Can A Sparkler Burn Without Smoke?

When you think of a sparkler then a simple image may come to mind: children running around on holidays holding wire sticks that fizz and spark with light. There is usually a fun popping sound and smoke coming off from them in cloudy bursts.

Sparklers are a popular choice for celebrations, including weddings. A sparkler can be a beautiful addition to wedding photos, especially a sparkler send-off where everyone holds up sparklers to follow the retreating newlyweds.

Weddings are a precious memory for the whole family; who wouldn’t want it to look as incredible and classy as possible?

Defining Smokeless Sparklers

A sparkler burns, and burning produces smoke. There’s no way to avoid this entirely because smoke is a product of fire. Often sparklers give off colorful smoke as one way to keep it from impeding on the overall effect.

A smokeless sparkler gives off little-to no smoke, most of it popping from the initial lighting of the sparkler. This gives a much cleaner look for the event and photos, making sure the bride and groom don’t have to worry about plumes of smoke covering their faces or ruining the symmetry in photos.

Can Sparklers Be Totally Smokeless?

After the initial lighting, smokeless sparklers burn without creating any noticeable amounts of smoke. The smoke visible is as wispy and fleeting as what a candle flame produces. This means they are as close to smoke-free as is humanly possible.

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Limiting the smoke that sparklers produce can make them much cleaner and appealing, especially for a celebration as important as pristine as a wedding. These types of sparklers are actually safer overall as well.

Wedding Sparklers Safety Tips

Using sparklers at a wedding is a great way to add a bit of carefree fun to your event. Smokeless sparklers for a wedding are an even better idea because they won’t intrude on the photos or event.

Of course, smokeless sparklers present the same sort of danger as regular sparklers and should be handled carefully. Please note that sparklers burn at 1,800 degrees and should not be handled by children, no matter how they may beg.

Also necessary to remember is that sparklers should never be used indoors. One careless turn could connect the sparkler to something flammable. Being outdoors is far safer because there is more space for people to move in case of an incident. Check out more why we provide the best wedding sparklers

There are a few easy tips to follow that can make sure your wedding sparklers are handled safely:

  • Never hold smokeless sparklers near yours or someone else’s face.
  • When carrying them watch where you are going so that you don’t bump them into anything flammable.
  • Make sure all smokeless sparklers are completely burnt out and cool before tossing them into the trash.
  • Only use sparklers specifically meant for weddings as they are the safest for this situation.

As long as you utilize smokeless sparklers safely there is no reason they shouldn’t be a delightful addition to your wedding!


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