7 Unique Things You Can Do with Sparklers

Summer is here and you know what that means – BBQ, swimming, road trips, and enjoying those late summer nights.

What makes a summer night special? Fireworks! Americans buy an incredible 247,550,000 pounds of them every year.

One of the most popular types of fireworks is sparklers. They’re easy to use, pretty, and don’t require a big backyard. Sparklers are gorgeous on the Fourth of July but they can be a great addition to any get-together all year round.

Let’s look at seven fun ways to turn the simple sparkler into a staple of every celebration!

1. Sparkler Send-Off For Weddings

There are many ways to see the bride and groom off after their special day.

Tradition calls for the guests to throw rice. More modern takes have guests throwing rose petals or blowing bubbles.

Nothing beats a sparkler send-off though. Picture it – the lights are out, the guests all light their sparklers. The bride and groom then walk under a canopy of golden sparks.

Seems easy enough but there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, make sure you buy sparklers that will last long enough. A 36-inch sparkler lasts for four minutes, 20 inch lasts two minutes, and 10 inch lasts for four seconds.

Second, be safe. Don’t hold the sparkler directly over the couple. Leave a little space between the row and the couple so that sparklers don’t singe anyone.

2. Better Than Birthday Candles

How many years have you topped your birthday cakes with mere candles? At this point, it’s kind of boring.

Dress up any birthday cake with a sparkler instead! Think about how dazzling the cake will look when it comes out, topped with gorgeous sparklers.

You can’t blow sparklers out like you can candles, but that’s OK. The birthday girl or boy will have more time to make wishes while the sparklers burn out.

Bonus idea: some places sell sparklers in the shape of numbers. Look for those for an easy way to upgrade your cake.

3. Shapes With Sparklers

Looking for a photo that’s going to rack up tons of likes on Instagram? Grab a bunch of sparklers and head out to the lawn.

Here’s a step by step way to make an amazing image out of sparklers.

  • Think of an easy shape, like a star, heart, or lightning bolt.
  • Stick sparklers into the ground into said shape.
  • Light them all up at once and take a photo.

This awesome idea works best at night, of course. And if you want to sit inside of the shape, be safe about it. Make sure you have enough space between yourself and the sparklers and never step over the sparklers themselves to get in or out of the shape.

4. Educational Tools

Believe it or not, there are some great games to turn a night with sparklers into an educational tool. You’ll want to have some sparklers for kids handy for these great learning games.

Here’s how you can make playing with sparklers a fun and educational experience:

  • Trace the alphabet with the sparklers
  • Practice drawing numbers in the air
  • Light a sparkler and count as high as you can before it burns out
  • Recite as many state names and/or capitals as you can before it burns out
  • Practice making clock hands
  • One person writes something with the sparkler and the other person guesses what it is

As you can see, there are lots of educational games you can play with sparklers for kids.

5. Sparkler Shower

Looking for a craft project that’s a little more advanced? We’ve got you covered.

This easy-to-make craft takes just a few minutes and needs only a few extra supplies. You’ll get tons of bang for your buck though!

All you’ll need is a pack of sparklers and a roll of tape. Here’s what to do next:

  • Grab a bunch of sparklers, usually eight but you can go higher
  • Group them together leaving one sticking out
  • Tape all of them together tightly
  • Bend the wires at the bottom to create a stand for the sparklers to stay upright

Make sure you’ve got plenty of space when you go to light it up. Your sparkler shower can potentially shoot a bunch of sparks four feet tall or higher.

Enjoy this spectacular way to light up the night!

6. Write With Sparklers

Have you ever seen those cool images where someone writes a word with sparklers? Here’s how to do it:

  • Gather several friends – one per letter is best
  • Have them write the letter backward so that the camera picks it up the correct way
  • Manually adjust the shutter speed on your DSLR camera to three seconds
  • Start the letter on the count of one and end it by the count of three

Putting your camera on a tripod makes a big difference here. As you can see, this is a group effort, so it’s perfect for parties!

7. Stay Safe

The most important thing to do with sparklers is to stay safe. While sparklers are fun, if not used correctly, they can be dangerous. They’re the most common cause of injuries because they’re commonly underestimated.

Here’s how you can have fun with sparklers in a responsible, and safe way:

  • Keep a bucket of sand or water nearby to dump your sparkler in case it gets too hot.
  • Use a plastic cup as a sparkler shield. Just poke a hole through the bottom and stick the sparkler through.
  • Always use sparklers and any other fireworks in an open area, never indoors
  • Supervise any children using sparklers and never give one to a child under five years of age

Get Ready For Fun With Sparklers!

