7 Unique Sparkler Ideas: Things You Can Do with Sparklers

Summer is here and you know what that means – Sparklers, BBQ, swimming, road trips, and enjoying those late summer nights with these Unique Sparkler Ideas.

What makes a summer night special? Fireworks! As of 2019, Americans spent an estimated $1 billion on fireworks just for the 4th of July that year.

One of the most popular types of fireworks is sparklers. They’re easy to use, pretty, and don’t require a big backyard. Sparklers are gorgeous on the Fourth of July but they can be a great addition to any get-together all year round if you follow up these – Unique Sparkler Ideas.

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Let’s look at seven fun ways to turn the simple sparkler into a staple of every celebration!

1. Sparkler Send-Off For Weddings

wedding sparklers at wedding send off
Happy couple running to their wedding exit with wedding sparklers tunnel.

A sparkler send-off is a creative and visually stunning way to conclude a wedding reception. During this tradition, the guests are given sparklers and instructed to light them in unison as the newly married couple makes their exit.

There are many ways to see the bride and groom off after their special day. Tradition calls for the guests to throw rice. More modern takes have guests throwing rose petals or blowing bubbles.

Nothing beats a sparkler send-off if you follow these unique sparkler ideas. Picture it – the lights are out, and the guests all light their sparklers. The bride and groom then walk under a canopy of golden sparks.

Seems easy enough but there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, make sure you buy wedding sparklers that will last long enough. A 36-inch wedding sparkler lasts for four minutes, a 20-inch wedding sparkler lasts two minutes, and a 10-inch wedding sparkler lasts forty seconds.

Second, be safe. Don’t hold the sparkler directly over the couple. Leave a little space between the row and the couple so that sparklers don’t single anyone.

 2. Better Than Birthday Candles

Sparklers Wholesale

How many years have you topped your birthday cakes with mere candles? At this point, it’s kind of boring.

Adding sparklers to your birthday cake can add a touch of excitement and visual appeal to the celebration. When the cake is brought out with sparklers on top, it will create a dazzling and memorable effect. Unlike candles, sparklers cannot be blown out, but this allows the birthday person more time to make their wishes while the sparklers burn down. Incorporating sparklers into your birthday celebration can be a fun and unique twist on a traditional element of the celebration.

Dress up any birthday cake with a sparkler instead! Think about how dazzling the cake will look when it comes out, topped with gorgeous sparklers.

You can’t blow sparklers out as you can with candles, but that’s OK. The birthday girl or boy will have more time to make wishes while the sparklers burn out.

Bonus idea: some places sell sparklers in the shape of numbers. Look for those for an easy way to upgrade your cake.

3. Shapes With Sparklers

Heart created with Wedding Sparklers

Looking for a photo that’s going to rack up tons of likes on Instagram? Grab a bunch of sparklers and head out to the lawn.

Here’s a step by step way to make an amazing image out of sparklers.

  • Think of an easy shape, like a star, heart, or lightning bolt.
  • Stick sparklers into the ground into said shape.
  • Light them all up at once and take a photo.

This awesome idea works best at night, of course. And if you want to sit inside of the shape, be safe about it. Make sure you have enough space between yourself and the sparklers and never step over the sparklers themselves to get in or out of the shape.


4. Educational Tools

Believe it or not, there are some great games with sparklers to turn a night into an educational tool. You’ll want to have some

sparklers for kids are handy for these great learning games.

Here’s how you can make playing with sparklers a fun and educational experience:

  • Trace the alphabet with the sparklers
  • Practice drawing numbers in the air
  • Light a sparkler and count as high as you can before it burns out
  • Recite as many state names and/or capitals as you can before it burns out
  • Practice making clock hands
  • One person writes something with the sparkler and the other person guesses what it is

As you can see, there are lots of educational games you can play with sparklers for kids.

5. Sparkler Shower

burning wedding sparklers

Looking for a craft project that’s a little more advanced? We’ve got you covered.

This easy-to-make craft takes just a few minutes and needs only a few extra supplies. You’ll get tons of bang for your buck though!

All you’ll need is a pack of sparklers and a roll of tape. Here’s what to do next:

  • Grab a bunch of sparklers, usually eight but you can go higher
  • Group them leaving one sticking out
  • Tape all of them together tightly
  • Bend the wires at the bottom to create a stand for the sparklers to stay upright

Make sure you’ve got plenty of space when you go to light it up. Your sparkler shower can potentially shoot a bunch of sparks four feet tall or higher.

Enjoy this spectacular way to light up the night!


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6. Write With Sparklers

sparkler crown ZTA

To use sparklers for writing, you will need a group of people to hold the sparklers and spell out the desired message or design. You can use this technique to write a birthday message, spell out a word or phrase, or create a unique design. Here are the steps for using sparklers for writing:

  • Gather several friends – one per letter is best
  • Have them write the letter backward so that the camera picks it up the correct way
  • Manually adjust the shutter speed on your DSLR camera to three seconds
  • Start the letter on the count of one and end it with the count of three

Putting your camera on a tripod makes a big difference here. As you can see, this is a group effort, so it’s perfect for parties! It is important to use caution and follow safety guidelines when using sparklers. Make sure to supervise children and keep a fire extinguisher or bucket of water nearby in case of any accidents.

7. Stay Safe

long exposure drawing hearts with sparklers

The most important thing to do with sparklers is to stay safe. While sparklers are fun, if not used correctly, they can be dangerous. They’re the most common cause of injuries because they’re commonly underestimated.

Here’s how you can have fun with sparklers in a responsible, and safe way:

  1. Use sparklers in a clear, open area with plenty of ventilation.
  2. Keep flammable materials away from the sparklers.
  3. Supervise children when using sparklers. Children should be taught how to handle sparklers safely and should not be allowed to use them without adult supervision.
  4. Do not hold sparklers too close to your face or body.
  5. Do not wear loose clothing or hold sparklers near flammable materials while using them.
  6. Do not light more than one sparkler at a time.
  7. Do not throw sparklers or use them near other people.
  8. Have a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher nearby in case of accidents.
  9. Dispose of sparklers safely by placing them in a metal bucket filled with water after they have burned down.


Get Ready For Fun With Sparklers!

Now that you know all of the fun ways to use sparklers for holidays or on any other day with these unique sparkler ideas, what are you waiting for? Grab a handful, get some friends together, and go outside to have fun!

If you’re looking for the very best sparklers, we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s for your wedding, a holiday like Diwali, or fun around the house, these unique sparkler ideas will take care of you.

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Can sparklers be used indoors?

Sparklers should generally not be used indoors due to the risk of fire and the potential for sparkler debris to cause damage or injury. It is best to use sparklers outdoors in a clear, open area where there is plenty of ventilation.

Are sparklers safe for children to use?

Sparklers can be dangerous for children to use due to the risk of burns and injury from the sparks. It is recommended that children be supervised by an adult when using sparklers and that they be taught how to use them safely.

How long do sparklers burn for?

Sparklers typically burn for about one to two minutes, depending on the size and type of sparkler. It is important to keep this in mind when planning a sparkler activity or display, as you will need to allow sufficient time for the sparklers to burn down.

Can I use sparklers in all weather conditions?

Sparklers should generally not be used in rainy or extremely windy conditions, as the moisture or wind can interfere with the sparklers’ ability to burn properly. It is best to use sparklers on dry, calm days.

Are sparklers legal in all states?

The legality of sparklers varies by state and location. Some states have laws prohibiting the use of sparklers or regulating their use, while others may allow them with certain restrictions. Check the laws and regulations in your area before you decide to use sparklers at your weddings.