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Your Ultimate Guide To Sparkler Safety

There’s nothing quite as stunning as running through a crowd of your friends holding sparklers on your wedding day.

In fact, this special moment has become an expected part of almost every wedding celebration in today’s world.

But especially if you have little ones (or, let’s be real, are planning on serving alcohol) at your wedding?

We know that you’re curious about sparkler safety. Don’t worry — we’re here to help!

From teaching you how to light sparklers to offering up some invaluable safety dress, this post will tell you everything you need to know to stay worry and stress-free on your big day!

How to Light a Sparkler

First thing’s first: let’s teach you exactly how to safely light a sparkler!

We know that you’ll likely have lots of guests surrounding you on your big day. So, you want to do things quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing safety.

First of all, invest in a longer barbecue lighter. To master how to use a lighter safely, look for one that puts as much distance as possible between your hand and the flame.

Under no circumstances should you use matches — though this is less for safety reasons, and more because they rarely actually get hot enough to successfully light a sparkler.

We suggest that you line up your guests in two separate rows. This is great for creating a bridge that you and your new husband or wife can run through on your way to the reception or even your honeymoon!

Give each guest only one sparkler. If someone (read: someone’s child) starts asking for more than one, just smile and say you only have enough for each person to get one.

You can pick out three or for friends to be your designated sparkler lighters. They can disperse themselves throughout the two rows, starting at the top. Then, instruct each guest to light the sparkler of the person standing next to them by touching the tip of their sparker to another’s.

We suggest that you allow parents of small children to light their sparklers for them.

General Sparker Safety

There are a few other things that you should take into consideration when it comes to having sparklers on your wedding day.

Especially if you’ve noticed that your guests are getting a little, um, rowdy?

Make your designated sparkler lighters walk down the line and gently remind your hardest-partying guests not to swing or play around with their sparklers. You shouldn’t have to worry about reprimanding your best friends on your wedding day, after all!

Also, instruct everyone (again, especially young children like your flower girl and ring bearer) that they can only use their sparklers when they are standing up. If you sit down, it can be easy to accidentally get burned.

We suggest that younger children aim to hold sparklers about a complete arm’s length away from their bodies. This will help them to stay safe and have fun in the process.

Finally, keep in mind that, while sparklers won’t usually cause any lasting burn damage on your skin, they can leave permanent marks — or holes — in your clothes!

So, for best results, refrain from getting your sparkler too close to clothing of any kind (especially your wedding dress!)

Safely Cleaning up after Sparklers

You’ve already paid what feels like a small fortune for your wedding venue.

You don’t want to have to pay even more because you didn’t properly pick up after yourself!

First of all, remember that, depending on the length of the sparklers that you get, they can burn anywhere from 45 seconds to over three minutes!

So, depending on how long of a walk you want to take (or how many guests you have) make sure that you buy sparklers that match your needs.

What should you do to ensure that sparkler safety continues after they’ve all burned out?

As you’ve probably already guessed, it’s once again the time to depend on your handy sparkler designated lighters and monitors to come to your rescue.

Before anything happens, make sure that they’ve arranged to have a few metals buckets of cold water somewhere around where you’ll be taking your walk.

Then, once you’re certain that all the sparklers have burned out, have them collect each of the sparklers from the guests. Make sure that they only grab the sparklers by the wired ends. Anything else may be too hot!

Then, have them place the used sparklers in the bucket of water. In truth, this isn’t really necessary, but it will make everyone feel much safer. Once they’ve sat in the bucket of water for a few minutes, it’s safe to toss them in the trash can.

Looking back at your photos from running through the line of sparklers will, no doubt, be one of the most special parts of your entire experience!

Use These Sparkler Safety Tips on Your Big Day

We hope that this post has helped to remind you of the importance of sparkler safety on your wedding day.

Just make sure that you choose only your most responsible friends to help you with this part of the celebrations.

Of course, you also need to choose only the best sparklers.

That’s where our amazing products come in.

Be sure to spend some time on our website and blog to learn more about how our beautiful sparklers can help to make all of your wedding day dreams come true.

How to Incorporate Sparklers Into Your Wedding

Nothing brings a wedding night send-off to life quite like sparklers. But have you ever considered using them in other innovative ways to “light” up your special day?

From professional photos to the cake cutting, wedding sparklers can provide dramatic punctuation as you and your loved one pass over the threshold into married life.