Now that you know all of the fun ways to use sparklers for holidays or on any other day, what are you waiting for? Grab a handful, get some friends together, and go outside to have fun!

If you’re looking for the very best sparklers, we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s for your wedding, a holiday like Diwali, or for fun around the house, we’ll take care of you.

Shop with us today and find the perfect way to add sparkle and light to your life!

How to Take the Best Pictures with Sparklers

There’s never too much sparkle and shine, especially in your greatest moments.

One of the most loved effects for a fun photo is undoubtedly the sparkler. Since having fireworks at every event might be a tad expensive and dangerous, hand-held fireworks do the trick.

When you’re capturing keepsake moments on your camera, it’s important to know how to capture the photo, especially when using sparklers. It’s a tad tricky, but once you have the hang of it, you’re good to go.

To give you a little help, we’ve come up with tons of tips and tricks to help you take your best sparkler photographs. Keep on reading to perfect your sparkler photography.

Know Your Basics

One of the most important parts to taking a successful sparkler photo is knowing the basics of your camera. Throw your DLSR in manual mode, and let’s get started.

When talking about ISO, we are talking about the camera’s sensitivity to light. The higher your ISO, the more light your camera will be aware of and pick up on.

Shooting at a high ISO is ideal for dimly lit situations; however, it could produce some grain. Experiment with your camera and see what it can do.

Controlling the aperture controls the depth of field and the amount of light you let into the photo. Think about aperture when thinking about focus and ambient light.

A larger aperture, a smaller f/number, will create a shallower depth of field and vice versa. Again, experiment with you camera and see what you love to do!

When we talk about shutter speed, we are talking about the amount of time you’re allowing the camera to take in light. Shutter speed heavily comes into play when thinking about motion.

If something is moving faster, use a higher shutter speed. The slower something is moving, the lower you can make your shutter speed.

All of these things come into play when knowing how to take sparkler pictures.

Grab a Tripod

Once you know all the basics, it’s crucial to know the importance of a tripod. A tripod, especially when starting out taking sparkling photos, can help capture the perfect shot.

A tripod is also good when working with an older camera body that may not be able to do well in situations of low light and little movement.

Some of the best long exposure photos and excuses to use a tripod are the beautiful wedding sparkler photos you see floating on the internet.

In case you aren’t sure what a long exposure photo is, don’t worry. We are here to help. A long exposure photo uses a very slow shutter speed to capture crisp stationary objects while capturing the motion in moving objects.

Specifically, in sparkler photos, you have a stationary person using a sparkler to draw with light. All of the sparklers movements can be captured using long exposure, allowing you to use the sparkler almost as a paintbrush.

Let’s Get to the Details

When learning how to take a sparkler photo, a lot of experimentation is involved. Practice makes perfect, right?

Starting out, set your ISO to 1000. This will make your camera super sensitive to the light, your subject and sparklers will be illuminated.

Set up your tripod so there isn’t an overwhelming amount of movement for the camera to pick up on. You would be surprised at how much movement an unsteady hand can add.

As far as aperture, try f8 or even f16. This will open the shot up to a greater depth of field.

When experimenting with shutter speed, try for 3 seconds. This will allow ample time for your camera to capture the moving sparkler.

Like said before, devote some time for trial and error. Buy the perfect pack of sparklers and use your family and friends as models to practice.

Don’t forget your settings will change based on location and event. Playing with sparklers on the beach is much different from using sparklers at a wedding.

In a wedding, you will experience tons more light that should be taken into consideration, and the bride and groom will most likely be moving.

Other Things to Consider

Ambient and extra light can greatly affect your photos, especially when using such other bright lights such as sparklers. Ambient light, such as a soft sunset or white lights strung across a wedding venue, can be your friend if you let it.

Having pure darkness contrasted with the harsh light of a sparkler can be a tricky situation to deal with. But when it’s mastered, it can be fun.

One of the biggest things to consider is safety. Make sure when experimenting with sparklers there is plenty of open space.

Please make sure sparklers aren’t coming into contact with anyone’s clothing, skin, or any other belongings. Damage or injury can turn any good celebration upside down.

The last, and possibly most important, point to remember is have fun. Sparklers not only illuminate a photo, they can illuminate a smile. There’s a reason so many people use them in times of high emotion and celebration.

