Five Fun Ways to Keep Guests Entertained at Your Reception

Ways to Keep Guests Entertained at Your ReceptionWhen planning a wedding every bride remembers the basic elements such as vows, venue, floral design, catering, music, photography, and a wedding send off. However, in the whirlwind of planning all of these details, many couples forget to plan activities to keep their guests entertained during the reception!

To ensure that your guests have the time of their lives, you may want to consider some fun activities to keep them entertained all night long. Here are five of our favorite fun and unexpected wedding entertainment ideas that will guarantee your special day is an event your friends and family will be talking about for years to come!

1. Classic Board Games

Setting up a table of your favorite games—such as Checkers, Yahtzee, Life, Connect Four, or Jenga—will provide fun entertainment options for children and adults alike! This is an especially nice gesture for guests that are uncomfortable dancing, unable to dance, or have small children to entertain.

2. Photo Booth

A photo booth will keep your guests entertained from cocktail hour until your grand send off! In addition to being a great way to keep guests busy, a photo booth also gives your friends and family a sweet memento to remember your wedding that can double as a party favor! We love these fun photo booth ideas from Martha Stewart Weddings including a sailboat set, fun props, and a photo booth bus. 

3. Art

Setting up art supplies like markers, crayons, and colored pencils on each table alongside paper tablecloths or placemats is a creative way to keep your guests busy while they enjoy cocktail hour and wait for food to be served! You can even collect the placemats at the end of the night to save for a scrapbook memory of your big day.

4. Word Games & Puzzles

Another idea that we love is placing wedding-themed crossword puzzles, mad libs, and word searches on each table! These activities are a great icebreaker for guests that haven’t met before- and will ensure plenty of laughs for all. You may even want to consider incorporating wedding-advice mad libs into your guestbook which will give you hilarious messages to review after your special event.

5. Lawn Games

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, lawn games such as bocce ball, croquet, cornhole, and badminton will add a playful touch to your reception. These options will keep friends and family entertained while also providing a fun photo-op for your photographer!

Taking the time to set up special entertainment options for your guests is a gesture they will appreciate and remember. These five fun ideas will ensure your friends and family have a wonderful time at your wedding from the moment you say “I Do” until the grand wedding exit!

Want to ensure the fun continues into your send off? Wedding sparklers are a fun, interactive exit option that will keep the party going for your guests even after the party’s over. If you are looking for quality sparklers, we’ve been in the business for almost 20 years, and have a wide selection of sparklers including both 36 inch sparklers and 20 inch sparklers that will add a touch of magic to your event!

Five Pointers for the Perfect Spring Wedding

perfect spring weddingBlooming flowers, chirping birds, and warmer, brighter days make spring one of the most romantic times of year for a wedding. There are many benefits to planning a spring wedding including beautiful seasonal flowers, warm evenings made extra dreamy with twinkle lights, candles, sparklers, and endless spring-theme options. Here are five tips to ensure you have the ultimate spring wedding:

1. Keep In Mind Spring Weather Can Be Unpredictable

Ideally, your wedding day will be the perfect 70 degrees with sunshine and a lovely breeze. However, spring weather is hard to predict and can change within the blink of an eye. This is why it is crucial to plan for all scenarios.

If your wedding is outdoors, don’t despair! There are many ways to accommodate guests—no matter what the weather. Some ideas include using canopies or tents in case of rain, renting heat lamps in case the weather dips, and providing guests with pashminas and umbrellas in case of cooler weather or rain.

More importantly, if it does decide to rain, don’t forget that rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck in many cultures! It also adds a romantic touch to your special day and makes for beautiful photos.

2. Dress In Layers

On a similar note, it is important to keep temperamental weather patterns in mind when planning attire for yourself and your wedding party. Nothing can ruin your big day more quickly than being uncomfortable if cooler weather or rain moves in.

Instead of opting for sleeveless wedding dress options, you may want to consider many of the elegant and beautiful dress options with sleeves. This can also be a great excuse to invest in stylish wedding accessories for your wedding party!

3. Embrace Seasonal Flowers

One benefit of a spring wedding is that the seasonal flower possibilities are endless! Some of the most popular spring wedding flower options include hyacinth, roses, daisies, lilies and tulips—all of which should be in full bloom during spring wedding season.