Interested in learning more about how to fill your wedding with glow and dazzle? Read on for fun ways to incorporate sparklers into the different stages of your once-in-a-lifetime event.

Decorate with Wedding Sparklers

Instead of saving the lights for the end of your special event, incorporate them into your wedding decorations. In fact, why not make sparklers for weddings an unforgettable theme for your big day? How?

Place them in glass jars, sophisticated vases, or quaint metal buckets to create unforgettable centerpieces. Not only will these decorations create a unique wedding-day ambiance but they’ll stoke anticipation for the light show to come.

You can also spread them on a table in an artistic arrangement. Be sure to include matches or lighters for ease of lighting. You’ll want to clearly demarcate where sparklers will appear during your wedding ceremony and reception.

High-quality sparklers come in myriad shapes and sizes including 10 inches, 20 inches, and 36 inches. So, you can choose the best option depending on your decor, arrangements, and planned activities. Do a little research so that you choose the best products for your special day.

Make Your First Kiss Momentous

As guests take their seats for your ceremony, have ushers distribute sparklers and matches or lighters. Make sure the ushers let guests know when and where these sparklers should be lit. That way, you’re sure to have magical light for that most special of moments when the ceremony culminates in your first kiss.

A breathtaking event illuminated by these props, you and your significant other will cherish the photos that result. Imagine a sea of sparkling lights through which you and your loved one float mid-kiss. The sparks will literally fly, and why not?

There’s no better way to capture the moment as you and your loved embark on your new life together. Your guests will be talking about this moment for years to come.

Sparklers Transform Wedding Photos

While we’re on the topic of wedding photos, let’s discuss more fun ways to incorporate them into your pictures. There are so many ways to use sparklers in wedding photos that it’s difficult to know where to start. They bring formal portraits to life with romantic sparks.

They make casual reception photos memorable and unique. You can even have your bridesmaids use them to spell out words or dates during nighttime photos. (Just think about the visual impact of “LOVE” glittering in the background of your photo.)

Interested in learning more about how to write with sparklers in your wedding photos? It’s easier than you think. But you’ll need the right equipment and a skilled professional photographer.

Cake Cutting Lights

There are a number of ways to tackle how to use sparklers during the cake cutting ceremony. Each one is innovative in its own way and produces irresistible results. So, think about how you’d like to set this portion of your ceremony ablaze with golden light.

If you plan for a big cake reveal, consider having staff place lit sparklers all over your cake before rolling it in. Then, when it enters your guests will gasp with amazement and long-awaited anticipation.

Or, as you dole out individual pieces of cake, place a sparkler atop each one as a dynamic garnish. How you use sparklers is up to you.

In terms of seasons, keep this in mind. Many brides gravitate toward sparkling toppers during the summer. Why? Because they are evocative of the Fourth of July with its fireworks and festivities.

That said, you may choose to make your winter wedding unexpected with glowing lights as well. They are especially well-suited for cozy weddings where snow echoes their white brilliance.

First Dance Fantastic

Your first dance represents another dramatic opportunity for using sparklers. Like your first kiss, you’ll want to make arrangements ahead of time to have ushers or other designated individuals pass out all of the necessary props and communicate when the lighting should take place.

Because of the nature of a wedding reception, it’s also advised that the bride make arrangements with the DJ for an announcement when it’s time to light the sparklers. That way, the glittering scene will illuminate you and your partner as you enter the room. Not only will your first dance feel extra special, but you’ll come away with captivating images.

The Perfect Send-Off

While using sparklers to conclude a wedding is not a new concept, there’s a reason couples continue to opt for the experience. It’s stunning. Or, as Brides puts it, “For a finale fit for the Fourth of July, make your getaway amid a shower of sparklers and fireworks.”

The dazzling lights will look magical. Imagine walking into the future with your loved one surrounded by glittering, glowing radiance.

You can also create another photo opportunity by placing sparklers around your getaway car. Then, as you prepare to drive off, they’ll light up. You’ll leave in a blaze of brilliant lights and fairy-tale magic.

Make Your Wedding Memorable

Do some online research to find the perfect products for your wedding. Some sparkler kits even come with matches and stickers that read, “Let Love Shine.” Whatever you choose, let wedding sparklers bring whimsy, romance, and light into your transition into married life.

