5 Advantages of Winter Weddings

advantages of winter weddings - Black and White Photo

When a lot of us think about having a wedding, we automatically think about spring and summer. Evenfall has become a popular time of the year to tie the knot. But have you ever considered having a winter wedding? The winter can be a beautiful time of year to marry your significant other, especially if […]

Five easy tips for planning an outdoor winter wedding

planning an outdoor winter wedding

Although winter brings freezing temperatures, shorter days, and inclement weather, it is also one of the most beautiful seasons — especially for the cold-loving, snow lovers out there. A dreamy snow-covered backdrop, crisp air, and romantic winter skies are just a few reasons many winter brides want to plan an outdoor ceremony, despite the many […]

Do’s and Don’ts for Using Wedding Sparklers

Wedding Photoshoot in Snow

Personalization has always been a huge element in wedding planning — in one Bridal Guide survey, women reported spending up to nine hours per week planning their wedding. Any DIY bride knows that the personal touches are what make the experience, and the average couple spends about $170 on ceremony accessories. Wedding sparklers are a […]

Writing with Wedding Sparklers

Writing With Wedding Sparklers

How to Write With Sparklers We ran across a cute blog the other day –  and it got us thinking – maybe people use sparklers for things other than weddings. OK, we know this is true, but seeing a bunch of college prepsters spelling out sorority names made us laugh!  I particularly am fond of […]

How to Use Sparklers in Your Perfect Wedding Video

wedding video

Happy couples everywhere send us photographs from their wedding to show us how they used our product, Sparklers, to create an even more fun and exciting wedding day for the bride, groom and guests. Often we get funny, creative photos that come alive because of the many ways couples figure out to use wedding Sparklers. […]

Wedding Sparkler Writing

sparkler crown ZTA

As you can see from our photo contest, wedding sparkler writing is all the rage.  We have been thrilled with photos shared by photographers and brides spelling out their wedding date, the word “love” or a favorite is the hearts formed by the wedding party.  I thought I would repost the sparkler writing tutorial from […]