Don’t be afraid to play around and have fun when learning how to take sparkler pictures. Fireworks, no matter the size, are bursts of energy ready to be showcased.

Sparkler Photography For All

With a little imagination, patience, and fun, you can become an expert in sparkler photography. Sparklers are perfect for weddings, fun on the beach, Fourth of July, birthday parties and so much more.

All of these events and holidays are days you don’t want to forget your camera. Be prepared and learn how to take amazing sparkler photos with all the above tips and tricks.

Remember, it’s okay to go through some trial and error, and always make sure you are using the sparklers in a safe and open location.

If you are need of some sparklers for your big day or just want to see the other magical moments others have captured, make sure you check out the rest of our site.

DIY Fall Wedding Decor Ideas

DIY Fall Wedding Decor IdeasThe end of summer is just around the corner, which means that for those planning weddings this fall, it is time to stop procrastinating and get to work tying up any loose ends. If you are planning a wedding this September or October, you have most likely already planned the main details of the ceremony and reception such as the venue, catering, and your dress. However, you may not have fully decided on decor details. If you are planning a wedding this fall and looking for some fun and easy DIY decor ideas that won’t take a lot of time (or money), we have you covered! Read on to learn more about six of our favorite ideas for fall wedding decor.

1. Leaf Place Cards

If you are in search of an affordable yet elegant idea for place cards, you may want to consider rolling up your sleeves and getting to work on these DIY gilded leaf place cards. All you will need is an assortment of leaves, a gold leafing pen, and a black or white pen to write the guest’s name. DIY wedding decor doesn’t get much easier than this!

2. Pumpkin Centerpieces

Yes, it may seem a little cliche, but with a little creativity, a DIY pumpkin centerpiece is anything but ordinary! Dress them up with paint, hollow them out and use them as one-of-a-kind vases for seasonal floral arrangements, or carve designs into them to create elegant lanterns. The possibilities are endless for this DIY fall wedding decor idea.

3. Wreaths of Leaves

Wreaths aren’t just for doors anymore! We love the idea of incorporating fall foliage into your fall wedding decor using hand-made leaf wreaths as seat markers during your ceremony. Looking for a tutorial? We love this guide for making DIY leaf wreaths for your big day!

4. Maple Leaf Candle Holders

For those embracing a rustic, fall theme, these maple leaf mason jar lanterns will add a perfect touch. All you need to create this DIY project is mason jars, fresh fall foliage, tea light candles, some old-fashioned mod podge, and a little bit of creativity.

5. Fall Foliage Backdrop

Another DIY fall wedding decor idea that we love is creating a fall foliage backdrop out of colorful leaves. This will not only create a lovely space for your wedding photos, but also a fun, seasonal photo opt for guests!

6. Rustic Sparkler Display

If you plan on using wedding sparklers in your wedding send off, why not DIY a cute display that can serve as decor during the reception? This DIY display from a rustic barn wedding would be easy to recreate, as would this one. Want to keep it really simple? You can’t go wrong with a simple galvanized metal bucket or vase with a cute chalkboard note.

If you are planning on incorporating wedding sparklers into your fall wedding send off we offer both 36 inch and 20 inch sparklers that will work perfectly with rustic sparkler display ideas.

Wedding Favor Ideas for a Summer Wedding

summer wedding favor ideasWhile swept up in wedding planning, one important detail that many couples often overlook is wedding favors. If you are in the middle of wedding planning and happen to have let this little detail slip your mind—fear not! Memorable wedding favors don’t have to break the bank, and there are tons of cute seasonal wedding favor ideas that work for summer weddings and are easy to pull off at the last minute. Below we share five of our favorite wedding favor ideas that will add a fun touch to your special day.

1. Sunglasses

Wedding favors that also serve a purpose during the event are always appreciated by guests! If you are planning a wedding in the afternoon, sunglasses are an excellent favor idea. Guests that didn’t come prepared for the sun will thank you for the thoughtful touch, and they will provide friends and family with years of use following your big day! We love this basket of basic wafers with a cute sign and these cute shades with personalized tags for an extra special touch.

2. Flip Flops

Planning a beach wedding? Why not provide your guests with flip flops so that they don’t have to worry about walking around on the sand in dress shoes? Providing comfortable footwear is also an easy way to guarantee the dance floor will be full of guests having a blast all night long! Buy in bulk and fill up a cute basket like this, or even personalize your flip flops for an extra memorable wedding favor idea.