Interested in learning more about lighting up your wedding night? Still not sure which sparklers are right for you? At Sparkle, we’re here to make your event spectacular and unforgettable.

Do you want to add flare to photos with wedding sparklers? Or, perhaps, light up your first kiss? Whatever your goal, contact us today to find the right products for your event.

We’re the wedding sparkler experts. Let us help you light the way to a bright future with your soulmate.

7 Unique Things You Can Do with Sparklers

Summer is here and you know what that means – BBQ, swimming, road trips, and enjoying those late summer nights.

What makes a summer night special? Fireworks! Americans buy an incredible 247,550,000 pounds of them every year.

One of the most popular types of fireworks is sparklers. They’re easy to use, pretty, and don’t require a big backyard. Sparklers are gorgeous on the Fourth of July but they can be a great addition to any get-together all year round.

Let’s look at seven fun ways to turn the simple sparkler into a staple of every celebration!

1. Sparkler Send-Off For Weddings

There are many ways to see the bride and groom off after their special day.

Tradition calls for the guests to throw rice. More modern takes have guests throwing rose petals or blowing bubbles.

Nothing beats a sparkler send-off though. Picture it – the lights are out, the guests all light their sparklers. The bride and groom then walk under a canopy of golden sparks.

Seems easy enough but there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, make sure you buy sparklers that will last long enough. A 36-inch sparkler lasts for four minutes, 20 inch lasts two minutes, and 10 inch lasts for four seconds.

Second, be safe. Don’t hold the sparkler directly over the couple. Leave a little space between the row and the couple so that sparklers don’t singe anyone.

2. Better Than Birthday Candles

How many years have you topped your birthday cakes with mere candles? At this point, it’s kind of boring.

Dress up any birthday cake with a sparkler instead! Think about how dazzling the cake will look when it comes out, topped with gorgeous sparklers.

You can’t blow sparklers out like you can candles, but that’s OK. The birthday girl or boy will have more time to make wishes while the sparklers burn out.

Bonus idea: some places sell sparklers in the shape of numbers. Look for those for an easy way to upgrade your cake.

3. Shapes With Sparklers

Looking for a photo that’s going to rack up tons of likes on Instagram? Grab a bunch of sparklers and head out to the lawn.

Here’s a step by step way to make an amazing image out of sparklers.

  • Think of an easy shape, like a star, heart, or lightning bolt.
  • Stick sparklers into the ground into said shape.
  • Light them all up at once and take a photo.

This awesome idea works best at night, of course. And if you want to sit inside of the shape, be safe about it. Make sure you have enough space between yourself and the sparklers and never step over the sparklers themselves to get in or out of the shape.

4. Educational Tools

Believe it or not, there are some great games to turn a night with sparklers into an educational tool. You’ll want to have some sparklers for kids handy for these great learning games.

Here’s how you can make playing with sparklers a fun and educational experience:

  • Trace the alphabet with the sparklers
  • Practice drawing numbers in the air
  • Light a sparkler and count as high as you can before it burns out
  • Recite as many state names and/or capitals as you can before it burns out
  • Practice making clock hands
  • One person writes something with the sparkler and the other person guesses what it is

As you can see, there are lots of educational games you can play with sparklers for kids.

5. Sparkler Shower

Looking for a craft project that’s a little more advanced? We’ve got you covered.

This easy-to-make craft takes just a few minutes and needs only a few extra supplies. You’ll get tons of bang for your buck though!

All you’ll need is a pack of sparklers and a roll of tape. Here’s what to do next:

  • Grab a bunch of sparklers, usually eight but you can go higher
  • Group them together leaving one sticking out
  • Tape all of them together tightly
  • Bend the wires at the bottom to create a stand for the sparklers to stay upright

Make sure you’ve got plenty of space when you go to light it up. Your sparkler shower can potentially shoot a bunch of sparks four feet tall or higher.

Enjoy this spectacular way to light up the night!

6. Write With Sparklers

Have you ever seen those cool images where someone writes a word with sparklers? Here’s how to do it:

  • Gather several friends – one per letter is best
  • Have them write the letter backward so that the camera picks it up the correct way
  • Manually adjust the shutter speed on your DSLR camera to three seconds
  • Start the letter on the count of one and end it by the count of three

Putting your camera on a tripod makes a big difference here. As you can see, this is a group effort, so it’s perfect for parties!

