9 Fun Ways to Use Sparklers for Any Occasion [2020 Report]

We had a lot of time to think during the quarantine, how about you?

My family and friends have so many things to celebrate and realized we could identify cool things to do with sparklers in everyday life, beyond using sparklers for wedding related parties.

9 Fun Ways to Experience Sparklers:

  1. Wedding Sendoffs
  2. First Dance at a Wedding
  3. Special Effect Photos
  4. Birthdays
  5. Graduation Celebration
  6. Anniversaries
  7. 4th of July – America’s Birthday!
  8. New Years Eve
  9. Photo Shoots

sparkler sendoff couple on checkered floor

1. How to Have the Perfect Sparkler Sendoff:

My first job was working with customers in my Dad’s fireworks store. I knew how each one of the fireworks products worked and was able to explain in detail to all of his customers who traveled from all over the United States.

While I knew I wanted to have a huge fireworks show because the fireworks products my dad sold at his store were awesome – like really, show-worthy awesome, I was not sure how to use the extra long sparklers at the wedding.

Let’s break this down…

  • Should I have everyone light wedding sparklers at the end of the ceremony? Problem: it’s still light outside.
  • Have the large sparklers in buckets for the wedding sendoff at the end of the evening. Problem: NOTHING – it was a perfect idea

The concept is simple. Have your wedding guests line up in two rows. Pass out wedding sparklers to each guest. Our customer service sheet provides lighting instructions.

The bride and groom then run through the two rows of wedding sparklers to cheers from their friends and family and a spectacular ending to their well-planned event.

first dance wedding sparklers

2. Executing a First Dance with Sparklers:

A customer of mine was the first to suggest this idea for weddings. We talked it through so the execution was perfect. Our biggest issue was how to light sparklers all at one time and have them last through the first dance.

The solution, use the 36-inch sparklers that last for 4 minutes – almost the exact length of a song. The experience of the bride and groom dancing while surrounded by their loved ones for their first dance is stunning.

This idea only works for a wedding held under the stars (ummm…outside).

sparkler special effects

3. How to Create Artwork and Special Effects with Sparklers:

When you see photos of the wedding couple spelling LOVE, no, it is not a giant sparkler shaped like an L from a party supplies store.

Special effects with sparklers make for the most memorable photos with the proper preparation. A sparklers wedding can be using the products in any capacity.

Be sure to use the long exposure sparklers.

Ideas of what to spell with sparklers.

  • wedding date
  • anniversary date
  • LOVE
  • hearts
  • married couples last name

A wedding photographer friend provided a step by step guide for how to do this exactly.

  • off-camera flashes on a higher manual setting, 1/4 or 1/2
  • use a high aperture, I like being around f/14 or f/16
  • get flashes as close to subject as possible without being in frame
  • tripod
  • set camera flash setting to REAR
  • use Bulb to control how long your exposure is

Fun Sparkler Tips from Studio Tran

birthday cake sparklers with kid and parents

4. How to Have the Most Fun on Birthday Celebrations with Sparklers: Birthday Sparklers

Who does not love going to a restaurant for their birthday and having a cake paraded through the restaurant topped with sparklers? We even have a restaurant in New York who orders “party sparklers” to put in his famous margaritas.

I love to host a birthday party at home with sparklers. Under the watchful eye of a parent, kids can enjoy the delights of everyday sparklers.

Order sparklers that are 20 inches in length that have a long handle keeping sparks away. Or you can use a plastic cup from the grocery store with a hole to keep the hands of little ones safe. Sparkler Cup Trick from Lifehacker

5. A Unique Idea for Graduation Celebrations:

Graduates Watching Sparklers Explosions

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA., THURSDAY 05/26/05: GRADUATION: Putnam City High School graduates were suprised with a fireworks display at their commencement at Putnam City Stadium. Photo by Michael Downes, The Oklahoman.

This year graduations were canceled because of Covid-19 leading many parents to get creative. My child’s school had an event where we drove through at night to experience the campus in the evening.

Some fun ways we included sparklers in graduation celebrations:

  • The graduate held a sparkler in the car during a drive-through parage
  • The teachers held sparklers on the ground
  • Graduates spelled the graduation year with sparklers in the air (see special effects section)
  • Graduates spelled the school name with sparklers in the air
  • a combination of the above two ideas

6. How to Recognize a Special Anniversary with Sparklers:

What better way to recognize a special occasion, the day it all began, than using our heart-shaped sparklers with friends and family. And free shipping means no visiting a party store.

An anniversary is often only celebrated by the couple, but recreating a special photo with wedding sparklers can make the occasion extra special.

4th of july sparklers spelling out

7. What to Bring to be the Coolest Guest at a July 4th Party:

Don’t be the guest that shows up with only a bottle of wine or pasta salad.

Bring the party supplies and by that, I mean giant 4th of July sparklers. We have packages of sparklers that are perfect for gatherings of friends and family. While we sell our products in packages of 48, you will certainly want to have enough sparklers for the party guests to use more than one – especially the kids.

You simply cannot have America’s Birthday without backyard sparklers.

new years eve sparklers

8. How to Ring in the New Year with Style:

Not everyone has someone to kiss at the end of the night and often parents are celebrating with kids desperate to stay up until midnight. Sparklers for New Year Celebration

Either way, sparklers will bring delight to all who use them. A memorable moment at midnight or a distraction for all parents pretending it is midnight.

Don’t forget all our products have free shipping and the price of a package is cheaper than most champagnes with 4 stars.

9. How to Get the Most Beautiful Photos from a Photoshoot: Couples Photoshoot at Deck with Sparklers

Are you planning a family photoshoot? Holiday pictures of your child or a loved one?

Consider using a prop like sparklers.

Want to know the best part of using sparklers? The absolute best part?

  • You will look beautiful in the photos. Period. The glow of the sparks that come off is like the most perfect filter you could ever use.

So hopefully I have convinced you that you do not only need sparklers for a wedding, you simply need to have sparklers lying around your home for every kind of celebration.

  • The sparklers we sell are 36, 20 and 10 inches
  • The sparklers are physically silver in color and burn the color of a candle flame when lit
  • We sell bulk wedding sparklers or small amounts for weddings of any size
  • We sell smokeless sparklers only
  • Buy sparklers online 24 / 7 at www.sparklersonline.com

Now some added benefits are that

  1. The price of sparklers are cheap
  2. Free shipping – no trips to the store
  3. Leftovers stay good for over 15 years to use at another celebration
  4. They lack color. The silver is basically a neutral
  5. The sparklers will give you the sendoff experience of a lifetime