Festive Ideas for Planning a Holiday Party

long lasting sparklers As of today, December is officially here — which means it is time to focus on all things Christmas! Are you planning a holiday party this season? Whether you are gathering friends for an epic bash at your home, heading up your office’s holiday potluck, or hosting your family for a traditional Christmas dinner, here are some festive ideas for entertaining this holiday season.

Set the mood for holiday cheer with the perfect playlist

Nothing says Christmas quite like a festive playlist filled with classic holiday songs. If you are feeling ambitious, why not put together a mix of your personal favorite Christmas tunes? Running short on time? Fear not! The HuffPost has you covered with their definitive guide to the best Christmas playlists out there.

Make your party a winter wonderland with DIY decorations

Thoughtful DIY decorations are one of the easiest (and most affordable) ways to take your Christmas party to the next level. Planning a holiday party in your office or simply don’t have space in your home for a tree? We suggest creating a makeshift tree out of leftover wrapping paper or gathering extra greenery and placing them in a vase with ornaments to serve as a tree. Some other cute ideas that will add some Christmas cheer to your party include creating these DIY reindeer garlands, lining your walkway with these easy-to-make mason jar candles, or making a giant holiday wreath for your mantle.

Serve up snacks with a holiday twist

When planning a holiday party menu, don’t forget to incorporate at least a few festive, Christmas-themed treats. Some delicious (and adorable) options include these Christmas wreath cookies, these savory cream cheese penguins, and these chocolate-dipped candy canes. While you are at it, don’t forget about serving up classic holiday beverages like warm apple cider, hot chocolate, and eggnog!

Get competitive with a gingerbread house contest

No matter how good the food and decor is, any party can quickly get boring without some sort of entertainment. This is why we love the idea of incorporating some friendly competition into your holiday gathering with a gingerbread house decorating contest. You can provide supplies, ask each guest to bring a decorating item, or even splurge for decorating kits.

Invite guests to participate in Christmas-themed games

Along the same lines, we suggest planning some fun holiday games that guests can participate in. Fortunately, there are tons of ideas out there that make the planning extra easy for you, as the host. Some party games that are certain to keep guests entertained all night long (and include minimal preparation) include Christmas charades, a Christmas scavenger hunt, and Christmas movie trivia.

End your holiday party with the magic of sparklers

Who says that sparklers are reserved for wedding send-offs? In our opinion, sparklers add a magical and festive touch to any celebration. As your Christmas party draws to a close and guests head out for the evening, surprise them with sparklers. You can send them home as a fun holiday party favor or have your guests move outside to illuminate the winter sky and celebrate the season.