7. Stay Safe

The most important thing to do with sparklers is to stay safe. While sparklers are fun, if not used correctly, they can be dangerous. They’re the most common cause of injuries because they’re commonly underestimated.

Here’s how you can have fun with sparklers in a responsible, and safe way:

  • Keep a bucket of sand or water nearby to dump your sparkler in case it gets too hot.
  • Use a plastic cup as a sparkler shield. Just poke a hole through the bottom and stick the sparkler through.
  • Always use sparklers and any other fireworks in an open area, never indoors
  • Supervise any children using sparklers and never give one to a child under five years of age

Get Ready For Fun With Sparklers!

Now that you know all of the fun ways to use sparklers for holidays or on any other day, what are you waiting for? Grab a handful, get some friends together, and go outside to have fun!

If you’re looking for the very best sparklers, we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s for your wedding, a holiday like Diwali, or for fun around the house, we’ll take care of you.

Shop with us today and find the perfect way to add sparkle and light to your life!

How to Take the Best Pictures with Sparklers

There’s never too much sparkle and shine, especially in your greatest moments.

One of the most loved effects for a fun photo is undoubtedly the sparkler. Since having fireworks at every event might be a tad expensive and dangerous, hand-held fireworks do the trick.

When you’re capturing keepsake moments on your camera, it’s important to know how to capture the photo, especially when using sparklers. It’s a tad tricky, but once you have the hang of it, you’re good to go.

To give you a little help, we’ve come up with tons of tips and tricks to help you take your best sparkler photographs. Keep on reading to perfect your sparkler photography.

Know Your Basics

One of the most important parts to taking a successful sparkler photo is knowing the basics of your camera. Throw your DLSR in manual mode, and let’s get started.

When talking about ISO, we are talking about the camera’s sensitivity to light. The higher your ISO, the more light your camera will be aware of and pick up on.

Shooting at a high ISO is ideal for dimly lit situations; however, it could produce some grain. Experiment with your camera and see what it can do.

Controlling the aperture controls the depth of field and the amount of light you let into the photo. Think about aperture when thinking about focus and ambient light.

A larger aperture, a smaller f/number, will create a shallower depth of field and vice versa. Again, experiment with you camera and see what you love to do!

When we talk about shutter speed, we are talking about the amount of time you’re allowing the camera to take in light. Shutter speed heavily comes into play when thinking about motion.

If something is moving faster, use a higher shutter speed. The slower something is moving, the lower you can make your shutter speed.

All of these things come into play when knowing how to take sparkler pictures.

Grab a Tripod

Once you know all the basics, it’s crucial to know the importance of a tripod. A tripod, especially when starting out taking sparkling photos, can help capture the perfect shot.

A tripod is also good when working with an older camera body that may not be able to do well in situations of low light and little movement.

Some of the best long exposure photos and excuses to use a tripod are the beautiful wedding sparkler photos you see floating on the internet.

In case you aren’t sure what a long exposure photo is, don’t worry. We are here to help. A long exposure photo uses a very slow shutter speed to capture crisp stationary objects while capturing the motion in moving objects.

Specifically, in sparkler photos, you have a stationary person using a sparkler to draw with light. All of the sparklers movements can be captured using long exposure, allowing you to use the sparkler almost as a paintbrush.

Let’s Get to the Details

When learning how to take a sparkler photo, a lot of experimentation is involved. Practice makes perfect, right?

Starting out, set your ISO to 1000. This will make your camera super sensitive to the light, your subject and sparklers will be illuminated.

Set up your tripod so there isn’t an overwhelming amount of movement for the camera to pick up on. You would be surprised at how much movement an unsteady hand can add.

As far as aperture, try f8 or even f16. This will open the shot up to a greater depth of field.

When experimenting with shutter speed, try for 3 seconds. This will allow ample time for your camera to capture the moving sparkler.

Like said before, devote some time for trial and error. Buy the perfect pack of sparklers and use your family and friends as models to practice.

Don’t forget your settings will change based on location and event. Playing with sparklers on the beach is much different from using sparklers at a wedding.

In a wedding, you will experience tons more light that should be taken into consideration, and the bride and groom will most likely be moving.

Other Things to Consider

Ambient and extra light can greatly affect your photos, especially when using such other bright lights such as sparklers. Ambient light, such as a soft sunset or white lights strung across a wedding venue, can be your friend if you let it.

