I love talking with brides but I REALLY love talking with mothers of the brides.  Explaining our sparklers always starts with the same explanation.  The sparklers are physically silver in color, they are in a box marked GOLD but they burn the color of a candle flame.  Then I go on to explain how the 36 inch sparklers are physically 36 inches in length – the size of a yardstick.  And that the 20 inch sparklers are also physically 20 inches in length.  I also explain that the 10 inch sparklers do not last very long so they need to be bundled with a few other sparklers to make almost a wedding packet – which looks cute but can end up costing as much as the longer lasting sparklers once you buy the ribbon etc.  However, I am only here to advise about sparklers for weddings, not to dictate.  I feel like every bride wants a creative touch for their wedding day.  Arranging your sparklers before the sendoff can be s upper inexpensive way to customize this small piece of the wedding.  I love unique containers, often ones you already have at home or can get for inexpensive at Target, where you arrange the wedding sparklers in sand.  The sand will keep the sparklers upright and from falling over…because they are LONG!  As you will see, other cute ideas include a bag from LL Bean, a cute sparkler sleeve that you can make yourself or order online.  I also love the idea of sparklers for birthdays and used on a cake.  Get creative, and share your super ideas with us!

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