DIY wedding centerpieces idea

DIY Wedding Centerpiece Ideas – Amaze your Guests.

Planning the wedding day is very difficult for everyone, and picking elegant DIY wedding centerpiece ideas is also very daunting for us all. But we can add more charm by designing our centerpiece. It can add more fun and activities for us. Moreover, it is also cost-effective for everyone.

floating candles in vases

From rustic lanterns to dazzling wedding sparklers and a multitude of other captivating ideas, arranging activities for your guests is not only fun but also ensures that our wedding reception décor truly sparkles. If the DIY wedding centerpiece is designed by you it can also showcase your creativity and skill set. This article will discuss more ideas for DIY wedding centerpieces to impress your guests on a special day.

Importance of Centerpieces at Weddings

In DIY weddings the very dominant point of decoration is always placed in the center point of the reception table and completes the overall look of the theme and décor.

Moreover, focal points fill a pragmatic need by eliminating snags with the goal that visitors can undoubtedly chat across the table. They can also give the table settings more complexity and dimension, which will make the experience for callers more visually charming and memorable. Overall, centerpieces are an important part of matrimonial décor and can enhance the mood and air of the occasion. Along with beautiful and mesmerizing centerpieces, you wedding day can truly glister with amazing sparklers that are a must have for any wedding. 

Benefits of DIY Wedding Centerpieces

 Multiple benefits of DIY wedding centrepiece ideas are discussed below. It is very much cost-effective. The DIY centerpiece can save you money instead of buying a new piece. It can showcase your creative ideas and can make their guests wow. You can also add fun activities like pre-wedding activities for couples and family members. 

In the article below, we are going to discuss many points related to the centerpiece used in DIY weddings. This centerpiece is very important in the wedding; it can add four moons to your reception decor. It can also showcase your creative ideas and make your guests amazed. It also provides you and your family members with many fun activities like pre-wedding activities and many more. These centerpieces are very expensive but the good point is you can make your centerpiece according to your desires.

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Simple and Elegant Centerpieces

Many types of centerpieces are available in the market to complete the décor of DIY weddings and make your special day memorable for all guests. Here some simple centerpiece ideas are discussed like the glass vases with different types of flowers like lilies, roses, etc.  These flowers are arranged in a row on a long triangle table.

The next centerpiece is like a mason jar which is filled with wildflowers or baby breath and tied with elegant ribbons. And the final centerpiece is a tiny lush or air plant in single pots arranged on a plain wooden table. Always keep in mind simplicity is very stunning as it explains your display and it always enhances the beauty of things to shine differently. You can also add wedding sparklers instead of flowers to give it more shiny look. 

DIY wedding centerpiece ideas

Floating candles in vases


There are many creative DIY projects ideas are available for decorating the centerpiece but floating candles in vases are very attractive for guests. Select any glass vase for this pick any height or size vase. And the second step is to choose candles of different sizes and shapes to look more elegant and also add some extra like petals of roses and some fairy lights. These petals give a more charming look. Place the vases together on the same table to give a centerpiece look. Then light up the candles just before the arrival of guests to make a romantic ambiance.

Flowers in mason jars

Flowers in mason jars

Floral arrangement can play a significant role for any occasion and wedding party is no exception. The centerpiece of fresh flowers in mason jars is a very charming and elegant idea. Select any mason jar according to the size and shape which is desirable for the centerpiece. And the jars can be painted or white which is appropriate for the wedding theme. You can choose flowers according to the theme of the wedding. Also, add some extra touch to jars like tie ribbon or laces on the jar to make them more beautiful.   Place the jars together to give a cohesive and gorgeous centerpiece look.

Fruits in bowls

It is a very unique idea of a centerpiece in a wedding to put fruits in blows. For this idea pick blows according to the theme of the wedding. Wooden blows or metal bowls can be used for this centerpiece. A variety of fruits is good for this centerpiece. Place these bowls together on wedding tables to give a consistent centerpiece look. You can also use fruit table runner to give your decor more charming look. 


Succulent arrangements

Succulent arrangements

Succulents can be used as decorations for your nuptials. You can include them in your bridal decorations or use them as a section of the scene for the wedding. Don’t forget that succulents need very little care and don’t need much water. That’s why it is the best idea to use them in the décor of the wedding. They can easily stay in any condition and don’t need much care like flowers, etc.

Rustic and Chic Centerpieces

These types of centerpieces are very well-liked at wedding reception tables. Rustic and chic include both natural touch and also a modern type of décor. You can make them more elegant by following the way. Wooden pieces can be used at the base of the centerpiece and add other elements like flowers, candles, etc.

vintage books are one of the amazing decor elements idea for a DIY wedding centerpiece. A stack of vintage books along with flowers and candles is also a very amazing idea for a chic wedding style.

Wooden boxes with flowers

Wooden boxes with flowers

The centerpiece of the wooden box with different flowers is a very loveable idea for a rustic wedding theme. Take a wooden box allowing the desired type and size of the centerpiece. Pick a variety of flowers according to the theme of the wedding and place these flowers naturally in the wooden box. Also add some extras like candles or greenery with it to make it look more sophisticated.