Having pure darkness contrasted with the harsh light of a sparkler can be a tricky situation to deal with. But when it’s mastered, it can be fun.

One of the biggest things to consider is safety. Make sure when experimenting with sparklers there is plenty of open space.

Please make sure sparklers aren’t coming into contact with anyone’s clothing, skin, or any other belongings. Damage or injury can turn any good celebration upside down.

The last, and possibly most important, point to remember is have fun. Sparklers not only illuminate a photo, they can illuminate a smile. There’s a reason so many people use them in times of high emotion and celebration.

Don’t be afraid to play around and have fun when learning how to take sparkler pictures. Fireworks, no matter the size, are bursts of energy ready to be showcased.

Sparkler Photography For All

With a little imagination, patience, and fun, you can become an expert in sparkler photography. Sparklers are perfect for weddings, fun on the beach, Fourth of July, birthday parties and so much more.

All of these events and holidays are days you don’t want to forget your camera. Be prepared and learn how to take amazing sparkler photos with all the above tips and tricks.

Remember, it’s okay to go through some trial and error, and always make sure you are using the sparklers in a safe and open location.

If you are need of some sparklers for your big day or just want to see the other magical moments others have captured, make sure you check out the rest of our site.

Wedding Sparkler Reviews

I take my responsibility of providing quality wedding sparklers to my customers very seriously.  That means I have to have a reliable product, that I have to answer my phone, emails and texts hourly and that I need to ship the wedding sparklers immediately.  It is really that simple!  I know if I continue to follow those simple customer service principles, I will succeed in making each and every wedding I send sparklers to successful.

One thing I have put into practice is a reminder email.  I send a reminder email to my customers a week after ordering asking if the sparklers have been received (we know how my details you all are trying to manage).  I personally want to make sure they sparklers are at least in hand or on their way because I know you are on a very special deadline – your wedding day.  I also know that tracking the sparklers via UPS when you have a million things going on is not at the top of your list.  This is a great reminder to check tracking numbers or locate a box of sparklers strewn among wedding gifts.

Just in case you are wondering, if there is some sort of issue, we manage it immediately.  If it is the week of the wedding and there is a delay from UPS, the package is lost, they were delivered to the wrong address (whether it is your fault for giving us the wrong address on accident or UPS’s fault for making a mistake), I will personally talk to you on the phone and most likely send a replacement of wedding sparklers that day.  We can always work with UPS after a set of sparklers are in your hand to try to locate the lost package or find out what has happened.  But what is most important is that you have sparklers for your wedding day!

We send an email a few weeks after ordering asking for honest advice about the sparklers and these are all from verified buyers posted immediately on our website – good or bad.  I read reviews about everything I order online – from the outdoor chair for my patio to the swimsuit for my daughter.  Hearing real people give their honest opinion of your products and services is a great way to learn about a company.  I am so proud of mine, I put it front and center on the website. Please take a few moments to read these reviews and have comfort in knowing that daily people are posting which means daily we are sending dozens of sparklers.  Please also take note that these reviews are in real time and not edited.  You can see that there are most likely some from today, or at least this week!  That way you know a business is on top of customer service.

I would love to highlight one customer right now.

“These sparklers were exactly how advertised. I was in need of good sparklers and searched the internet and found these. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone wanting a sparkler send off at the end of their special day. They were beautiful!!!”

long lasting wedding sparkler review

Another review I have been sent recently is this one from Tracy:

“The wedding isn’t until June 23rd, but I’m a plan-ahead type of girl, so I ordered early. J The sparklers arrived in perfect condition—all 200 of them—and was so glad to get that checked off my list! We plan to “test” a sparkler or two just for fun and to give the photographer an idea of how much time he’s got for pics.

After looking at some of the sketchy online reviews of other sparklers, we are so grateful that we went with You guys were awesome to work with, and within 3-4 days of my original order I had received the sparklers. You’ve made life a little more stress-free, and I will definitely go online and give you a glowing review. We look forward to having fun and being able to show everyone the wonderful pics using the sparklers! Will post those on your site after the wedding.”

The fact that these busy women take the time to write a review and often send a photo is amazing.  I am grateful for women who support women and for every person who chooses to order from me.  I am one of the 11 million female business owners in the United States right now and am proud of what I do to support my family.


