Buyers Guide to Wedding Sparklers

We all know that your wedding is the most important event in a bride’s life. You plan every detail and want everything to turn out picture perfect. You also desire your special day to be perfectly unique as well. What if you could have all of this with the addition of one special item? Guess what, you can. With the addition of wedding sparklers to your already unique style, you can take your big day from amazing to sparktacular, let us tell you how. Finding the Right Sparklers for Your Wedding When you decide to add a sparkle to your wedding (literally), you will have several different choices. With a variety of wedding sparklers ranging in length at 10 inch sparklers, 20 inch sparklers, and 36 inch sparklers, you are sure to find something that is perfectly matched for your desires. You can even choose heart sparklers to show the spark that is in the heart of the happy couple. With a variety of wedding sparklers to fit your need, all you have to do is choose. With the many decisions you have to make during the planning of your big day, why not take a break and imagine the possibilities of incorporating wedding sparkles into your plans. With a great line of smokeless wedding sparklers, not only can you bring a glow to your reception, you can do so without smoking everyone out. The smokeless premium sparklers are fantastic for leaving the air virtually, smoke-free, which makes for excellent...

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Wedding Sparklers in Southwest Commercial

Southwest Airlines & Sparklers Online Finding out a national brand wants to use sparklers in a television commercial is always exciting. What usually happens is a Production Assistant calls and says they need the sparklers the following morning. We usually try to avoid these last minute requests because the sparklers have to be shipped vis UPS Ground. With Southwest Airlines, the advertising agency called us with plenty of time for shipping. Thank you, Southwest! They had a vision and knew a wedding sparkler exit was going to be a scene. We never know how the sparklers are going to be used and if they will be used. Our wedding sparklers are used in different ways and for this commercial they used our 36-Inch Wedding Sparklers. This Southwest commercial was meant to be funny and show a humorous side of a girl on the “wedding circuit” - know what we mean. The scene towards the end is of the wedding sparkler send-off and it is perfect! Watch the video below and we will guarantee a smile on your face. [embed][/embed] Sparklers, What's Not To Love It is fun to think of a simple idea created by - 16 years ago is a trend portrayed in a wedding. When we started this business, no one knew what a wedding sparkler send-off was and we had to introduce the idea. Now it is a trend in weddings around the world. Using sparklers for weddings is an amazing and affordable trend that...

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Are Wedding Sparklers Safe?

Wedding sparklers are becoming the trend to give that extra shine to your big day. Many do have concerns because let’s face it, you think of sparklers and flame is what comes to mind. So, now you are torn between adding that special touch to your big day and the fears you have of the dangers these sparklers may cause. Let us ease your worries with a bit of information about wedding sparklers and their addition to your wedding party. The Benefits of Using Wedding Sparklers Wedding sparklers can be a light touch to send you away from your wedding with a memory that lasts a lifetime. Wedding sparklers can do so much more than sparkle. Sparklers can also be used as table centerpieces to make a unique statement. Another great idea is as a wedding favor for your friends and family to take home with them. You can even keep a heart sparkler to light on your first anniversary. With smokeless wedding sparklers, you can also have the sparkle you desire without the irritation that other sparklers may cause. Choosing the Right Sparklers for Indoor & Outdoor Weddings Taking your sparklers indoors (just don’t light them) can make decorating fun and will give your guests an idea as to what they can expect for the evening. Adding colorful ribbons to your sparkler bouquet will allow you to make the perfect accessory for your wedding decor. You can also choose to have sparkler signs to adorn your sparklers that will...

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Your Ultimate Guide To Sparkler Safety

There's nothing quite as stunning as running through a crowd of your friends holding sparklers on your wedding day. In fact, this special moment has become an expected part of almost every wedding celebration in today's world. But especially if you have little ones (or, let's be real, are planning on serving alcohol) at your wedding? We know that you're curious about sparkler safety. Don't worry -- we're here to help! From teaching you how to light sparklers to offering up some invaluable safety dress, this post will tell you everything you need to know to stay worry and stress-free on your big day! How to Light a Sparkler First thing's first: let's teach you exactly how to safely light a sparkler! We know that you'll likely have lots of guests surrounding you on your big day. So, you want to do things quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing safety. First of all, invest in a longer barbecue lighter. To master how to use a lighter safely, look for one that puts as much distance as possible between your hand and the flame. Under no circumstances should you use matches -- though this is less for safety reasons, and more because they rarely actually get hot enough to successfully light a sparkler. We suggest that you line up your guests in two separate rows. This is great for creating a bridge that you and your new husband or wife can run through on your way to the reception or even your...

