What to save and splurge on when planning your wedding

What to save and splurge on when planning your wedding If you are in the initial stages of wedding planning one of the most important items to focus on is your budget. Yes — it isn’t the most exciting element of planning your nuptials, however since 74% of couples end up going over budget, it is definitely an important item to consider from the start. According to experts, one of the best ways to stick to a budget is to decide what to save and splurge on when planning your wedding.

By deciding what is most important to you and spending on those elements, while cutting back on the areas that are less important to you, you can still have a wedding to remember without breaking the bank. Not sure what items to splurge on and what items to save on? Read on to learn what wedding experts suggest.

Save on paper products

Beautifully printed programs, monogrammed napkins, and other customized paper products can add a lovely touch to a wedding, however, when it comes down to it, your guests are just going to throw them away by the end of the event, making this one of the top items that experts suggest you save on. Instead, focus your budget on something that won’t end up in the wastebasket by midnight, like elegant flatware and glassware to adorn your tables.

Splurge on your dress

When it comes to your wedding you want to feel your best and absolutely love your wedding dress. Experts agree that this is an item worth splurging on to ensure you end up with exactly what you want. To offset extra money spent on the perfect material or extra alterations, wedding planners recommend saving on your veil and accessories — an excellent opportunity to incorporate a “something borrowed” into your wedding day attire.

Save on your venue

Obviously, you should love your venue, however, experts recommend finding a venue that fits your needs without going over budget. When deciding what to save and splurge on when planning your wedding, use the money you save on your venue to invest in decor and other details like lighting and flowers that will make the space into the wedding venue of your dreams.

Splurge on a photographer

Although advice differs depending on who you ask, pretty much all experts seem to agree that shelling out some money for a great photographer is worth every penny. “You’ll cherish your wedding photos forever, so do your research to find a shooter who suits your style,” says wedding authority, The Knot.

Save on an open bar

Yes, an open bar is always popular with guests, however, this can quickly eat up the majority of your budget. Instead of funneling all of your funds into an open bar, why not offer wine and beer and one or two signature cocktails for guests to choose from. This should be more than enough to keep your guests happy and the party going strong.

Splurge on reception fun

To ensure you and your guests have a night to remember, experienced wedding planners recommend splurging on reception essentials like a great DJ or band to set the mood, a dance floor, and amazing lighting! Another essential reception item to keep in mind as you decide what to save and splurge on when wedding planning is your reception send-off! Whether you opt for wedding sparklers, glow sticks, flower petals, or bubbles, an epic wedding send-off is an expense worth investing in to ensure your perfect wedding ends on a high note.