Wedding Sparkler Reviews

I take my responsibility of providing quality wedding sparklers to my customers very seriously.  That means I have to have a reliable product, that I have to answer my phone, emails and texts hourly and that I need to ship the wedding sparklers immediately.  It is really that simple!  I know if I continue to follow those simple customer service principles, I will succeed in making each and every wedding I send sparklers to successful.

One thing I have put into practice is a reminder email.  I send a reminder email to my customers a week after ordering asking if the sparklers have been received (we know how my details you all are trying to manage).  I personally want to make sure they sparklers are at least in hand or on their way because I know you are on a very special deadline – your wedding day.  I also know that tracking the sparklers via UPS when you have a million things going on is not at the top of your list.  This is a great reminder to check tracking numbers or locate a box of sparklers strewn among wedding gifts.

Just in case you are wondering, if there is some sort of issue, we manage it immediately.  If it is the week of the wedding and there is a delay from UPS, the package is lost, they were delivered to the wrong address (whether it is your fault for giving us the wrong address on accident or UPS’s fault for making a mistake), I will personally talk to you on the phone and most likely send a replacement of wedding sparklers that day.  We can always work with UPS after a set of sparklers are in your hand to try to locate the lost package or find out what has happened.  But what is most important is that you have sparklers for your wedding day!

We send an email a few weeks after ordering asking for honest advice about the sparklers and these are all from verified buyers posted immediately on our website – good or bad.  I read reviews about everything I order online – from the outdoor chair for my patio to the swimsuit for my daughter.  Hearing real people give their honest opinion of your products and services is a great way to learn about a company.  I am so proud of mine, I put it front and center on the website. Please take a few moments to read these reviews and have comfort in knowing that daily people are posting which means daily we are sending dozens of sparklers.  Please also take note that these reviews are in real time and not edited.  You can see that there are most likely some from today, or at least this week!  That way you know a business is on top of customer service.

I would love to highlight one customer right now.

“These sparklers were exactly how advertised. I was in need of good sparklers and searched the internet and found these. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone wanting a sparkler send off at the end of their special day. They were beautiful!!!”

long lasting wedding

Another review I have been sent recently is this one from Tracy:

“The wedding isn’t until June 23rd, but I’m a plan-ahead type of girl, so I ordered early. The sparklers arrived in perfect condition—all 200 of them—and was so glad to get that checked off my list! We plan to “test” a sparkler or two just for fun and to give the photographer an idea of how much time he’s got for pics.

After looking at some of the sketchy online reviews of other sparklers, we are so grateful that we went with You guys were awesome to work with, and within 3-4 days of my original order I had received the sparklers. You’ve made life a little more stress-free, and I will definitely go online and give you a glowing review. We look forward to having fun and being able to show everyone the wonderful pics using the sparklers! Will post those on your site after the wedding.”

The fact that these busy women take the time to write a review and often send a photo is amazing.  I am grateful for women who support women and for every person who chooses to order from me.  I am one of the 11 million female business owners in the United States right now and am proud of what I do to support my family.