Black and White

black and white wedding photo
Shannon Shaper Photography

I love of black and white photography.  My mom does not.  Growing up, we would never in a million years load our camera with black and white film – that was for photography class at Harpeth Hall (my high school in Nashville).  Maybe because my mom simply cannot bear the thought of a photo without color, it seems so appealing to me.  So fresh and simple.  Sorry Mom.

I see photos pf brides with wedding sparklers and swoon with delight but often think…what if that were in color?  I recently did a photo shoot with a local Nashville photographer named Scott Hughes.  He adores black and white.  Now with some of the photos I agree with him…the black and white is perfect and others I tend to like a little color.  What do you think.

You can almost feel as if you were there with this bride:

b&w wedding photo
Donna Van Bruening Photography
another b&w wedding photo
Paper Dolls Photography

These are my babies and I simply cannot decide if I like the photo better in black or white!

b&w children photo
Scott Hughes Photography
full color image children
Scott Hughes Photography

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