3. S’more Supplies

Since summer is all about spending as much time as possible outdoors, mini s’more kits make an adorable wedding favor idea! This is a quick and budget-friendly idea for couples that have put off wedding favor planning til the last minute. Even better? It is guaranteed to delight children and adults alike!

4. Paper Fans

Paper fans add an elegant touch to any summer wedding and will help guests keep cool if the day happens to be especially warm. This is yet another summer wedding favor idea that will be of use to guests during your special day and for years to come. You can stick with classic paper fans like these or even create personalized fans for an extra cute touch.

5. Sparklers

Since your grand exit will conclude the evening, why not incorporate personalized wedding sparkler favors into your wedding send off? There is a wide selection of adorable wedding favor ideas for personalizing sparklers on the internet, some of our favorites of which include these DIY labels that conveniently include a match for easy lighting and these “Let Love Shine” labels that work perfectly for a rustic theme. An added bonus is that these sparkler favors can add to decor during the event and look super cute in photos.

Planning to DIY personalized sparklers as your summer wedding favor? We have you covered! Our convenient online store offers a variety of wedding sparklers that will work perfectly as favors, no matter what you have planned.

Are you hooked on the idea of a summer wedding? Want to have your wedding at the beach? Well check out this article of our favorite tips for the best beach wedding!


How to host the perfect 4th of July party

4th of july sparklers
Photo Credit: Julia Dennebaum

Can you believe that the Fourth of July is next Tuesday? Whether you have been planning an epic blowout for months or are just now piecing together a last-minute gathering for friends and family, here are a few tips for hosting a fun, patriotic Fourth of July party that your guests will remember for years to come.

1. Entertain guests with classic yard games

One key to hosting an enjoyable Fourth of July party or cookout is keeping your guests entertained while they wait for the headlining event of the day: fireworks! An easy way to keep kids (and adults) busy all day long is to set up classic yard games like a ring toss, horseshoes, cornhole, croquet, and even badminton. If you opt for a ring toss, we love this customized Fourth of July version.

2. Mix up some red, white, and blue drinks!

What’s a Fourth of July party without some refreshing and patriotic beverages? If you are looking for some fun ideas, we love these red-white-and-blue Jell-O shots, this patriotic punch that can easily serve a crowd, and these festive Fourth of July wine spritzers. For those that don’t drink, there are plenty of alcohol-free ideas out there, like this bucket of berry flavored refreshments or these fun red-white-and-blue layered drinks.

3. Test out some patriotic recipes

No Fourth of July party is complete without some fun, red-white-and-blue snacks! Keep it simple and healthy with patriotic fruit kebabs, test out some American flag popsicles, or wow the crowd with this elaborate American Flag cake for dessert. If you want to make ordinary cookout food look extra festive for the big event, try adding miniature flags for an adorable and patriotic touch.

4. Decorate with some DIY ideas

An important part of hosting a festive Fourth of July party is setting up plenty of Patriotic decor to get your guests in the party spirit. The good news is that there are tons of easy DIY options out there that won’t break the bank. A red-white-and-blue lollipop bouquet makes for a fun centerpiece that kids will love.  Want to try your hand at an easy garland? It doesn’t get easier than this one made from red and blue solo cups! We also love this balloon flag that doubles as a game.

5. Incorporate sparklers!

It probably goes without saying, but sparklers are one of the most, if not THE MOST, important part of any classic Fourth of July gathering! You don’t have to save them for the fireworks show either. We suggest incorporating them throughout the day for some extra patriotic pizazz. Some cute ideas include packaging them up into party favors, using them as an exciting cake topper, or adding them into your decor as a centerpiece.

The Fourth of July is quickly approaching! If you are in search of quality sparklers to incorporate into your festivities we offer a wide variety of options including both 20 inch and 36 inch sparklers that will work beautifully for your celebration.

Five fun ways to use sparklers at your wedding

ways to use sparklers in wedding
Photo credit: C. Tyler Corvin Studio

Sparklers are a timeless wedding send off idea, which is probably why many weddings only incorporate sparklers into a grand exit. However, there are many fun and festive ways to incorporate sparklers into your entire wedding day, including both the ceremony, photos, and reception. Below we share five of our favorite ways to add some sparkle to your big day with wedding sparklers.

Use them to illuminate your first kiss

Who says you can’t incorporate wedding sparklers into your ceremony? We love the idea of handing out sparklers to guests to light as you share your first kiss as man and wife at the end of the ceremony. This is a sweet way to make the memorable moment extra special. (Insider tip: remember to pass out matches or lighters so your guests can easily light them up at the correct moment).

