Gender Reveal Ideas: Celebration with Sparklers

Fireworks with Him or she Celebration

For many expectant parents, finding out the gender of your baby can be just as exciting as finding out you’re pregnant. The celebration of revealing a baby’s gender, either at a party or across social media, has been around for many years and can be easily adapted to your needs and wants. Whatever way you […]

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs: Celebrate with Sparklers


In Jewish culture, turning 12 or 13 is cause for a grand celebration – the bar mitzvah (for young boys turning 13) and the bat mitzvah (for girls turning 12). This is an exciting event for both the child coming of age and their loved ones practicing the Jewish faith. Before this ceremony, the child’s […]

Graduation Party Ideas with Sparklers

Graduate holding a sparkler

It’s an exciting time that young adults look forward to all year, sometimes for multiple years! So let us be among the crowd to say: Congratulations! Congratulations on your many successes and making it through one of the most defining moments of your life. But before you transition to a new stage of life, […]

Host Your Own Olympics Party

Host Your Own Olympics Party

As the world returns to a sense of “normalcy,” COVID-19 restrictions are lightening, and that means events are back on! It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to properly celebrate anything with loved ones, let alone events since most of them were canceled in 2020. What better timing for the world to open back […]

Your Guide for the Best 4th of July Sparklers

4th of july sparklers

What represents the 4th of July better than lighting up the sky with sparklers? This tradition makes the fun of fireworks easy for all ages. Do you remember the fascination you felt when you were little and got to write your name with those beautiful sparklers? Now you can continue this tradition with smokeless sparklers that […]

How to Choose the Perfect Sparklers for Wedding, Birthday, and Other Celebrations

How to Choose the Perfect Sparklers for Wedding, Birthday, and Other Celebrations

From a magical wedding send-off to a festive birthday party, sparklers add a certain charm to any occasion. Whether you are managing an elegant get-together or a joyous celebration, cake sparklers, bottle sparklers, and handheld sparklers can take your event to the next level. That is why seeing sparklers for wedding celebrations, birthday parties, and […]

10 Amazing Wedding Sparklers Ideas for Your Next Event

Five pointers for the perfect spring wedding

Do you now want wedding sparklers but aren’t sure how to include them? For the last 20 years, we’ve helped newlyweds have the best wedding send-offs and wedding photography possible with sparklers. So, in this article, we’ll go over 10 awesome ideas for your wedding reception or send-off with sparklers. Let’s get right into it, […]

Don’t Let the Wrong Wedding Sparklers Ruin Your Big Day

Photograph the Perfect Wedding Sparkler Exit

Every bride and groom wants their wedding day to be as special and memorable as possible so that they can reminisce and relive every wonderful moment. One way to give your perfect wedding the extra touch you are looking for is by investing in sparklers for wedding days. At Sparklers Online, we have the highest […]

5 Advantages of Winter Weddings

advantages of winter weddings - Black and White Photo

When a lot of us think about having a wedding, we automatically think about spring and summer. Evenfall has become a popular time of the year to tie the knot. But have you ever considered having a winter wedding? The winter can be a beautiful time of year to marry your significant other, especially if […]