Wedding Sparklers in Southwest Commercial

Southwest Airlines & Sparklers Online Finding out a national brand wants to use sparklers in a television commercial is always exciting. What usually happens is a Production Assistant calls and says they need the sparklers the following morning. We usually try to avoid these last minute requests because the sparklers have to be shipped vis UPS Ground. With Southwest Airlines, the advertising agency called us with plenty of time for shipping. Thank you, Southwest! They had a vision and knew a wedding sparkler exit was going to be a scene. We never know how the sparklers are going to be used and if they will be used. Our wedding sparklers are used in different ways and for this commercial they used our 36-Inch Wedding Sparklers. This Southwest commercial was meant to be funny and show a humorous side of a girl on the “wedding circuit” - know what we mean. The scene towards the end is of the wedding sparkler send-off and it is perfect! Watch the video below and we will guarantee a smile on your face. [embed][/embed] Sparklers, What's Not To Love It is fun to think of a simple idea created by - 16 years ago is a trend portrayed in a wedding. When we started this business, no one knew what a wedding sparkler send-off was and we had to introduce the idea. Now it is a trend in weddings around the world. Using sparklers for weddings is an amazing and affordable trend that...

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