Spice up your wedding photos with sparklers

If you are looking for a way to add a little personality to your wedding photos, sparklers may be just the touch you’ve been waiting for. The possibilities for incorporating sparklers into your wedding photos are pretty endless. Bridal Musings suggests adding them to your formal portraits, as well as to photos of you getting ready, ceremony shots, and even casual photos at the reception. Another photo idea we love? Using them to write for totally unique photos. Some fun sparkler writing ideas include having bridesmaids spell out L-O-V-E in bridal party photos, or writing out your wedding date for a cute couple photo.

Add them to your cake cutting

Another way to add some pizzaz to your wedding day is to use sparklers in the cake cutting portion of the wedding. You could light up the cake with sparklers for a major wow factor or add sparklers to individual pieces of cake as you pass them out for an extra festive touch. This is an especially fun idea for a summer wedding at the Fourth of July.

Incorporate wedding sparklers into your first dance

What could be more romantic than enjoying your first dance as the room is illuminated with sparklers? Brides suggests having someone distribute the sparklers to guests right before your first dance and then having the DJ prompt friends and family to gather around you as you enjoy your first dance. This is not only a romantic touch, but also makes for beautiful photos!

Mix them into your decor

Planning to use sparklers in your wedding send off? Instead of saving them for the end of your big day, we suggest incorporating them into your decor! Sparklers placed into glass jars, rustic metal buckets, or sleek vases can make for beautiful centerpieces. Looking for ideas? Check out this list of sparkler decor ideas from Weddingomania!

If you plan to incorporate sparklers into your wedding day, we have an assortment of quality wedding sparklers, including 36 inch and 20 inch sparkler options. Interested in learning more about adding some sparkle to your ceremony and reception? Contact us today to learn more!

Incorporating Sparklers into Warm Weather Celebrations

warm weather sparklersMost of us think of wedding sparklers as a timeless and beautiful tradition for a picture-perfect wedding send off. And that’s somewhat true (sparklers are great for beach weddings!), but who says that sparklers have to be reserved for weddings alone? Sparklers can add a touch of magic to any party or celebration throughout the year—no matter how big or small the occasion.

With the warm weather here to stay, it is time to get busy planning outdoor festivities to celebrate this season’s special occasions! As you plan for warm weather gatherings, here are a few of our favorite ideas for incorporating this timeless tradition into your spring and summer celebrations with friends and family.


For many, May and June mark graduation season, which means hosting huge numbers of friends and family to congratulate your graduate and send them off on their next adventure.

Whether you are celebrating a high school graduate or a collegiate scholar, sparklers add an element of pomp and circumstance to any graduation party. Try them out for a celebration the graduate and guests will remember for years to come.

Memorial Day

In addition to being a day of remembrance, Memorial Day weekend also marks the unofficial beginning of the summer season in the United States. Many choose to celebrate by escaping to the beach for a long weekend or having friends over for a backyard cookout to kick off the summer fun.

If you are planning a Memorial Day party over the long weekend, why not add an extra touch of fun with festive sparklers as the sun goes down? This is a great way to incorporate some excitement to your celebration and keep the party going all night long.

Summer Solstice

The summer solstice on June 21st does not only mark the official start of summer – it is also the longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere. The summer solstice has been celebrated as a symbolic and enchanting shift in seasons for centuries, and is also a part of midsummer celebrations throughout the world.

As you host your own festivities to welcome summer and revel in the longest day of the year, we love the idea of incorporating sparklers for a magical and festive touch. Looking for more solstice celebration ideas? We love these tips for hosting an enchanting celebration for friends and family.

Fourth of July

Arguably the biggest holiday of the summer season, the Fourth of July is definitely something worth celebrating! No matter what your plans may be—a casual barbeque with friends, a beach bonfire, or an annual family bash—sparklers are a must-have to complete the celebration!

We love these fun ideas for making your Fourth of July celebrations extra special—including sparkler party favors with patriotic packaging!

Find the perfect sparklers for your celebration

Looking for the perfect sparklers to complete your spring and summer celebrations? We offer a wide selection of high-quality sparkler options that will illuminate your celebrations this season, including 36 inch sparklers and 20 inch sparklers.

Five Fun Ways to Keep Guests Entertained at Your Reception

Ways to Keep Guests Entertained at Your ReceptionWhen planning a wedding every bride remembers the basic elements such as vows, venue, floral design, catering, music, photography, and a wedding send off. However, in the whirlwind of planning all of these details, many couples forget to plan activities to keep their guests entertained during the reception!

