Let the Sparks Fly: How to Create the Perfect Wedding Sparkler Send Off

Congratulations! You’re engaged!

But your wedding day is fast approaching, and you want to add a certain glamour to your sendoff. What could you do that will make your pictures and memories stand out from everyone else’s ceremonies?

Your answer may be a sparkler send-off.

Learn all about these beautiful exits here to determine if they are right for you and how, exactly, you go about preparing for one.

What Is a Wedding Exit?

Don’t be embarrassed about not knowing the term. It’s one of those vague notions that we see more in movies than in real life, so it’s good to have a solid understanding of what a wedding send off really is.

Most people mix up the process with the recessional, but the big difference is that the wedding exit is purely for the bride and groom. A recessional is for the entire wedding party at the end of the ceremony.

When the send-off occurs is entirely up to the couple. Some prefer to do it after the ceremony and on the way to the reception hall. Others prefer it to be at the very end of the night.

How to Plan a Sparkler Send-Off

Planning a sparkler send off requires some extra planning, but the photos and fun are well worth it. We’ll take you through the entire process from start to finish here.

Check with Your Venue

The first thing you’ll want to do is check with your venue for restrictions. Some locations won’t allow sparklers because they pose a fire hazard. Others have specific locations you can use sparklers at.

If you haven’t chosen a venue yet and your heart is set on this exit, always ask before deciding on a location. Specify the sparkler length, as some laws or businesses are finicky about particulars.

If you have already chosen a venue only to find it doesn’t allow sparklers, don’t lose heart. Check at your reception hall if it’s in a different location.

If even that doesn’t work, consider contacting the chief of police. With his or her permission, you may be able to have a sparkler send off in the street or on a sidewalk. Most towns allow sparkler use, but in public spaces, permission is required.

Ask your venue about any curfews regarding their usage, necessary safety equipment or safety personnel.

Finally, always check on any added insurance expenses for sparkler use. Some venues require couples to purchase extra insurance because of the hazard.

Consider Other Uses

In addition to being great for send-offs, consider if you want sparklers to be used in other parts of the night.

For photos especially, sparklers can add a magical effect. Sparklers are also beautiful after the “first kiss” of the married couple, creating a fairy-tale like vibe that no one will ever forget.

However, such additions do require a minimal amount of preparation from your photographer (a tripod, instructions to you and anyone in the photo and a possible helper for lighting), so always inform him or her well beforehand.

Get the Appropriate Type and Amount

Next, make sure you get the right kind. If you get the wrong type, you’ll find everyone’s sparklers have fizzled out before you make it down the aisle of guests.

The most popular kind is the 20-inch sparkler. It’s affordable and gives couples about two minutes to make their exit, which is usually plenty of time.

Other types include 10-inch sparklers, which burn for about 40 seconds, and 36-inch ones, which last 4 minutes.

Note that the amount of sparklers you need depends on the number of people you expect and the type you choose. Because 10-inch ones, for instance, burn so quickly, its advisable to purchase several per guest.

Typically, one per guest works well with the 20 and 36-inch products.

Also, consider when you plan to have guests light the items. If it’s at the very end of the evening, you might have only a few guests left at the reception. Consequently, you’ll need fewer sparklers.

Purchase sparklers and miniature, easy-to-use blow torches well in advance to the wedding day to ensure they arrive on time. At least two weeks is best.

Plan the Location

You have the go-ahead and you’ve made your purchase. Now it’s time to visit your venue to find the perfect place they should be lit.

Entranceways, stairs, bridges and outside areas make excellent locations for sparklers. When deciding on a place, contemplate the number of people you expect.

Generally, sparkler send-offs organize guests into two lines with about eight feet between them. This gives you and your new bride or groom ample space to exit without getting burned.

Double check to ensure you won’t conflict with any venue regulations. Discuss specifics with everyone involved in the planning, and consider taking a few photographs of the area to get an idea of what the exit will look like.


Now it’s time to get some inside help. You won’t be able to direct the guests yourself and let’s just say people get extremely excited about lighting sparklers. Therefore, you need someone responsible and commanding who will squash any pre-lighting madness.

Choose this individual wisely, as they’ll be in charge of the process. Have this person hand out sparklers or simply offer the sparklers as thank-you gifts when everyone leaves or enters.

This designated individual should also be tasked with handing out the blow torches (the easiest and quickest lighting method) to responsible guests prior to the exit. Then you won’t have to worry about your five-year-old nephew becoming armed and dangerous.

Plan an exact time to exit or use your cells to communicate readiness on the big day.

Safety Measures

To keep things safe, put out buckets of water in which guests place their sparklers afterward. Have a fire extinguisher and first aid kit on hand in case an emergency occurs.

Finally, make sure children are supervised and everyone stands far enough apart to avoid burns.

The Perfect Exit

If you follow these measures, you’ll have a fantastical sparkler send-off, amazing photos and memories that will last a lifetime.

Visit our website to order your sparklers today and cross one thing off your long list of wedding to-dos.

A magical, breathtaking send-off? Consider it checked.