Five Fun Ways to Use Sparklers at Your Wedding

ways to use sparklers in wedding

Photo credit: C. Tyler Corvin Studio

Sparklers are a timeless wedding send-off idea, which is probably why many weddings only incorporate sparklers into a grand exit. However, there are many fun and festive ways to incorporate sparklers into your entire wedding day, including both the ceremony, photos, and reception. Below we share five of our favorite ways to add some sparkle to your big day with wedding sparklers.

Use them to illuminate your first kiss

Who says you can’t incorporate wedding sparklers into your ceremony? We love the idea of handing out sparklers to guests to light as you share your first kiss as man and wife at the end of the ceremony. This is a sweet way to make the memorable moment extra special. (Insider tip: remember to pass out matches or lighters so your guests can easily light them up at the correct moment).

Spice up your wedding photos with sparklers

If you are looking for a way to add a little personality to your wedding photos, sparklers may be just the touch you’ve been waiting for. The possibilities for incorporating sparklers into your wedding photos are pretty endless. Bridal Musings suggests adding them to your formal portraits, as well as to photos of you getting ready, ceremony shots, and even casual photos at the reception. Another photo idea we love? Using them to write for totally unique photos. Some fun sparkler writing ideas include having bridesmaids spell out L-O-V-E in bridal party photos, or writing out your wedding date for a cute couple photo.

Add them to your cake cutting

Another way to add some pizzaz to your wedding day is to use sparklers in the cake cutting portion of the wedding. You could light up the cake with sparklers for a major wow factor or add sparklers to individual pieces of cake as you pass them out for an extra festive touch. This is an especially fun idea for a summer wedding at the Fourth of July.

Incorporate wedding sparklers into your first dance

What could be more romantic than enjoying your first dance as the room is illuminated with sparklers? Brides suggests having someone distribute the sparklers to guests right before your first dance and then having the DJ prompt friends and family to gather around you as you enjoy your first dance. This is not only a romantic touch, but also makes for beautiful photos!

Mix them into your decor

Planning to use sparklers in your wedding send-off? Instead of saving them for the end of your big day, we suggest incorporating them into your decor! Sparklers placed into glass jars, rustic metal buckets, or sleek vases can make for beautiful centerpieces. Looking for ideas? Check out this list of sparkler decor ideas from Weddingomania!

If you plan to incorporate sparklers into your wedding day, we have an assortment of quality wedding sparklers, including 36-inch and 20-inch sparkler options. Interested in learning more about adding some sparkle to your ceremony and reception? Contact us today to learn more!