To ensure that your guests have the time of their lives, you may want to consider some fun activities to keep them entertained all night long. Here are five of our favorite fun and unexpected wedding entertainment ideas that will guarantee your special day is an event your friends and family will be talking about for years to come!

1. Classic Board Games

Setting up a table of your favorite games—such as Checkers, Yahtzee, Life, Connect Four, or Jenga—will provide fun entertainment options for children and adults alike! This is an especially nice gesture for guests that are uncomfortable dancing, unable to dance, or have small children to entertain.

2. Photo Booth

A photo booth will keep your guests entertained from cocktail hour until your grand send off! In addition to being a great way to keep guests busy, a photo booth also gives your friends and family a sweet memento to remember your wedding that can double as a party favor! We love these fun photo booth ideas from Martha Stewart Weddings including a sailboat set, fun props, and a photo booth bus. 

3. Art

Setting up art supplies like markers, crayons, and colored pencils on each table alongside paper tablecloths or placemats is a creative way to keep your guests busy while they enjoy cocktail hour and wait for food to be served! You can even collect the placemats at the end of the night to save for a scrapbook memory of your big day.

4. Word Games & Puzzles

Another idea that we love is placing wedding-themed crossword puzzles, mad libs, and word searches on each table! These activities are a great icebreaker for guests that haven’t met before- and will ensure plenty of laughs for all. You may even want to consider incorporating wedding-advice mad libs into your guestbook which will give you hilarious messages to review after your special event.

5. Lawn Games

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, lawn games such as bocce ball, croquet, cornhole, and badminton will add a playful touch to your reception. These options will keep friends and family entertained while also providing a fun photo-op for your photographer!

Taking the time to set up special entertainment options for your guests is a gesture they will appreciate and remember. These five fun ideas will ensure your friends and family have a wonderful time at your wedding from the moment you say “I Do” until the grand wedding exit!

We’ve got some more fun ideas for keeping kids entertained at your wedding as well. Check them out!

Want to ensure the fun continues into your send off? Wedding sparklers are a fun, interactive exit option that will keep the party going for your guests even after the party’s over. If you are looking for quality sparklers, we’ve been in the business for almost 20 years, and have a wide selection of sparklers including both 36 inch sparklers and 20 inch sparklers that will add a touch of magic to your event!

30 Wedding Send Off Ideas for the Perfect Exit

wedding send off ideas


When planning a wedding, there are many details to be attended to. In the whirlwind of planning, one of the most important details often gets overlooked: the grand wedding exit. The exit can consist of anything from lighting wedding sparklers to ringing cow bells. If you are searching for one-of-a-kind ideas to end your big day on a high note, you have come to the right place! Here are thirty of our favorite wedding send off ideas to make your special day extraordinary.

1. Confetti Poppers

wedding send off ideas
Photo Credit: The Knot: A Retro Glamorous Wedding at Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland, OH

Loaded with festive confetti and colorful streamers, confetti poppers are a fun and affordable way to add some color and excitement to your grand exit! You can buy these in bulk from your local party store, or opt for one-of-a-kind, hand-made confetti poppers from Etsy’s online marketplace.1  2

2. Bubbles

wedding send off ideas
Photo Credit: Southern Jewel Photography via Bridal Guide

Perfect for a wedding send off—no matter the season—bubbles will add an elegant yet playful touch to your event. In addition to looking beautiful in photos, bubbles will provide endless fun for your guests, both children and adults alike! Did we mention they don’t require any clean up?3 4

3. Balloons

wedding send off ideas
Photo Credit: Oh Happy Day via Linen Table Cloth

We love this wedding send off idea for a fun-filled daytime event. Brightly colored balloons will add to the festivities and create the perfect photo op for guests. Want to add a special touch? Linen Tablecloth suggests having guests attach well wishes for your future or packets of seeds that will fall to the ground and grow flowers long after your wedding day!5 6

4. Sky Lanterns

wedding exit ideas
Photo Credit: Beyond The Darkroom Photography via Bridal Guide

These dreamy lanterns have been used throughout history at festivals and
celebrations in Asia. Releasing these lanterns into the starry night sky will add a romantic touch to any wedding farewell and create a beautiful backdrop for photos as they illuminate the sky. You might even have guests attach well wishes for the happy couple.7 8

