Festive Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Wedding

Thanksgiving wedding picture at night

November is here, which means Halloween is over and it is officially Thanksgiving season. Focused on gratitude and gathering friends and family, what could be better than incorporating a little bit of this classic American holiday into your Thanksgiving wedding celebration? Below we share a few fun ways to add a touch of Thanksgiving to […]

Using Pumpkins in Fall Weddings

pumpkins in christmas weddings

Fall is in full swing, and as always, this means that we cannot get enough of pumpkins! Whether we are burning our favorite pumpkin-scented candle, sipping on a pumpkin spice latte from our favorite coffee shop, or heading to the pumpkin patch with friends and family, pumpkins are eponymous with the fall season. So when […]

Planning a Destination Wedding

planning a wedding destination

There are many reasons to plan a destination wedding. Maybe your family and friends are spread out across the country, maybe you want to have your wedding in a favorite vacation spot that has many happy memories, or maybe you just aren’t into the traditional wedding game. Whatever your reason (or reasons!) are, we have […]

Fall Wedding Favor Ideas

Using Pumpkins in Fall Weddings

There are so many things to love about fall, including the cooler temperatures, crisp air, seasonal flavors, beautiful foliage, and festive décor. So If you are planning a wedding this season, your options for fall wedding favors are limitless, thanks to the many scents and flavors associated with the season. Still looking for the perfect […]

Planning a kid-friendly wedding

planning a kid friendly wedding

Although some couples opt for adult-only weddings, we think that some of the most fun weddings include children! Whether you want to ensure your nieces or nephews are there for your special day, or just want to include all of the children that are an important part of your life, here are a few of […]

Our Favorite Fall Wedding Tips

Fall is one of our favorite seasons for a wedding celebration. The cooler temperatures, beautiful leaves, and crisp air provide the perfect setting for a celebration. However, like any season, fall does offer some obstacles when it comes to wedding planning, such as unseasonable dips in temperature, busy sports schedules, earlier sunsets, and many popular […]

DIY Fall Wedding Decor Ideas

The end of summer is just around the corner, which means that for those planning weddings this fall. it is time to stop procrastinating and get to work tying up any loose ends. If you are planning a wedding this September or October, you have most likely already planned the main details of the ceremony […]

Non-floral Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Non-floral wedding centerpiece

If flowers aren’t your style, or floral arrangements simply aren’t in the budget. there are a variety of non-floral wedding centerpiece alternatives that will work for every season and every price point! Just because you ditch the flowers, doesn’t mean your guests won’t enjoy a beautiful tables cape that reflects your wedding’s theme. Read on […]

5 Hidden Wedding Expenses to Keep in Mind

hidden wedding expenses

Most couples have the best intentions when it comes to sticking to their wedding budget. However, even the most scrupulous spender can be blindsided by hidden wedding expenses like tips, taxes, and hidden fees. Read on to learn about some common hidden wedding expenses and what you can do to ensure you don’t let them […]

Wedding Favor Ideas for a Summer Wedding


While swept up in wedding planning, one important detail that many couples often overlook is wedding favors. If you are in the middle of wedding planning and happen to have let this little detail slip your mind—fear not! Memorable wedding favors don’t have to break the bank, and there are tons of cute seasonal wedding […]