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30 Wedding Send Off Ideas for the Perfect Exit

  Shop Our Sparklers Now!   When planning a wedding, there are many details to be attended to. In the whirlwind of planning, one of the most important details often gets overlooked: the grand wedding exit. The exit can consist of anything from lighting wedding sparklers to ringing cow bells. If you are searching for one-of-a-kind ideas to end your big day on a high note, you have come to the right place! Here are thirty of our favorite wedding send off ideas to make your special day extraordinary.   1. Confetti Poppers [caption id="attachment_891" align="alignleft" width="617"] Photo Credit: The Knot: A Retro Glamorous Wedding at Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland, OH[/caption] Loaded with festive confetti and colorful streamers, confetti poppers are a fun and affordable way to add some color and excitement to your grand exit! You can buy these in bulk from your local party store, or opt for one-of-a-kind, hand-made confetti poppers from Etsy’s online marketplace.[note][/note]  [note][/note] 2. Bubbles [caption id="attachment_894" align="alignleft" width="300"] Photo Credit: Southern Jewel Photography via Bridal Guide[/caption] Perfect for a wedding send off—no matter the season—bubbles will add an elegant yet playful touch to your event. In addition to looking beautiful in photos, bubbles will provide endless fun for your guests, both children and adults alike! Did we mention they don’t require any clean up?[note][/note] [note][/note] 3. Balloons [caption id="attachment_926" align="alignright" width="300"] Photo Credit: Oh Happy Day via Linen Table Cloth[/caption] We love this wedding send off idea for a fun-filled daytime event. Brightly colored balloons...

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Daytime Sparklers That Actually Work!

Some people may think you have to wait until dark to use your sparklers… but we disagree! Our 36 inch sparklers burn so brightly that you can use them during the daytime! Just take a look!  If you make your photos black and white you can even make it look like you had your send off at night!  

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Favorite Pinterest Board Names

I have posted a ton of our wedding sparkler photos onto Pinterest.  I jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon early and have been in love ever since.  As you all must know, whenever someone repins a photo you have posted, you receive an email letting you know who and onto what board.  I am sometimes tickled by the clever names of the boards.  Regardless the name, it is true that wedding sparklers as send off ideas on Pinterest are a huge hit! Here are some favorite photos that are repinned...     And the board names...    

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Writing with Wedding Sparklers

    I ran across a cute blog the other day -  and it got me thinking - maybe people use sparklers for things other than weddings. OK, I know this is true, but seeing a bunch of college prepsters spelling out sorority names made me laugh!  I particularly am fond of the one with the crown. See for yourself.  There are all kinds of things people do with wedding sparklers instead of using them at weddings!   Shop Our Sparklers Now!   This blog consists of a cute girl, her dad (who has a lifelong dream of writing with sparklers) and a bunch of friends!  The College Prepster - TCP - you will love this blog and the cute daily posts.  She suggests using safety sparklers which is really  36 inch sparklers or 20 inch sparklers.  They have long handles so you will not have to worry. [caption id="attachment_640" align="aligncenter" width="400"] sparkler crown[/caption] There are so many cute ways people write for their weddings.  Some people spell out their new last name with sparklers, others write out their wedding date.  One of my favorites is this vintage looking photo where everyone draws a heart with the sparklers. People call me often asking what size sparklers to use for this purpose.  Because the 20 inch sparklers last 2 minutes and the 36 inch sparklers last for 4 minutes, they are the best ones to use for this purpose.  It might take a few tries to get it just patient...

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Wedding Sparkler Photo Tutorial

I feel incredibly grateful to be passing along a truly amazing tutorial today from Corine Tran of Studio Tran, a talented photographer.  I opened my emails a few weeks ago and found some of the most creative sparkler photos I have ever all will flip!  I begged her to white a "how-to" and she happily agreed. [caption id="attachment_350" align="aligncenter" width="540"] Studio Tran Photography[/caption] [caption id="attachment_351" align="aligncenter" width="540"] Studio Tran Photography[/caption] I am going to paste the information below, but please make sure to visit her blog here. Sparkler pictures are fun and magical. I mean who doesn't love sparklers? They have become more and more popular at weddings as an "exit" where the bride and groom run through. Ive received a lot of emails and facebook messages asking if I would share how I took the sparkler pictures I have been posting so I thought I would share some tips and tricks. I'm sure there are many different ways you can do this, but this is what I have found works the best. You will need at least 2 off camera flashes on stands, a tripod, camera, wireless remotes, sparklers and someone to take the picture (assistant, friend of couple). I put my flashes on manual at 1/2 and point them directly at the couple. Since this is a long exposure picture you will need the off camera flash to basically "freeze" the couple and their movement. I like the bride to hold the sparkler and then I light...

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