5. Flower Petals

wedding exit ideas
Photo Credit: Ruffled via Linen Table Cloth

For the romantics out there, you cannot go wrong with delicate flowers or flower petals for your send off. This classic wedding staple can easily be customized to your taste and budget. We love the way this couple created rustic paper cones for the petals, adding a decorative touch.9 10

6. Flags

wedding send off ideas
Photo Credit: The Knot: A Casual Wedding in Old Bridge, NJ

Personalized flags are a one-of-a-kind idea for a quirky wedding send off. You
can customize the flags to your taste, and even include your name and wedding date to create a unique wedding keepsake for guests. This is an affordable and creative exit idea that doesn’t require any clean up after the big day!11

7. Leaves

wedding exit ideas
Photo Credit: First Class Weddings via Brit & Co.

If you are planning an Autumn wedding what could be better than incorporating the fall foliage into your grand exit? Not only do they create a seasonal backdrop for wedding photos with friends and family, leaves are a free and environmentally-friendly option that will not create any waste.12 13

8. Streamers

wedding send off ideas
Photo Credit: Nathan Mitchell Photography

What could be more celebratory than departing your wedding through a sparkly tunnel of streamers? Available in a variety of colors and textures to go along with your wedding theme, streamers create a magical exit that you and your guests will not soon forget. 14

9. Seasonal Herbs

wedding exit ideas
Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty via Brit & Co.

Aromatic herbs like rosemary, lavender, and mint make for a whimsical and fragrant send-off. Perfect for an outdoor wedding with a nature-inspired theme, this biodegradable and environmentally-friendly option can be placed into paper cones, stuffed into dainty pouches, or laid out on a beautiful tablescape.15   16

10. Wedding Bells

wedding exit ideas
Photo Credit: Nancy Ray Photography via Society Bride

Reminiscent of traditional wedding bells, this send-off idea is a spin-off of the
classic church bells. Doubling as a party favor, you can adorn them with 
ribbons in your wedding colors, add personalized tags with your wedding date, or even tie them to dowel rods with festive streamers for a dreamy wedding exit.17 18  19

11. Glow Sticks

wedding exit ideas
Photo Credit: Nicole Ryan Photography via Colin Cowie Weddings

If your wedding venue won’t allow you to use sparklers, glow sticks make for a great alternative! This bright and playful option is a fun way to light up your exit during an evening wedding, and guests will have a blast playing with them!20 21

12. Glitter

wedding exit ideas
Photo Credit: Perfect Pallette via Linen Table Cloth

Although it can get a bit messy, nothing says glitz and glamour like a wedding send off with handfuls of glitter tossed your way. For an added decorative touch that doubles as a wedding favor, you can even package the glitter in individual vials adorned with a cute “Toss Me!” label, like this festive Sonoma wedding!22   23

13. Pom Poms

wedding exit ideas
Photo Credit: Vanessa Joy Photography via Colin Cowie Weddings

If you want to add a pop of color to your send off, you can’t go wrong with pom poms! Playful and affordable, pom poms will add a lighthearted touch to your special exit surrounded by friends and family. You can package them in dainty paper bags or in customized boxes. The options are limitless.24 25  26  27

14. Beach Balls

wedding exit ideas
Photo Credit: Emily Crenca Photography via HGTV

If you are planning a beachfront wedding, why not incorporate a beach ball toss into your grand exit? Not only will beach balls add a playful pop of color to your wedding photos, guests can also take them home with them as a memento of your big day.28 29

15. Cow Bells

wedding send off ideas
Photo Credit: Amber Lowe Photo via HGTV

Who doesn’t love a little cow bell? If your wedding has a rustic, farmhouse theme, you can’t go wrong with ringing cowbells as you make your exit from the wedding festivities. For a personal touch, adorn them with customized labels secured with rustic twine.30 31

16. Cheer Poms

wedding exit ideas
Photo Credit: Jen Hopkins Photography/The Knot

What better way to depart your wedding than surrounded by friends and family cheering for you on your big day? We are big fans of this idea for college sweethearts or sports enthusiasts, as you can tailor the color of your pom poms to the colors of your alma mater or favorite sports team!32

17. Birdseed

wedding send off ideas
Photo Credit: The Bride’s Cafe via Brit & Co.