Want to mix it up a little? For early spring weddings, crocuses, snowdrops, and cherry blossoms are whimsical options that will be at peak season. If you are planning a late spring wedding, peonies and sweet peas make lovely options, and are also available in a wide range of colors that should work with any color scheme.

4. Consider a Spring-Themed Wedding Favor

Wedding experts suggest embracing the season and adding a touch of spring to every aspect of your wedding—your favors included. One idea we love is sending your guests off with little containers filled with planted spring bulbs that will remind them of your wedding when they grow. Another romantic spring wedding favor is packets of flower seeds personalized with your wedding date.

5. Use The Warmer Temperatures For An Outdoor Send Off

You know we love a good outdoor wedding send off, and the warmer weather sets the stage for dramatic outdoor exits that may not have been an option in the cooler months. Fireworks, glow sticks, and wedding sparklers are all lovely send off options that will illuminate your grand exit on a warm spring evening.

If you do decide to incorporate sparklers into your spring wedding reception or send off, we offer a wide variety of high-quality options, including 36 inch sparklers and 20 inch sparklers, that will add a sparkling and memorable touch to your big day.

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30 Wedding Send Off Ideas for the Perfect Exit

wedding send off ideas


When planning a wedding, there are many details to be attended to. In the whirlwind of planning, one of the most important details often gets overlooked: the grand wedding exit. If you are searching for one-of-kind ideas to end your big day on a high note, you have come to the right place! Here are thirty of our favorite wedding send off ideas to make your special day extraordinary.

1. Confetti Poppers

wedding send off ideas
Photo Credit: The Knot: A Retro Glamorous Wedding at Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland, OH

Loaded with festive confetti and colorful streamers, confetti poppers are a fun and affordable way to add some color and excitement to your grand exit! You can buy these in bulk from your local party store, or opt for one-of-a-kind, hand-made confetti poppers from Etsy’s online marketplace.1  2

2. Bubbles

wedding send off ideas
Photo Credit: Southern Jewel Photography via Bridal Guide

Perfect for a wedding send off—no matter the season—bubbles will add an elegant yet playful touch to your event. In addition to looking beautiful in photos, bubbles will provide endless fun for your guests, both children and adults alike! Did we mention they don’t require any clean up?3

3. Balloons

wedding send off ideas
Photo Credit: Oh Happy Day via Linen Table Cloth

We love this wedding send off idea for a fun-filled daytime event. Brightly colored balloons will add to the festivities and create the perfect photo op for guests. Want to add a special touch? Linen Tablecloth suggests having guests attach well wishes for your future or packets of seeds that will fall to the ground and grow flowers long after your wedding day!4

4. Sky Lanterns

wedding exit ideas
Photo Credit: Beyond The Darkroom Photography via Bridal Guide

These dreamy lanterns have been used throughout history at festivals and
celebrations in Asia. Releasing these lanterns into the starry night sky will add a romantic touch to any wedding farewell and create a beautiful backdrop for photos as they illuminate the sky. You might even have guests attach well wishes for the happy couple.5

5. Flower Petals

wedding exit ideas
Photo Credit: Ruffled via Linen Table Cloth

For the romantics out there, you cannot go wrong with delicate flowers or flower petals for your send off. This classic wedding staple can easily be customized to your taste and budget. We love the way this couple created rustic paper cones for the petals, adding a decorative touch.6

6. Flags

wedding send off ideas
Photo Credit: The Knot: A Casual Wedding in Old Bridge, NJ

Personalized flags are a one-of-a-kind idea for a quirky wedding send off. You
can customize the flags to your taste, and even include your name and wedding date to create a unique wedding keepsake for guests. This is an affordable and creative exit idea that doesn’t require any clean up after the big day!7

7. Leaves

wedding exit ideas
Photo Credit: First Class Weddings via Brit & Co.

If you are planning an Autumn wedding what could be better than incorporating the fall foliage into your grand exit? Not only do they create a seasonal backdrop for wedding photos with friends and family, leaves are a free and environmentally-friendly option that will not create any waste.8

8. Streamers

wedding send off ideas
Photo Credit: Nathan Mitchell Photography

What could be more celebratory than departing your wedding through a sparkly tunnel of streamers? Available in a variety of colors and textures to go along with your wedding theme, streamers create a magical exit that you and your guests will not soon forget.

9. Seasonal Herbs

wedding exit ideas
Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty via Brit & Co.

