Ideas for Gender Reveal, Including Sparklers!

Gender Reveal Cards

Cute Gender Reveal Girl Children Siblings Boy

One of the many exciting parts (and there are plenty) of having a baby is finding out the baby’s gender. Some couples choose to simply find out the gender from their doctor and then tell friends and family when asked. Other couples, though, may choose to keep the baby’s gender secret even from themselves until the gender reveal party.

Gender reveal parties have become extremely popular because it is a fun and joyous way to gather your friends and family to celebrate another aspect of your baby’s life. Because it is such a momentous occasion, many parents-to-be have found tons of ways to make the gender reveal marvelous and memorable. 

Easy Gender Reveal Party Ideas

If you are a parent-to-be or the friend or relative of one, you may be looking for some gender reveal party ideas. At Sparklers Online, we are just as excited as you to share in this momentous occasion, and we have assembled some amazing gender reveal party ideas to help you out and give some inspiration.

  • Cake: One of the most classic gender reveal methods is the pink or blue colored cake. Either the parent-to-be or a representative will take the gender information to a local cake shop and the baker will create a fabulous cake. When the party is ready for the reveal, one or both of the parents will cut into the cake and the inside will display the gender.

Balloon Ideas for Gender Reveal

  • Balloon present box: For this gender reveal method, you will need to find a very large box, wrap it like a present, and either you or someone who you feel comfortable trusting the gender information to will fill the box full of gender-specific balloons. When you’re ready to find out, unwrap the present and remove the lid. The balloons inside (filled with helium) will shoot out and tell the world your baby’s gender.

Colorful Pinata

  • Piñata: Perhaps you are feeling festive and want to have a taco party. After you and your guests dine on tacos and margaritas (non-alcoholic ones for you, mom), have someone hoist up a pre-filled piñata and start whacking! Whatever color candy comes out will reveal the gender.

Colorful Eggs

  • Hard boiled eggs: This one gets messy but is totally worth it! Buy a dozen eggs and hard boil all but one. Dye half of the eggs pink and the other half blue. Be sure to also dye the non-hard boiled egg pink or blue depending on the gender (if you want the gender to be a surprise, be sure to have someone else do the dyeing). During the party, you and your partner will take turns cracking eggs on each other’s foreheads (GENTLY, please). All the hard boiled ones will not break open, and the one that finally makes a gooey mess will reveal the gender.

These are just a few of the many fun gender reveal party ideas out there, but Sparklers Online would like to suggest one more: sparklers!

Gender Reveal Sparklers

Female Gender Sparkler Male Gender Sparkler

When it comes to causing a sensation, colored sparklers are the ideal tools to help you out with that. For this gender reveal idea, it is best to have the party later in the evening so the color shines through as bright as possible. You or your representative will deliver the gender information to us, and we will fulfill your order with appropriately colored sparklers. 

During the party, you and your guests can light the sparklers all at once for a grand lighting reveal. Another option is for you and your partner to light your own gender reveal sparklers and write out with the light from the sparklers the word “girl” or “boy”. Your guests can then light theirs and everyone can celebrate with the magic of gender reveal sparklers your exciting news.

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