Are Wedding Sparklers Safe?

burning wedding sparklers - wedding sparklers safety

Your Guide to Wedding Sparklers Safety Wedding sparklers are becoming the trend to give that extra shine to your big day. Many do have concerns because let’s face it, you think of sparklers and flame is what comes to mind. So, now you are torn between adding that special touch to your big day and […]

How Hot Are Sparklers? The Science Behind Your Wedding Light Show

A lit wedding sparkler | How Hot Are Sparklers

According to a report from MPR, wedding sparklers can burn as hot as a blow torch. But there’s much more to the science and safety of sparklers than this simple statement. While facts like this may sound alarming, in reality, sparklers are nothing like handling a large open flame! So how hot are sparklers really? […]

Your Ultimate Guide To Sparkler Safety

Friends Celebrating With Sparkler Safety at Party

There’s nothing quite as stunning as running through a crowd of your friends holding sparklers on your wedding day. In fact, this special moment has become an expected part of almost every wedding celebration in today’s world. But especially if you have little ones (or, let’s be real, are planning on serving alcohol) at your […]