Romantic ideas for a Valentine’s Day wedding

ideas for a Valentine's Day weddingMany couples planning February weddings tend to shy away from a Valentine’s Day theme. However, if done correctly, incorporating touches of the most romantic holiday of the year can add an extra touch of romance and magic to a wedding. Here are some of our favorite ideas for a Valentine’s Day wedding.

Add some Valentine’s Day love to your programs

Traditional wedding programs can be plain boring. We love the idea of incorporating the holiday of love into your wedding ceremony programs. Two beautiful ideas include these playful, heart-shaped programs (that double as fans!) and these delicate ombre invitations that subtly incorporate red and pink into the mix.

Embrace all things red and pink when it comes to drinks

Opting for a Valentine’s Day-themed wedding means incorporating as much red and pink as possible into your ceremony and reception Aside from the more obvious items like flowers, bridesmaid dresses, and table settings, we love the idea of adding unexpected pops of red and pink into your big day — especially with fun drinks! Some unique drink ideas for a Valentine’s Day wedding include these pink cosmos with a strawberry garnish, these romantic Blushing Beauties, or this pomegranate-infused True Love’s Kiss.

Incorporate the holiday into your bridal accessories

Another cute way to add a touch of Valentine’s Day to your wedding is by opting for bridal accessories that give a nod to the holiday. One easy way to do this is with a pop of red on your feet (we adore these “love” shoes and these heart heels). Some other romantic accessory and attire ideas for a Valentine’s Day wedding include adorning your head with a beautiful flower crown woven from red and pink florals, creating heart-shaped boutonnieres for your groom (and groomsmen!), and outfitting your bridal party in red dresses (and red ties for groomsmen).

Don’t forget about decor

Planning a Valentine’s Day wedding gives you a fun opportunity to add extra romantic touches to your decor. This is your chance to take it over the top with the ooey gooey love stuff. Some of our favorite ideas for a Valentine’s Day wedding include these whimsical pink and red garlands, this elegant heart-shaped wreath, and these classic Valentine’s Day place settings.

Definitely incorporate your Valentine’s Day theme into your send off

Yet again, Valentine’s Day gives you the chance to go over the top with your planning when it comes to your wedding send off. If you are planning to use wedding sparklers in your exit, you can’t go wrong by creating a magical sparklers display that doubles as decor. Some ideas we love include this dreamy tray of wedding sparklers and these “let love sparkle” tags. Using the sparklers to draw hearts or write “love” in the night sky are also great ideas for a Valentine’s Day wedding. And finally, don’t forget about your getaway car! We absolutely love the idea of this red vintage car  paired with this DIY trail of hearts.

Five easy tips for planning an outdoor winter wedding

planning an outdoor winter weddingAlthough winter brings freezing temperatures, shorter days, and inclement weather, it is also one of the most beautiful seasons — especially for the cold-loving, snow lovers out there. A dreamy snow-covered backdrop, crisp air, and romantic winter skies are just a few reasons many winter brides want to plan an outdoor ceremony, despite the many downsides of the season. If you are considering planning an outdoor winter wedding this season here are a few easy tips to ensure you (and your guests) comfortably enjoy the ceremony.

1. Choose your location wisely

A mild winter day with a snowy backdrop can make for an unforgettable wedding ceremony. However, winter weather is unpredictable and can easily take your winter fairytale into a wedding nightmare. If you decide to plan an outdoor wedding, be sure to have an inclement weather back up plan with an alternative indoor location to ensure your ceremony goes smoothly no matter what mother nature may bring.

2. Don’t be afraid to use heaters

With all of the excitement surrounding your wedding ceremony, you probably won’t even notice the cold — especially if you are a lover of the cooler months. However, your guests may not feel the same way as they sit waiting in below freezing temperatures. An easy way to ensure your guests are comfortable no matter how cold the temperatures may dip is to bring in industrial heaters. By strategically placing them in the seating area your guests will remain toasty and warm while watching you say “I Do.”

3. Ensure guests are aware you are planning an outdoor winter wedding

Unless you explicitly tell your guests that your ceremony will be held outdoors, most will assume it is going to be indoors and will dress accordingly. Be sure to include the fact that the ceremony will be held outside on your invites so that your guests can plan ahead and bundle up in their warmest wedding attire.

4. Supply guests with blankets and wraps

Another easy way to ensure your guests are warm during your outdoor wedding is to provide them with warm, cozy blankets and wraps. Event planner Leslie Kaplan tells that this also provides “for a cute design opportunity styled up in a cozy corner.” We couldn’t agree more!

