Planning a winter destination wedding

When most people picture a destination wedding, they imagine friends and family gathering in a warm, exotic location to celebrate together under clear and sunny skies. However, for the couple that loves all things winter — be it the beauty of the snow, a love of winter sports, or fun memories from a cold-weather family […]

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Daytime Sparklers That Actually Work!

Some people may think you have to wait until dark to use your sparklers… but we disagree! Our 36 inch sparklers burn so brightly that you can use them during the daytime! Just take a look! http://www.kclearphotography.com/ emilymarchphotography.com emilymarchphotography.com  If you make your photos black and white you can even make it look like you […]

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Favorite Pinterest Board Names

I have posted a ton of our wedding sparkler photos onto Pinterest. I jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon early and have been in love ever since.

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Writing with Wedding Sparklers

    How to Write With Sparklers We ran across a cute blog the other day –  and it got us thinking – maybe people use sparklers for things other than weddings. OK, we know this is true, but seeing a bunch of college prepsters spelling out sorority names made us laugh!  I particularly am […]

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Wedding Sparkler Photo Tutorial

I feel incredibly grateful to be passing along a truly amazing tutorial today from Corine Tran of Studio Tran, a talented photographer.  I opened my emails a few weeks ago and found some of the most creative sparkler photos I have ever seen…you all will flip!  I begged her to white a “how-to” and she […]

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