For the eco-conscious couple, birdseed makes an excellent alternative to the traditional rice toss. You can craft handmade cones from recycled materials for guests to grab or even set up a birdseed bar where guests can fill up white paper cones before your triumphant exit.33 34  35  36

18. Feathers

wedding exit ideas
Photo Credit: Ben Q. Photography via Ebony Peoples

Unique and beautiful, feathers are a lovely option for the boho bride. In addition to adding an airy touch, they also double as decor. Depending on your tastes, you can have guests toss small feathers or wave longer feathers. This is yet another send off idea that also serves as a lovely wedding favor for your friends and family!37 38  39

19. Sequins

wedding send off ideas
Photo Credit: Landon Jacob via Brides

Another glitzy option to add some pomp and circumstance to your getaway, sequins are a festive choice for guests to toss as they send you off. Available in a variety of colors, and easier to clean up than glitter, sequins may be just the sparkly option you’ve been looking for.40 41

20. Snow

wedding send off ideas
Photo Credit: Jeremy & Kristin Photography via Heart Love Always

Planning a winter wedding? Embrace the season and create a winter wonderland for your guests by giving them artificial snow to toss as you make your graceful exit. For a cute touch, create cones out of the paper of your choice for guests to carry it in.42 43

21. Percussion Instruments

wedding exit ideas
Photo Credit: This Love of Yours via Brides

Want your guests make some noise to celebrate your big day? Incorporating fun percussion instruments like like tambourines and maracas will make for playful and lighthearted departure. You can even personalize them with your names and wedding date, creating a keepsake for guests to take home. 44 4546

22. Butterflies

wedding send off ideas
Photo Credit: Michael Segal Photography via Style Me Pretty

Add a romantic touch to your wedding send off with a beautiful butterfly release. A symbol of new beginnings, what could be more poetic than having your guests release these magical creatures as you start your new life together?47 48

23. Handkerchiefs

wedding send off ideas
Photo Credit: Alexan Events via Anyway You Want it Events

If you are looking for a send off item that will also serve as a wedding favor for your guests, personalized hankies are the way to go. You can add your wedding date, names, or a simple “Yippee!” This is an especially cute idea for weddings with a vintage theme.49 50 51

24. Paper Airplanes

wedding send off ideas
Photo Credit: Southern Weddings via Brit & Co.

A fun and playful idea that we love for a daytime wedding is custom paper airplanes! This is an affordable and easy option, that you can personalize to your theme or color palette. And how cute are these handmade planes from Taylor Somae?52  53 54  55

25. Smoke Bombs

wedding send off ideas
Photo Credit: True Love Photography

Named the “hottest wedding photo trend” by the Huffington Post, smoke bombs are a dramatic and photo-worthy send off we won’t get tired of anytime soon. You can have your guests or wedding party shoot them off, or save them as a surprise to wow your guests as they send you off into marital bliss.56 57 58

26. Cap Guns

wedding send off ideas
Photo Credit: The Knot

End your wedding with a bang by having guests send you off with cap guns! This idea works perfectly for outdoor weddings, especially those with a barnyard or western theme. For a personalized touch, add cute labels, like this couple in Austin, TX.59

27. Silly String

wedding exit ideas
Photo Credit: JL Photographers via Mon Cherie Bridals

For the class clowns out there, silly string provides a hilarious and fun-filled wedding send off idea that your friends and family will not soon forget. An added bonus is that silly string sets the stage for some pretty fabulous exit photos.60 61

28. Kazoos

wedding exit ideas
Photo Credit: McShane Photography via Mon Chere Bridals

What’s a party without kazoos? Harkening you back to childhood celebrations, kazoos are a festive way to end your wedding celebration! In addition to being a super affordable option for your send off, you can make them extra cute by adding a personalized tag like these “Make a Joyful Noise” labels.62 63

29. Ribbon Wands

Photo Credit: Woodnote Photography via Style Me Pretty
Photo Credit: Woodnote Photography via Style Me Pretty

If you are a DIY bride looking for an adorable send off idea, ribbon wands may be just what you are looking for! You can customize them to your wedding colors, and they make a super cute party favor for your guests to take with them. Not to mention that they look great in photos!64 65 66

30. Sparklers

wedding send off ideas
Photo Credit: Rowan Berry + Lavender via Bridal Guide

Last but not least, sparklers are one of the most spectacular ways to make a grand exit from your wedding reception. This timeless tradition will light up the night sky, creating a magical ambiance as well as beautiful photos for you to look back on for years to come. 67 68


As you can see, there are endless options for a memorable wedding send off. If you decide to incorporate sparklers into your grand wedding exit, be sure to check out these creative sparkler ideas that will help you illuminate your special day in a magical way that you and your loved ones will not soon forget.