Aromatic herbs like rosemary, lavender, and mint make for a whimsical and fragrant send-off. Perfect for an outdoor wedding with a nature-inspired theme, this biodegradable and environmentally-friendly option can be placed into paper cones, stuffed into dainty pouches, or laid out on a beautiful tablescape.9  10

10. Wedding Bells

wedding exit ideas
Photo Credit: Nancy Ray Photography via Society Bride

Reminiscent of traditional wedding bells, this send-off idea is a spin-off of the
classic church bells. Doubling as a party favor, you can adorn them with 
ribbons in your wedding colors, add personalized tags with your wedding date, or even tie them to dowel rods with festive streamers for a dreamy wedding exit.11  12

11. Glow Sticks

wedding exit ideas
Photo Credit: Nicole Ryan Photography via Colin Cowie Weddings

If your wedding venue won’t allow you to use sparklers, glow sticks make for a great alternative! This bright and playful option is a fun way to light up your exit during an evening wedding, and guests will have a blast playing with them!13

12. Glitter

wedding exit ideas
Photo Credit: Perfect Pallette via Linen Table Cloth

Although it can get a bit messy, nothing says glitz and glamour like a wedding send off with handfuls of glitter tossed your way. For an added decorative touch that doubles as a wedding favor, you can even package the glitter in individual vials adorned with a cute “Toss Me!” label, like this festive Sonoma wedding!14  15

13. Pom Poms

wedding exit ideas
Photo Credit: Vanessa Joy Photography via Colin Cowie Weddings

If you want to add a pop of color to your send off, you can’t go wrong with pom poms! Playful and affordable, pom poms will add a lighthearted touch to your special exit surrounded by friends and family. You can package them in dainty paper bags or in customized boxes. The options are limitless.16  17  18

14. Beach Balls

wedding exit ideas
Photo Credit: Emily Crenca Photography via HGTV

If you are planning a beachfront wedding, why not incorporate a beach ball toss into your grand exit? Not only will beach balls add a playful pop of color to your wedding photos, guests can also take them home with them as a memento of your big day.19

15. Cow Bells

wedding send off ideas
Photo Credit: Amber Lowe Photo via HGTV

Who doesn’t love a little cow bell? If your wedding has a rustic, farmhouse theme, you can’t go wrong with ringing cowbells as you make your exit from the wedding festivities. For a personal touch, adorn them with customized labels secured with rustic twine.20

16. Cheer Poms

wedding exit ideas
Photo Credit: Jen Hopkins Photography/The Knot

What better way to depart your wedding than surrounded by friends and family cheering for you on your big day? We are big fans of this idea for college sweethearts or sports enthusiasts, as you can tailor the color of your pom poms to the colors of your alma mater or favorite sports team!21

17. Birdseed

wedding send off ideas
Photo Credit: The Bride’s Cafe via Brit & Co.

For the eco-conscious couple, birdseed makes an excellent alternative to the traditional rice toss. You can craft handmade cones from recycled materials for guests to grab or even set up a birdseed bar where guests can fill up white paper cones before your triumphant exit.22  23  24

18. Feathers

wedding exit ideas
Photo Credit: Ben Q. Photography via Ebony Peoples

Unique and beautiful, feathers are a lovely option for the boho bride. In addition to adding an airy touch, they also double as decor. Depending on your tastes, you can have guests toss small feathers or wave longer feathers. This is yet another send off idea that also serves as a lovely wedding favor for your friends and family!25  26

19. Sequins

wedding send off ideas
Photo Credit: Landon Jacob via Brides

Another glitzy option to add some pomp and circumstance to your getaway, sequins are a festive choice for guests to toss as they send you off. Available in a variety of colors, and easier to clean up than glitter, sequins may be just the sparkly option you’ve been looking for.27

20. Snow

wedding send off ideas
Photo Credit: Jeremy & Kristin Photography via Heart Love Always

Planning a winter wedding? Embrace the season and create a winter wonderland for your guests by giving them artificial snow to toss as you make your graceful exit. For a cute touch, create cones out of the paper of your choice for guests to carry it in.28

21. Percussion Instruments

wedding exit ideas
Photo Credit: This Love of Yours via Brides

Want your guests make some noise to celebrate your big day? Incorporating fun percussion instruments like like tambourines and maracas will make for playful and lighthearted departure. You can even personalize them with your names and wedding date, creating a keepsake for guests to take home. 29