Wildflower arrangements in tin cans

Wildflowers in tin cans is a very good idea and very cost-effective for everyone for their big day. Some suggestions are available to make it more wonderful. Select cans that are suitable in size and shape. You can decorate them with art paint and round ribbons, etc. to make them look more attractive. Pick a variety of wildflowers and arrange these flowers in tin cans beautifully. Add some extra décor like candles and make sure you place tin cans at the right height so that everyone can enjoy them.

Birdcage centerpieces with flowers

A birdcage centerpiece is also a very amazing idea for a centerpiece. Choose a birdcage that fits your wedding theme. Put the floral foam inside the birdcage to make the flower hydrated. Select flowers and place them inside the birdcage filling the gaps of the flower with greenery. To keep the flowers hydrated regularly change the water. They look so charming and attractive with a romantic touch.

Creative and Unique Centerpieces

There are many ideas for wedding centerpieces. Some of the creative ideas are discussed here. Hanging the flowers, a centerpiece is created by hanging the flowers from the ceiling it gives a unique look overall. Centerpieces with vintage books place the vintage books on each other in stack form and put a flower vase on it to make it look very whimsical.

Paper lanterns with flowers

Paper lanterns with flowers are a unique and amazing idea for the centerpiece of the wedding. Choose the paper lanterns. Prepare the lanterns with it. Choose a variety of flowers. Arrange the flower lanterns and also add some extra to make them look more beautiful. In the end, display the centerpiece and hang the paper lanterns from the ceiling to use as a table centerpiece.

Balloon and Flower Centerpieces

Balloon and flower centerpieces

Balloons and flower centerpieces can add a playful and charming touch to the wedding. Choose the balloons that fit the wedding theme. Prepare the balloons. Pick a variety of flowers and arrange them around the base of the balloons. Display these balloons on event tables. Balloon and flower centerpieces can add a playful touch to your event decor, and are utilized with guests of all ages.

Hanging terrariums centerpieces

Hanging terrariums can add a modern touch to your event. Choose a terrarium of geometric shape to create more interest. Prepare the terrarium. Select the plants for it. Create the terrarium by adding rocks, soil, and plants to it. Also, add the hanging elements to it. Now display the terrariums at different heights to make them eye-catching for guests. Hanging terrarium centerpieces can add a modern and unique touch to the wedding.

 String lights and flower garlands

String lights and flower garlands can make an amazing combination for a wedding centerpiece. It creates a romantic and welcoming environment for all of your guests. That will enhance and complete the overall look of your event. Glass jar used for string light and flower garlands will create a clean and elegant look that will complement any wedding decor.

Tips for Creating DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Creating the DIY wedding centerpiece is very cost-effective and full of fun activities. Always start with a clear vision that you want to create. With a clear vision, you easily select the right material for it. Consider the portion where you want to place it. Also, add some personal creative ideas to give a personal touch. Try to make it simple because the simple design is mostly very elegant.

 The theme of the wedding

While designing the centerpiece for your special day it is very important to consider the overall look and décor of your event. Centerpieces can complete the décor of your wedding so it has to be according to the theme of the event. Select the flowers that match the color scheme. Consider the season in which flowers are freshly available in this season. Try to be a little bit creative by using your ideas.

Choose the right flowers and material

Choose the right flowers and material for the centerpiece which is according to your event theme. Consider the season if your event is in a specific season then try to select the flowers and material of that particular season.

Make ensure to have all accessories

Planning and making sure you have all the necessary supplies is very much important in making the centerpiece. Make a detailed plan. Try to shop for materials early and buy in bulk. You can also go for rental types of equipment and always make a backup plan for it.

Get help from family and friends

Getting help from your friends and family is a very great way of making fun together and making the event memorable for everyone. Assign the task to them. Have a plan in pieces. Make fun. Be flexible and lastly try to appreciate their efforts.


The DIY Wedding Centerpiece Ideas are much more important; they will complete the overall look of your event. Many types of centerpieces are available but making your own is cost-effective. It will be fun for all friends and family members. Many ideas are available on the internet about DIY centerpieces like simple and elegant centerpieces, rustic and Chic Centerpieces, and Creative and Unique Centerpieces very few of them are mentioned here.

Nowadays centerpieces are very much important in DIY weddings; they will complete the overall look of your event.  Some centerpieces create a charming and effective touch to the event. Other centerpieces create a welcoming and playful environment for the overall event. Try to be creative while making the centerpiece for your special day. It will showcase your amazing and elegant ideas to your guests and they will know about your personality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many centerpieces should I have for my DIY wedding?

The number of centerpieces will depend upon the list of your guests and the venue of your event.

What are some affordable DIY wedding centerpiece ideas?

 Some affordable centerpieces include masons, jars, balloons, candles, and simple floral arrangements.

Can I use fake flowers in my DIY wedding centerpieces?

 Yes, you can use fake flowers in DIY wedding centerpieces.

How far in advance should I create my DIY wedding centerpieces?

 To avoid last-minute stress it is good to make wedding centerpieces as far in advance as possible.

What should I do with my DIY wedding centerpieces after the wedding?

You can give your centerpieces to your guests as a gift.

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