Planning a winter destination wedding

winter destination wedding

Photo credit: Nicole Gatto

When most people picture a destination wedding, they imagine friends and family gathering in a warm, exotic location to celebrate together under clear and sunny skies. However, for the couple that loves all things winter — be it the beauty of the snow, a love of winter sports, or fun memories from a cold-weather family vacation — a winter destination wedding is an option worth considering. In this post, we will share some cold-weather destination wedding locations that will set the perfect backdrop for your very own winter wonderland.

Create a Winter Fairytale in Finland

The beautiful Lapland region of Finland will provide a magical, snow-filled backdrop for your winter nuptials that cannot be rivaled. Some recommendations from the experts at the Travel Channel include booking a reindeer-drawn sled to carry you to your wedding chapel and reserving an igloo (yes, you heard us right!) for your wedding night.

Add a Touch of the Wild West to Your Wedding in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

If you want to enjoy your winter destination wedding surrounded by beautiful snow covered mountains, in a bustling western town, Jackson Hole, Wyoming is the spot for you! Nestled between the majestic Teton Mountains and the Gros Ventre Mountain Range, this charming town has it all. Martha Stewart Weddings suggests booking a stay for you and your guests at the Alpine House — a cozy inn that includes locally sourced breakfasts and an honor bar.

Love to Ski? Think Colorado.

For the couple that loves winter sports, and wants their guests to be able to skip off to a ski slope at the drop of a hat, you can’t go wrong with Colorado. The Travel Channel suggests going with a big-name ski resort, like Telluride, Aspen, or Breckenridge, to ensure you and your guests can enjoy plenty of time indulging in your favorite winter sports.

Keep it Classic with a New England Winter Destination Wedding

If you love the idea of hosting your wedding in a quaint town in the snow-covered New England countryside, the Berkshires is the destination for you. Ranked one of America’s most romantic winter destinations by Travel & Leisure, the Berkshires is known for its classic New England charm, including charming villages and picturesque red barns.

Found the Perfect Location? Don’t forget to bring your favorite wedding traditions with you!

Once you have booked the perfect location for your winter destination wedding, don’t forget to incorporate some of the most beloved wedding traditions into your ceremony and reception. Just because you are traveling away from home, doesn’t mean you should skip out on wearing that “something borrowed” from your mother, grandmother, or a close friend. And just because you are in a new location doesn’t mean you can’t still incorporate a slideshow of old family wedding photos into your reception.

Most importantly, if you are traveling for your wedding, don’t forget to plan for an epic wedding send-off! Whether this involved tossing birdseed or rice, lighting up the sky with wedding sparklers or having guests shower you with rose petals, a perfect send-off is key to ending your destination wedding on the right note.