Coldplay uses my sparklers!

Sparklers at the Coldplay concert Yes, the smart team of Coldplay Productions ordered sparklers from  Unreal!  Here’s the story… Two weeks ago, Marguerite, production manager with the band Coldplay ordered sparklers online from our site.  These celebrities…so discrete!    Being a huge Coldplay fan already, I could not resist my curiosity to contact her and ask […]

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Simple. LL Bean Totes.

Oh how I love the LL Bean totes.  I just counted so I could be completly accurate and I have 14.  Each one serves a specific purpose such as…clothes to be mended, drycleaning, one just holds other totes, a catch-all for the car, a pool bag…the list goes on.  What a cute idea to take this simple […]

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Red Ribbon Studio

What a treat.  I have just discovered an amazing photographer who loves bright colors as much as I do.  Maribeth Romslo has such a unique eye, capturing just the  moments and details every bride and groom want to remember.   She obviously has worked with many brides who take great pride in getting everything perfect, down to […]

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Adorable Wedding Tags

I love anything personalized.  Anything.  My poor children never need to wear nametags because their clothes are usually monogrammed or embroided with their names.  Maybe I need to say my poor husband! Back to weddings…I am in love with this website  Their colors are amazing, their website is easy and interactive and their products […]

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We love feedback!

Here is an email we received from a very happy customer: We ordered what seems like a MILLION of your wonderful 36″ sparklers for our December 1, 2007 Wedding in Vail, Colorado! Here are some pictures! It was a blizzard and 50-70 mph wind gusts, but we did the sparklers anyway! It was FABULOUS! Our […]

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What an economy!

It is impossible to turn on The Today Show…my beloved show of many years…and not see Jean Chatzky giving advice on how to save money.  Well, when you have plans to get married, you simply are not going to put them on hold for a silly little thing like a downturn in the economy.  The […]

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Purpose of a Blog

Sparkle has been in business for over 6 years now through the website  Throughout those 6 years, we have had the pleasure of working with all types or brides, mothers of the brides, maids of honors and family friends.  We have also worked with people having weddings with only 30 people and some with almost […]

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What Are The Best Sparklers For Wedding Receptions?

Sparkler send-offs are one of the biggest trends in weddings over the last several years. Wedding trends come and go, but this trend is here to stay. Happy couples are choosing to celebrate their big day with this fun, creative send-off. Now that you’re committed to the trend, you need to figure out what are […]

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