Amazing Fall Wedding Ideas You Must Try – 2023

chairs leading up to an altar at an outdoor wedding

When it comes to your wedding–one of the most important days of your entire life–you want to make sure that everything is perfect. Of the many decisions to be made about your big day is exactly what day it will be. Picking the right wedding day for you depends on a variety of personal factors, but with the autumn season upon us, we at Sparklers Online wanted to put together some amazing fall wedding ideas.

There are plenty of things to be inspired by when it comes to autumn: colors, smells, flavors, Mother Nature, and many more. Being able to combine everything you love about fall into one glorious occasion will help you create the best wedding day you could imagine. And don’t forget! Our sparklers can be an exciting and beautiful addition to your nuptial festivities that are sure to impress your guests and make lasting memories.

Simple Fall Wedding Ideas

Beachside Wedding setup

As you plan your fall wedding, you and your spouse-to-be will have what feels like a million things to make decisions about. To take advantage of the season you have picked for your big day, we recommend starting your wedding plans with a color scheme.

Autumn is full of color changes and warm hues. Chocolate brown, olive, orange, and even yellow are all complimentary to the season and each other. Bridesmaid dresses should also complement this color palette, but you don’t want them to blend into the background. A lovely royal purple or deep green would certainly help to bring the warmth of the fall colors into your wedding.

Moving on to fall-themed decor, rustic is the name of the game here to accentuate the natural beauty of autumn. Incorporating twigs to hold signs while bursting bouquets of seasonal flowers demonstrate how the fall season is still full of life and vibrancy. If your wedding is close to Halloween, you can also consider incorporating fall gourds and pumpkins into your decor for even more whimsy.

Finally, let’s talk about food. Since fall is the time of harvest, a menu incorporating some classic harvest items will certainly be memorable. Perhaps a pumpkin soup to begin the meal and a turkey entree to offer a feeling of Thanksgiving and family to your guests. Finish off with a dessert made from apples, pumpkin, cranberries, pecans, or sweet potatoes to fully encapsulate the autumn feast.

Fall Wedding Sparklers

Lit up Sparkler

Incorporating wedding sparklers into your fall festivities can be a fun, exciting, and memorable addition. For your wedding exit, you may opt to substitute the classic rice for our specialized wedding sparklers. They are extra long and last far longer than ordinary sparklers, so your guests need not worry about getting burned or the light going out too soon. Forming an archway made of sparklers makes for a beautiful exit for you and your new spouse, and the photographs are simply stunning.

Because our 36-inch sparklers last for as long as 4 minutes, you and your guests can also have a great time using the sparklers to create zig-zag patterns, hearts, or even words with the light. Many couples even choose to have the sparklers set up in a heart shape on the ground, enter the heart, and have their friends and family light them. The images are amazing, and the memories last a lifetime. Our fall wedding sparklers are beautiful, and fun, and look fantastic in photographs.

Contact Our Wedding Sparkler Experts

If you are planning your fall wedding and looking for ideas to help make the best day of your life even more special, contact Sparklers Online to discuss all of our wedding sparkler options. We understand how important your wedding day is to you, and we would love to be a part of the magic. We have top of long-lasting line sparklers, so we know that you will love them as an addition to your wedding. Call us today to place your fall wedding sparkler order!