22. Butterflies

wedding send off ideas
Photo Credit: Michael Segal Photography via Style Me Pretty

Add a romantic touch to your wedding send off with a beautiful butterfly release. A symbol of new beginnings, what could be more poetic than having your guests release these magical creatures as you start your new life together?30

23. Handkerchiefs

wedding send off ideas
Photo Credit: Alexan Events via Anyway You Want it Events

If you are looking for a send off item that will also serve as a wedding favor for your guests, personalized hankies are the way to go. You can add your wedding date, names, or a simple “Yippee!” This is an especially cute idea for weddings with a vintage theme.31

24. Paper Airplanes

wedding send off ideas
Photo Credit: Southern Weddings via Brit & Co.

A fun and playful idea that we love for a daytime wedding is custom paper airplanes! This is an affordable and easy option, that you can personalize to your theme or color palette. And how cute are these handmade planes from Taylor Somae?32  33

25. Smoke Bombs

wedding send off ideas
Photo Credit: True Love Photography

Named the “hottest wedding photo trend” by the Huffington Post, smoke bombs are a dramatic and photo-worthy send off we won’t get tired of anytime soon. You can have your guests or wedding party shoot them off, or save them as a surprise to wow your guests as they send you off into marital bliss.34

26. Cap Guns

wedding send off ideas
Photo Credit: The Knot

End your wedding with a bang by having guests send you off with cap guns! This idea works perfectly for outdoor weddings, especially those with a barnyard or western theme. For a personalized touch, add cute labels, like this couple in Austin, TX.35

27. Silly String

wedding exit ideas
Photo Credit: JL Photographers via Mon Cherie Bridals

For the class clowns out there, silly string provides a hilarious and fun-filled wedding send off idea that your friends and family will not soon forget. An added bonus is that silly string sets the stage for some pretty fabulous exit photos.36

28. Kazoos

wedding exit ideas
Photo Credit: McShane Photography via Mon Chere Bridals

What’s a party without kazoos? Harkening you back to childhood celebrations, kazoos are a festive way to end your wedding celebration! In addition to being a super affordable option for your send off, you can make them extra cute by adding a personalized tag like these “Make a Joyful Noise” labels.37

29. Ribbon Wands

Photo Credit: Woodnote Photography via Style Me Pretty
Photo Credit: Woodnote Photography via Style Me Pretty

If you are a DIY bride looking for an adorable send off idea, ribbon wands may be just what you are looking for! You can customize them to your wedding colors, and they make a super cute party favor for your guests to take with them. Not to mention that they look great in photos!38

30. Sparklers

wedding send off ideas
Photo Credit: Rowan Berry + Lavender via Bridal Guide

Last but not least, sparklers are one of the most spectacular ways to make a grand exit from your wedding reception. This timeless tradition will light up the night sky, creating a magical ambiance as well as beautiful photos for you to look back on for years to come.


As you can see, there are endless options for a memorable wedding send off. If you decide to incorporate sparklers into your grand wedding exit, be sure to check out these creative sparkler ideas that will help you illuminate your special day in a magical way that you and your loved ones will not soon forget.

3 Ways to Use Wedding Sparklers in Other Ways This Winter

wedding sparklersThese days, wedding sparklers are all the rage. They’re popular throughout the year, but they can look especially magical against a backdrop of winter snow and ice. If you’re buying sparklers online for your wedding, 20 inch sparklers or 36 inch sparklers are ideal; that way, each guest needs only one without repeated lighting and won’t experience difficulty holding it.

Sparklers are ideal for weddings, but have you ever thought of ways to use festive wedding sparklers for other celebrations? At this time of year — when daylight is limited and cold weather can still be a concern — lighting up the sky with long lasting sparklers can make any occasion more beautiful and special. Here are three other ways to use wedding sparklers this winter:

  • Lunar New Year Party
    Lunar New Year and Chinese New Year celebrations occurs between January and February (depending on when the observed day falls in the lunar calendar). Traditionally, this holiday honors ancestors and spiritual deities. In China, those who celebrate want to gather as much good luck for the new year. Parades are often held in major cities, and many Chinese restaurants host Chinese New Year festivities. While big events often light firecrackers, you can partake in a Chinese New Year celebration at home with traditional foods and wedding sparklers. You can have a small gathering that pays tribute to the beauty of the culture and educates about the meaning of the holiday — all while enjoying a delicious feast and sparklers that light up the dark.
  • Valentine’s Day Soiree
    Whether you’re planning on a romantic dinner for two or a table full of your favorite couples, long lasting sparklers can make your Valentine’s Day celebrations even more festive. Plan a scrumptious supper (with a decadent dessert, of course). Afterwards, head outside to an area filled with candles and twinkly lights for some hot chocolate or coffee, music, and some fun with sparklers. There’s nothing more perfect for a day that reminds you of those sparks you feel for your honey! Be sure to take some snapshots with long exposure of the hearts and lovey-dovey messages you can write in the air.
  • St. Patrick’s Day Bash
    You can invite your loved ones — or even the whole neighborhood — over for a family-friendly St. Patrick’s Day dinner. After a traditional meal of corned beef and cabbage, head to the backyard or a nearby park for some fun with sparklers. Just be sure to supervise children closely during use, especially if you use longer sparklers, and use sparklers responsibly! Bring along an iPod and play traditional music for an impromptu dance party or end the night with some fun leprechaun-themed games.

While sparklers are perfect for your wedding day, they aren’t limited to matrimonial celebrations. For more information on our sparklers and ways to use them on a day that’s special to you and yours, get in touch with us today!

How Do Wire Sparklers Work? A Quick and Fun Science Lesson

wire sparklersWire sparklers have become a staple of celebration. From Fourth of July parties to wedding sparkler send offs, these little balls of fire are a great way to make any occasion more fun and memorable for the whole crowd. But have you ever wondered about the science behind wire sparklers? How do they work, exactly? It’s time to dust off your high school chemistry knowledge for a quick and easy lesson on the science behind long lasting sparklers.

The “classic” type of sparkler is made of a few basic components. A stiff metal wire, usually eight to 10 inches long, gets coated in a thick batter of slow-burning pyrotechnic composition. That dry material is what burns and sparks once you light it.

The type of metal used in the sparkler can cause different colors to appear during the burning process. Aluminum, titanium, and magnesium will all produce white sparks, which is most popular for wedding sparklers. An iron metal fuel, on the other hand, will produce an orange effect, while iron-titanium alloys can make gold sparks. Additional chemical colorants are sometimes also added to produce greens, reds, and blues, much like fireworks.

In fact, the wire sparklers you hold in your hand are essentially like miniature fireworks on a stick. Though the scale is much smaller, most of the ingredients are the same. Oxidizers, such as potassium nitrate or chlorate, are added into the mix. These react to the heat of the fire and the oxygen of the air by decomposing the metal wire, which causes bits of the wire to fly off, producing the “sparkler” effect. The only explosive element of traditional fireworks that’s missing from sparklers is gunpowder, which is what gives fireworks their big boom.

The oxidizers are contained to the wire by using a binder. These can be made from sugar or starch, mixed with a little bit of water to form a paste that’s then left to dry. Really, that’s all there is to it: a little bit of explosive chemistry!

So when it’s time to light up your wire sparklers, don’t forget that the real magic behind the glow is just simple chemistry.

3 Bizarre and Fascinating Wedding Rituals from Around the World

smoke free sparklers There is one universal ritual that exists in cultures all across the globe — the wedding. However, the customs and traditions tied to this happy occasion vary greatly from culture to culture. In fact, the diversity among wedding ceremonies is so vast that you might not even recognize one from a foreign culture if you were standing right in the middle of it.

Here in the West, we’ve embraced the idea of the “white wedding” as 44% of couples choose ivory and white for their ceremony and reception color scheme. We also expect the betrothed couple to exchange vows and rings, followed by an official proclamation of marriage by an authority figure (and usually a kiss). Americans have recently adopted the wedding sparkler send off using smoke free sparklers to salute and celebrate the happy couple.

Our traditions, however, might seem totally bizarre to someone halfway across the globe. To demonstrate just how diverse wedding ceremonies can be, here are a few weird wedding rituals from around the world.

