Simple. LL Bean Totes.

Oh how I love the LL Bean totes.  I just counted so I could be completly accurate and I have 14.  Each one serves a specific purpose such as...clothes to be mended, drycleaning, one just holds other totes, a catch-all for the car, a pool bag...the list goes on.  What a cute idea to take this simple staple and use it for sparklers.  We embroirdered ours with the word Sparkle, but you could do your new last name or your wedding date.  I then used one of the cups my husband was given as a baby to hold matches.  Simple and adorable!

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Red Ribbon Studio

What a treat.  I have just discovered an amazing photographer who loves bright colors as much as I do.  Maribeth Romslo has such a unique eye, capturing just the  moments and details every bride and groom want to remember.   She obviously has worked with many brides who take great pride in getting everything perfect, down to the tag on the container used for sparklers.  Visit her website at, but please be warned that you will get lost for hours in her amazing photos.  You also might find some  finishing touch ideas for your big day!  Thanks Maribeth for sharing your photos! [caption id="attachment_18" align="alignleft" width="390" caption="Sparkler Send Off"][/caption]

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Adorable Wedding Tags

I love anything personalized.  Anything.  My poor children never need to wear nametags because their clothes are usually monogrammed or embroided with their names.  Maybe I need to say my poor husband! Back to weddings...I am in love with this website  Their colors are amazing, their website is easy and interactive and their products are really classy.  Browse through their creative ideas section and the sky is the limit.  We ordered the gift tags and used ribbon from to make a cute custom display.  The box is actually from michaels.

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We love feedback!

Here is an email we received from a very happy customer: We ordered what seems like a MILLION of your wonderful 36" sparklers for our December 1, 2007 Wedding in Vail, Colorado! Here are some pictures! It was a blizzard and 50-70 mph wind gusts, but we did the sparklers anyway! It was FABULOUS! Our photographer, did a FABULOUS job with "Sparkler Light Writing!" The pictures turned out beautifully with a slow shutter speed, 36" sparklers and some VERY artistic "Love"-ly bridesmaids! Steve and I drew a heart with our 36" sparklers! We all had a ball and the snow didn't even bother us! It made the Sparkle Factor even better! It was perfect! Thank you SO MUCH for providing the "highlight" (pardon the pun) of our evening! Sincerely, Kelly & Steve Heger Grant Oakes Photography

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What an economy!

It is impossible to turn on The Today beloved show of many years...and not see Jean Chatzky giving advice on how to save money.  Well, when you have plans to get married, you simply are not going to put them on hold for a silly little thing like a downturn in the economy.  The one thing I have always loved about my sparklers, and the idea of using sparklers at weddings, is that they are simply the most affordable "wow" factor you can add.  For $35 (free shipping), you can get 48 of our 20 inch sparklers that will give you the pictures of a lifetime.  I cannot tell you how many people email me saying they spent a fortune on flowers and food but the thing they liked best were the sparklers - which they spent the least amount of money on.  Best wishes!

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Purpose of a Blog

Sparkle has been in business for over 6 years now through the website  Throughout those 6 years, we have had the pleasure of working with all types or brides, mothers of the brides, maids of honors and family friends.  We have also worked with people having weddings with only 30 people and some with almost 600.  What I love about sparklers is that they are a perfect addition for weddings of any size and usually are one of the favorite, most inexpensive touches of the whole evening.  The glow from the sparklers casts such beautiful lighting on the bride and groom as well as the guests - it is like being photographed under candlelight.  The pictures are often the bride and groom's favorites. My goal with this blog is to share ideas and stories from myself as well as prospective and happy customers.  I commonly am asked for suggestions about arranging the sparklers beforehand, where I bought tags for the displays etc.  I want to share websites of trusted companies to help make your day more personal and perfect!  Please pass along any ideas or feedback you have. Thanks! Libba

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What Are The Best Sparklers For Wedding Receptions?

Sparkler send-offs are one of the biggest trends in weddings over the last several years. Wedding trends come and go, but this trend is here to stay. Happy couples are choosing to celebrate their big day with this fun, creative send-off. Now that you're committed to the trend, you need to figure out what are the best sparklers for weddings. Read below to find what's best for your big day.   Shop Your Sparklers Now!   What is a Sparkler Send-Off? Before you choose which type of wedding sparklers is the best for you, you need to learn the ins and outs of the sparkler send-off. Send-offs have been a wedding tradition for decades. Originally, guests would throw rice at the newly-married couple as a way to wish them good luck with fertility. This tradition has changed over the years to include confetti, bubbles, and now sparklers. The send-off occurs at the end of the reception when the newlywed couple leaves. Wedding guests gather around the couple to cheer them on and wish them a happy future. A sparkler send-off involves a handheld firework emits colored flames. Your guests each light a sparkler and line up on both sides of your exit path. This makes for a beautiful moment as well as stunning photographs. Ten-Inch Sparklers Ten-inch sparklers are the smallest size you should consider. This is the traditional size of sparklers that you may be familiar with already. These burn quickly, for about 40 seconds each. Due to the...

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