Light up your Celebration with Cake Sparklers

Happy birthday cake with sparklers

How to add a unique and memorable touch to celebrations in 40 seconds!

The host of any party wants to have the “special touch” that makes everyone say ooh and aah.

Every party seems to be the same.  Gather friends and loved ones, purchase the cake, use boring candles…and there is no special touch to make this year stand out.

But there is a different idea that is a crowd-pleaser, easy, and super inexpensive.

Simply Try The Cake Sparkler Idea

With so many reasons to celebrate the loved ones in our lives, why not think of something different than a basic candle and use sparklers instead.

With birthday cake sparklers, you will have a winning idea surely to be remembered and copied by many.

Everyone will enjoy sparklers on cakes, cupcakes, or cookie cakes for an unexpected yet festive idea for life’s many celebrations.

Some may have seen this idea before; others may have not.

We have found that all ages benefit from this different idea:

  • Children are delighted with an alternative to the basic candle.
  • Tweens, Teens, and Millennials love the look for social media photos.
  • Adults love sparklers because it reminds them of their childhood.

I actually began using birthday sparklers on cakes as a child because my father sold them in his fireworks store.  It became a family tradition to always have a cake with sparklers for everyone in my extended family.  When I started a new high school in 9th grade, I wanted to share that tradition with my friends and quickly had to increase my supply because everyone wanted birthday cake sparklers, and there was no way to buy them online (it was the early 90s after all).

Yellow Wedding birthday cake with sparkler

What are Birthday Cake Sparklers, You Might Ask? There are actually many kinds.

  • There is a candle that acts as a teeny tiny sparkler, often called birthday candle sparklers.  It kind of sputters and is not that exciting.
  • A sparkler’s candle cone shoots a fountain but leaves lots of residue on the cake and makes the icing melt.
  • There is a sparkler in the shape of a number – cute, sometimes hard to find, and the number is never illuminated all at once.
  • Finally, the absolutely perfect basic sparkler can be used on a cake and looks perfect.

Are Cake Sparklers Safe?

Absolutely.  No residue will fall off from cake sparklers onto a cake or cupcake, making it safe to eat once the sparkler has been removed.  Please know that you cannot blow these cake sparklers out.  You simply will have to wait for the sparklers to finish sparkling.  It takes about 40 seconds.

Where Do I Buy these Cake Sparklers?

For the best quality cake sparklers, buy them online at Sparklers Online.  The birthday cake sparklers are regularly quality tested, and the sparklers are all double-dipped for consistency while burning.  Do not trust Amazon com inc as they are often selling leftover wedding sparklers that have potentially been damaged.  It will take a little more effort as the products are not readily available in stores.

Choco Cake Sparkler

How Do I Light the Sparklers?

The birthday cake sparklers are simple to light.  Simply stick them in the cake and use a match or lighter to get them lit.  The cake sparklers will stay lit for about 40 seconds and cannot be blown out.

The most important steps for enjoying sparklers are:

Step 1: Place Orders Online

Step 2: Purchase the Correct Size

Step 3: Decide on Overall Plan

Step 4: Insert into Cake and Light


Step 1: Place an online order for Sparklers here

  • Since you are already on this page, you are in the right spot.
  • Ordering online will result in a quality sparkler that will not leave any residue on the birthday cake.
  • Free shipping within the United States on all orders, and we always have product availability.
  • You will provide your contact information, usually in the form of an email address. Our customer care team will send you an order confirmation.

Step 2: Make sure you order the right size sparklers – read our review.

  • The 10 inch sparklers are thin enough for birthday cake and cupcakes but not sold with party supplies in stores.
  • Some people order the 20-inch sparkler products if they are using them in a large wedding or birthday cake.
  • If doing so, it is helpful to ask your cake maker to add a ring of Styrofoam to the bottom to stabilize the longer sparkler.

Step 3: Decide if you would like to have guests hold additional sparklers for a fun effect at the birthday party.

  • Some people not only want to have a few sparklers in a cake, but they also want guests to hold sparklers.
  • This is best done outside.
  • You will also have way better photos with more sparklers lit.

Step 4: Insert the cake sparklers into the birthday cakes as deep as possible and simply light them for the celebration.

  • The sparklers are so thin and easy.  Simply insert the sparklers’ wire side into the birthday cake (not the end you would light).  It will be undeniable once you see the sparklers in person.
  • Light the sparklers with a lighter or match.  The sparklers are wind resistant and will not blow out while walking, giving them an extra advantage.

Please consider using The Great Cake Sparkler Idea to surprise your loved ones and friends at your next birthday party with the idea that it is truly unique. All orders have free shipping, so all you have to do is review your plans in advance.