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Buckets of Wedding Sparkler – the best way to Showcasing.

Buckets of wedding sparklers are essential to enhance the beauty of the theme on your big day. They can create an electrifying visual display for your guests and let them engage in fun activities with their wedding sparklers.

If you are planning your wedding décor and want something thrilling to make your big day memorable, remember to place the wedding sparklers buckets on your table.

Choosing the right buckets for wedding sparklers is essential. To help you make suitable decisions, we have gathered all the information you need about these buckets. Let us discuss all in detail:

Buckets of Wedding Sparklers

Why Use Buckets of Wedding Sparklers?

The sparklers used at weddings are heavier and longer than the common ones. So, the best idea is to put them in some containers or baskets to avoid ignition and mess. Wedding buckets are becoming more popular for displaying sparklers at your wedding exit. You can also use them as an elegant centerpiece that can be used not only for holding your sparklers but to dispose of them safely after use.

What to Consider Before Buying a Wedding Sparklers Bucket?

Choosing the right buckets is more important, so here are some tips for making a good decision.

Size and Capacity

Consider the size and capacity of the buckets while purchasing. This will depend on the guests you invite and the number of sparklers you want to place in. If there are more people, go for the larger buckets to hold more sparklers, while for the smaller wedding party, a small bucket will be enough.

Moreover, consider the height of the bucket to ensure easy access for the guests to grab their sparklers.

Material and Design

A wide variety of materials and designs of buckets are available in the market. Common materials include Plastic, Metal, and glass. If you plan an outdoor event, use plastic buckets, which are less likely to break if dropped on the floor. But if you want to give your wedding table a more elegant and classier look, glass buckets may help you. But these may be less durable compared to other materials. Buckets made with metal can be more durable and long-lasting as you can reuse them hereafter.

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Safety features

The most important thing to consider while choosing a bucket for wedding sparklers is that it would be greatly safe for your guests and the newly wedded couples. All the buckets with handles can be more convenient to carry. Ensure the buckets will be sturdy and won’t tip over easily. Find the buckets with a lid to prevent any spark; legs from falling out and accidentally ignition.


Place your buckets wisely so everyone will notice and can reach them equally to have fun at the event.

  • You can place these buckets on the guest’s table, allowing everyone to grab their sparklers easily.
  • Placing them on the Bar counter will also be very helpful in picking out sparklers without any fuss.
  • You will place them at the venue’s entrance or exit point, the most common way to access sparklers.

In conclusion, always try to find the right buckets for the wedding sparklers to celebrate your big day more safely and make it more enjoyable. I hope you will find this helpful while planning your big day.


To conclude this discussion about the bucket for wedding sparklers you are now well aware of what type of fireworks are best for such events. After reading this article you can now buy amazing buckets to keep sparklers. Before buying such buckets you have to consider some things that are illustrated above. Sparklers are a source of joy for most of the people at their special events, so make their event more memorable by presenting buckets full of sparklers. 

What size of bucket for 36-inch sparklers?

15-inch. We advise utilizing one of our 15-inch buckets for 36-inch sparklers.

What do you put in a wedding sparkler bucket?

Sand can also be used to extinguish sparklers, but for maximum safety, use a bucket that is only half filled either with kitty litter or sand. Sparklers may not be easily extinguished by water.

How do you make a sparkler holder?

You only need a plastic cup and a pair of sharp scissors to construct your sparkler holder. But the best advice is to reuse your event cups (just rinse and dry them–got to keep it green. After that, cut out triangles to create a kind of cup crown. Then insert your sparkler through the bottom hole you just made!

What size sparklers are best for weddings?

For a typical-sized wedding, 18′′ or 20′′ work wonderfully. They burn for one and a half minutes, which is more than enough time for marriage sparkler pictures. The 36-inch sparklers are perfect for larger events because they burn for roughly 3 minutes.

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