5. Set up a fire pit and provide warm drinks

If you are planning an outdoor winter wedding creating a warm gathering point for guests is crucial. We love the idea of creating a rustic fire pit with a warm beverage station to the side of your ceremony so that guests can warm themselves by the fire while sipping on hot cider, tea, or cocoa. This also makes a fun backdrop for photos of your ceremony.

If you are a snow bunny that can’t get enough of winter weather, an outdoor winter wedding may be perfect for you. Fortunately, with a little bit of extra planning, you can ensure your special day goes off without a hitch. One more thing to keep in mind? An epic wedding send- off is always in season! So don’t forget to plan one. Looking for winter wedding send off ideas? Some of our favorites include wedding sparklers, feathers, fake snow, and birdseed.

What to save and splurge on when planning your wedding

What to save and splurge on when planning your weddingIf you are in the initial stages of wedding planning one of the most important items to focus on is your budget. Yes — it isn’t the most exciting element of planning your nuptials, however since 74% of couples end up going over budget, it is definitely an important item to consider from the start. According to experts, one of the best ways to stick to a budget is to decide what to save and splurge on when planning your wedding.

By deciding what is most important to you and spending on those elements, while cutting back on the areas that are less important to you, you can still have a wedding to remember without breaking the bank. Not sure what items to splurge on and what items to save on? Read on to learn what wedding experts suggest.

Save on paper products

Beautifully printed programs, monogrammed napkins, and other customized paper products can add a lovely touch to a wedding, however, when it comes down to it, your guests are just going to throw them away by the end of the event, making this one of the top items that experts suggest you save on. Instead, focus your budget on something that won’t end up in the wastebasket by midnight, like elegant flatware and glassware to adorn your tables.

Splurge on your dress

When it comes to your wedding you want to feel your best and absolutely love your wedding dress. Experts agree that this is an item worth splurging on to ensure you end up with exactly what you want. To offset extra money spent on the perfect material or extra alterations, wedding planners recommend saving on your veil and accessories — an excellent opportunity to incorporate a “something borrowed” into your wedding day attire.

Save on your venue

Obviously you should love your venue, however, experts recommend finding a venue that fits your needs without going over budget. When deciding what to save and splurge on when planning your wedding, use the money you save on your venue to invest in decor and other details like lighting and flowers that will make the space into the wedding venue of your dreams.

Splurge on a photographer

Although advice differs depending on who you ask, pretty much all experts seem to agree that shelling out some money for a great photographer is worth every penny. “You’ll cherish your wedding photos forever, so do your research to find a shooter who suits your style,” says wedding authority, The Knot.

Save on an open bar

Yes, an open bar is always popular with guests, however, this can quickly eat up the majority of your budget. Instead of funneling all of your funds into an open bar, why not offer wine and beer and one or two signature cocktails for guests to choose from. This should be more than enough to keep your guests happy and the party going strong.

Splurge on reception fun

To ensure you and your guests have a night to remember, experienced wedding planners recommend splurging on reception essentials like a great DJ or band to set the mood, a dance floor, and amazing lighting! Another essential reception item to keep in mind as you decide what to save and splurge on when wedding planning is your reception send off! Whether you opt for wedding sparklers, glow sticks, flower petals, or bubbles, an epic wedding send off is an expense worth investing in to ensure your perfect wedding ends on a high note.

Best locations for a warm-weather destination wedding

warm-weather destination weddingIf you are planning a winter wedding, but don’t want to say “I Do” in the middle of a blizzard, a warm-weather destination wedding may be the right choice for you. No matter what your budget there are tons of amazing warm wedding locations out there, and one is certain to be right for you. Read on to learn more about some of the most popular locations for couples that want to tie the knot in a sunny paradise.


Looking for a budget-friendly location for your destination wedding? U.S. News & World Report ranked this dreamy Caribbean island as their number one affordable location to host a destination wedding. Some of the highlights of this ultra-affordable island include extensive beaches, tropical rainforests, and busy streets filled with gourmet restaurants.

The Florida Keys

If you are planning a warm-weather destination wedding, but don’t want to hassle guests with international travel, the Florida Keys are an excellent choice. Located in the Continental United States, this string of exotic islands offers the comforts of home and ease of domestic travel set against the backdrop of white sandy beaches, palm trees, and endless sunshine.


