customize your wedding for the most wonderful experience possible is by incorporating wedding sparklers. Not only will sparklers make all of your guests ooh and ahh because of the fiery spectacle, but they also provide you with an opportunity to create amazing memories for you and your spouse, especially when it comes to wedding photos. The sparklers don’t create smoke once they are lit, so you won’t have to worry about anything interfering with the wedding exit, first dance, or various opportunities for astounding photos.

What Is the Best Size Wedding Sparklers for My Event?

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To be able to answer this question, it is first important to know how many guests you will have at your wedding and how many of those guests will be at the ceremony or wedding reception when you decide to use the sparklers. Depending on the size of the sparklers themselves, the length of time that they will remain lit varies, so you will need to know exactly how long you will need the sparklers to last.

The number of guests will make a difference in determining the appropriate size sparkler to purchase for the big day. For an elegant send-off for you and your spouse, you can line up your guests in two rows and create a tunnel through which you can walk. You’ll need to know how many guests will make up that tunnel and figure out how long it will take to light all of the sparklers so that they stay lit.

For a part of the wedding such as the first dance, the length of the song you will be dancing to will help you decide the best size sparkler. A 36-inch wedding sparkler will last about 4 minutes – the average length of a traditional first dance song.

If you are more concerned about photos, you will need to make sure that the wedding sparklers you choose will last long enough for multiple shots and various setups. You won’t have to worry about smoke from the sparklers because our inventory at Sparklers Online are completely smokeless.

Check out our Ultimate Wedding Sparklers Guide for more ideas and common questions you might have.

How Long Do 20 Inch Wedding Sparklers Last?

The 20-inch wedding sparklers we sell will last an average of about 2 minutes, so you can decide which type of use you may have for them based on that time frame. Perhaps the 36-inch sparklers would last far too long for your specific purpose but you need a bit more leeway than the 40 seconds provided by our 10-inch wedding sparklers. The 20-inch length sparkler is a nice middle-of-the-road option that still allows for ample time to stay lit and create lovely moments but not too long that they become a nuisance. They are also a great price so they will fit into most couples’ budgets when planning out the wedding.

How Many Wedding Sparklers Do I Need for My Big Day?

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Newly wed couple running to the exit while guests send them off using wedding sparklers.

The number of sparklers you will need for your wedding depends on how many guests will be in attendance and what your use for the sparklers will be. For the 20 and 36 inch options, many people will opt for one per person and have fun with any leftovers. However, if you are using the sparklers toward the end of the reception, some of your guests might have left by that point, so you may consider reducing the number of wedding sparklers you order so you are not left with too many.

For the shorter sparklers, we recommend approximately 4 per person since they only stay lit for about 40 seconds. Depending on your use for them, you will likely need more than 1 or 2 per guest so that you can rest assured knowing the effect will be created just the way you want it to be. When it comes to their use in the exit tunnel, some people light them too soon and will have to get another one before the send-off is complete.

Do Party Supply Stores Have Wedding Sparklers?

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When it comes to big-box stores such as Walmart or Target or the specific party stores such as Party City, they will generally only carry sparklers during the 4th of July holiday. They also are usually sold in assortment packs so you will not know just how many actual wedding day sparklers you are getting per pack. You will likely end up spending far more buying these assortment packs than you would by purchasing our sparklers.

Amazon may also carry wedding sparklers, but you can not be sure of what exactly you are getting or who you are getting them from. At Sparklers Online, we have used the same manufacturer for our sparklers for many years, and we trust that they are of the highest quality. You may end up getting defective sparklers from a third-party seller, and you certainly don’t need that disaster on your wedding day. And Sparklers Online can provide you with the fastest shipping possible (shipping via air is not permitted by law in the United States) of your wedding sparklers.

Contact Our Wedding Sparkler Experts

At Sparklers Online, we are dedicated to helping to make your wedding or other special events as amazing as it can possibly be with our special wedding day sparklers. We believe in our product and are happy to give you as much sparkler information as possible to ensure you make the best decision for your big day. Our wedding sparklers are sure to create lasting memories and amazing photos for you to cherish for years to come. To learn more about our smoke-free sparkler inventory, contact us today and ask us about free shipping all over the United States.

When Should You Buy Your Sparklers for The Big Day

Now that you know which sparklers to buy, you might want to see when you should buy those sparklers for your wedding day.


When planning a wedding sparkler send-off, it’s crucial to avoid common mistakes to ensure a safe and memorable event. Choose a wedding venue that permits sparkler exits and has open wedding venues for lighting sparklers. Consider the burn time and length of the sparklers, opting for extra-long options with a slower burn time. 

Communicate safety guidelines to your guests and provide gloves to protect their hands. Coordinate with your photographer in advance and utilize off-camera flash for stunning photos. Double-check that all sparklers are completely cool before disposal. Remember that not everyone may participate, so have alternative options planned. By following these tips, you can create a fun and enchanting wedding sparkler send-off that will be remembered fondly.


Q: What are the risks associated with using the wrong wedding sparklers?

A: Using the wrong wedding sparklers can be dangerous. Low-quality sparklers can burn out quickly, emit harmful chemicals, and cause accidents. It’s essential to choose high-quality sparklers designed for weddings and made of safe materials.

Q: How can I choose the right wedding sparklers?

A: When choosing wedding sparklers, look for ones that are specifically designed for weddings and made of high-quality materials. Read reviews, check the manufacturer’s website, and ask for recommendations from wedding planners or vendors.

Q: What makes wedding sparklers different from regular sparklers?

A: Wedding sparklers are designed specifically for weddings, so they are typically longer, brighter, and burn for a longer period than regular sparklers. They also emit less smoke, so they are safe for indoor use.

Q: What is the ideal length of wedding sparklers?

A: The ideal length of wedding sparklers depends on personal preference and the type of celebration you’re planning. However, 20-inch and 36-inch sparklers are the most popular lengths for weddings.

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