Brilliant Birthday Sparkler Ideas

Birthday sparklers can add so much fun to your party!

The fun of birthday sparklers is that they are great for ages 1-100.  Every time I tell my friends or my children tell their friends that I sell sparklers, they always say they need to order some, just to have on hand because the sparklers are so much fun.  I love being the hero mom and friend that always has sparklers at the ready.

While it seems the most obvious way is to maybe put the birthday sparklers in a cake, there are so many other ways to incorporate sparklers into your celebration.  You would be hard pressed to put a sparkler in front of anyone’s face and not see them light up with delight.   Its almost like when you hear a baby giggle, most people cannot help themselves from smiling.

1.  The most obvious way to include birthday sparklers is to put one or a few on top of a cake or cupcake.  Don’t you love going to a restaurant and you see a cake with a sparkler in it going across the restaurant to celebrate someone special. 

Simply order the smallest size sparklers and light one or a few on the dessert of choice.  They will make the occasion extra special and have quite a different effect than the basic candles.  As I have said before, the sparklers will be appreciated by birthday boys and girls of all ages.

sparklers on a cupcake for a birthday party

2. Another fun idea with birthday sparklers is to have them in a cocktail (or mocktail).  Imagine having a specialty drink whether it is a pink drink from Starbucks (moms of teen and tween girls know what I am talking about) or a martini for an adult, the birthday sparklers are sure to add a spark.  We work with a lot of restaurants that use these for a special drink and one favorite Taco shop in California uses them every Tuesday for taco Tuesday.  

A sparkler in a cocktail makes for an extra special birthday celebration

3.  Another way to have a fun celebration using birthday sparklers is to have the sparklers in jars or any type of container that works lining the table.  They can be lit when guests arrive or when the birthday cakes or cupcakes arrive.  Or maybe the best time would be to use the sparklers and light them when everyone is singing happy birthday. 


4. Allowing a child to hold a birthday sparkler up close (with adult supervision) is obviously the most natural way one would think to use sparklers for birthdays.  The beautiful glow of the sparklers make for such beautiful photos that will for sure be one of the favorites.  

We have a lot of photographers in Nashville that use the sparklers for their photo sessions for two reasons, one to gather a child’s attention and another to get that beautiful glow as you can see below.

5. Finally one of the most exciting ways to use birthday sparkler is to simply lay them out for all guests to use.  We sell smokeless sparklers that last for 45 seconds, 2 minutes and 4 minutes that could be perfect for gatherings of any size or age group.  Having sparklers available for outdoor parties, I can promise you will have delighted guests.  The older adults will be brought back to their childhood, and the young guests will be so excited about every aspect of the birthday sparklers.

fun bridesmaids holding a sparklers in their hand for a photo.

Thank you so much for visiting our page and we hope you have received some inspiration to add sparklers to your birthday celebrations.  Please also know we are here to help you with any wedding sparkler needs.  Giving wedding sparklers to a bride is a really fun idea – they are usually a well received gift.

How do you use a birthday sparkler?

There are many different ways to use a birthday sparklers. Often people will order a 10 inch sparkler and place the end into the top of a cake. Another fun way to use a birthday sparkler is in a martini glass and light the birthday sparkler before bringing to the table.

Can birthday sparklers be used on a cake?

When ordering sparklers from SparklersOnline, you can rest assured that you have a high quality smokeless sparkler. These sparklers will not leave any residue on the cake.

What is the price of birthday sparklers?

Luckily, birthday sparklers cost merely pennies. The sparklers are extremely inexpensive and you will have plenty left over to share with guests.

Can you buy birthday sparklers from Amazon?

Sparklers cannot be sold on amazon. They can be purchased from us and shipped via UPS Ground – the only way we ship our smokeless sparklers.

Where can I find birthday sparklers near me?

Luckily we ship sparklers all over the United States. I often tell people if they are in a bind to look at Party City as they might have a selection of small birthday sparklers.