For couples seeking a one-of-a-kind wedding far from home, this chain of beautiful islands in the South Pacific is ideal. In addition to tranquil beaches with white sand and crystal clear water, Fiji also offers a wide variety of outdoor sporting activities for you (and your guests) to participate in, including feeding sharks, hiking, rafting, and even golfing!


Due to its proximity to the United States, Mexico is another wonderful option for couples on a budget. Perfect for a warm-weather destination wedding, Mexico boasts over 6,000 miles of pristine coastline, which means you will have a lot of options to choose from, including Cancun and Tulum on the East Coast,  Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan on the Pacific Coast, and several Caribbean islands including Isla Mujeres and Cozumel.

South Africa

Another ideal destination for adventure-seeking couples looking for a far-flung getaway, South Africa offers a beautiful backdrop for a warm-weather destination wedding. This country offers it all, including expansive beaches, lush forests, magnificent mountain ranges, and — probably most famously — incredible wildlife.

Sedona, Arizona

Love the warm weather but aren’t a fan of the beach? Arizona is the destination for you! The town of Sedona averages over 300 sunny days annually, which means the chances of having perfect wedding weather are extremely high! Even better, this breathtaking desert town offers a stunning and dramatic backdrop for a destination wedding.

If we have convinced you to plan an exciting, warm-weather destination wedding in lieu of a cold and snowy celebration in your hometown this winter, it is time to pack your bags and get planning! As you plan your destination wedding, have fun exploring a new culture and discovering new wedding rituals. However, don’t forget to incorporate some of your favorite traditions from home including a first dance to a favorite song, a cake cutting, and a grand send off with wedding sparklers!

Tips for planning a New Year’s Eve party

JuliaDennebaum4thofjuly3Believe it or not, the year is quickly drawing to a close, and it is time to prepare to ring in 2018!

If you are planning a New Year’s Eve party this year, here are a few easy and fun ideas to take your event to the next level as you welcome 2018 and all it has to offer.

Decor is everything when planning a New Year’s Eve party

New Year’s Eve is all about glitz and glitter, and over-the-top decor is crucial to throwing an epic bash. Looking for creative ideas that won’t break the bank? Some fun options that will take your New Year’s Eve party to the next level include a sparkly tassel garland, a giant confetti wall (which also doubles as the ideal backdrop for party photo ops!), DIY pom poms, and tinsel wrapped numbers.

You can’t go wrong with a well-thought-out menu

When choosing what type of food you will serve at your party, the first step is deciding what kind of event it will be. Is it a sit down dinner? If so, focus on decadent and festive main courses like this classic pot roast or this lobster mac and cheese. Keeping it casual? For a more casual party, plan on serving up crowd-pleasing finger foods and appetizers like these French dip roll ups, these gourmet tater tots with a spicy mayo dip, or these spinach artichoke cheese ball bites.

A high energy playlist will keep the party going ‘til the ball drops

Once you have settled on the perfect decor and finalized your menu options, it’s time to focus on creating a playlist that will keep spirits high until midnight. A detail that many overlook, a good playlist can have a big influence on the mood of your New Year’ Eve party, so don’t forget about this important detail. Looking for ideas? We think this list of Real Simple’s top ten New Year’s Eve tunes is a great place to start.

New Year’s Eve is the time to mix up those cocktails you’ve been meaning to try

If you are planning a New Year’s Eve party it is finally time to serve up some of the fancy drinks you have been meaning to try all year long. If you aren’t sure where to start, some fun and refreshing options include champagne margaritas, pomegranate Moscow mules, or this apple cider and rum punch. Be sure to also serve up non-alcoholic options for those that wish to abstain. HGTV has compiled a guide of festive and delicious mocktails, including a grown-up twist on the classic Shirley Temple.

Festive party supplies will ensure your guests make it to the strike of midnight

New Year’s Eve is all about making some noise and getting excited about the new year ahead. If you are hosting a New Year’s Eve party be sure to keep things festive and exciting with party supplies like party hats, noisemakers, party poppers, balloons, and of course — sparklers!

If you are planning a New Year’s Eve party and are on the hunt for sparklers, we offer a wide selection including both 20 inch and 36 inch sparklers at our online store that will help you and your guests welcome the new year in style.

Here’s to a healthy and happy 2018!