  1. The Crying LadiesLocation: China
    Thirty days before the wedding, the Tujia people of China prepare by collectively crying. The bride will spend one hour a day crying. Ten days in, her mother joins her in the hour-long crying session, and ten days later, her grandmother participates as well. The tears are not for sadness, but meant to express feelings of deep love and pure joy.
  2. Spitting on the BrideLocation: Kenya
    In the Massai nation of Kenya, the bride has her head shaved and lathered in lamb fat and oil. Her father then blesses her by spitting on her head and breasts. While spitting may be a symbol of disgrace and disrespect in most cultures, in the Massai nation it is meant to bring good luck.
  3. Beating the Groom with a Dead FishLocation: South Korea
    After the wedding ceremony, the groom’s friends remove his shoes and bind his feet with a rope. They then beat the soles of his feet with a stick or dried fish (a yellow corvina, to be exact). This, they believe, will make the groom stronger for his wedding night. While the ritual can be painful, it is considered a wildly fun tradition in South Korea.

If you’re engaged, feel free to keep these alternative wedding activities in mind while planning for the big day. If none of them sound appealing to you and you’d prefer to stick with the smoke free sparklers, go ahead purchase some high quality wedding sparklers before they’re gone!

Host a Fantastic Fall Bonfire With These 3 Tips

long lasting sparklersFall is here, and in many parts of the country, temperatures have dropped quite a bit. While November 5th marks bonfire night for those in the U.K., here in the U.S., we tend to put an end to our bonfires at summer’s end. But hosting an autumnal bonfire is an excellent way to appreciate the season and spend quality time with family and friends. If you’re looking to switch things up a bit this fall, here are three tips for making your harvest bonfire one that everyone will love and remember:

Stay warm

Being out in the cool night air can be refreshing, but for a fall bonfire, staying toasty warm is a must. Encourage your guests to prepare by dressing warmly. You may want to have an assortment of extra gloves and scarves on hand. Be sure to bring out plenty of blankets — the thicker, the better. Provide cups or thermoses of flavored hot chocolate or hot apple cider to add seasonal flair.

Add radiance

The fire itself will provide light and warmth, but you can add even more magic and sparkle to the experience. Make sure the path to the bonfire is well-lit with hanging twinkle lights or lanterns. Bring flashlights for both safety and ghost stories. You can also buy sparklers to create an unforgettable evening. Although traditional wire sparklers last for approximately 45 seconds, you can use long lasting sparklers for an even better experience. You probably equate these long lasting sparklers with wedding sparklers, but these 20 inch or 36 inch sparklers can be great for other events, too. And since they last anywhere from two to four minutes, they’re perfect for capturing the fun on camera. You can even give out any leftover long lasting sparklers as gifts for next time.

Chow down

What’s a fall bonfire without some sensational snacks? Take this opportunity to get in the campfire spirit. Put a big pot of homemade chili or chowder on the fire for everyone to enjoy. Get the popcorn popping while you host a sing-along or tell tall tales. And just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you can’t still make s’mores! Swap your usual marshmallows for pumpkin spice variety or use gingersnap cookies instead of graham crackers. Highlight seasonal produce like squash, apples, cranberries, or root vegetables in your meal. Ask your guests to bring a hearty, savory dish they love or to contribute desserts like peanut brittle, toffee, or fudge to finish the night on a sweet note.

Whether you’re looking for high quality wedding sparklers or want to buy sparklers online to make your next event even more special, we’re the premier resource for all of your sparkler needs. To learn more about our options, take a look around our site or get in touch with us today. We can help to make your wedding or event memorable and magical.

6 Tips for Holding an Outdoor Wedding in the Cooler Months

wedding sparkler send offThe most popular months to get married in are June, accounting for 15% of total weddings, and October, accounting for 14% of total weddings — months in which the weather is particularly favorable to outdoor ceremonies and receptions. However, there is no reason why you can’t pull off a beautiful outdoor wedding event at any time of the year. To be sure, there are extra things to consider in these circumstances, but it can definitely be done. Check out some recommendations here:

1. Embrace the Season
Go all out with seasonal decor — especially if you have the outdoor backdrop to go with it. For early to late fall, cover hay bales with blankets to seat your guests and commission beautifully carved pumpkins. For winter, distribute quality wedding sparklers (smokeless sparklers are best) to highlight the sparkle of snow.

2. Provide Warmth
Consider your younger and older guests and if it’s going to be very nippy, provide leg coverings on every chair. Another option would be to station heat lamps throughout your venue, or to distribute feet and hand warmers at the beginning of your ceremony.

3. Schedule for the Warmest (and Lightest) Part of the Day
Usually, this means around three o’clock. You could also have a very beautiful sunset ceremony to create a natural segue to move the party indoors.

4. Have a Backup Plan
The truth is that you simply won’t be able to pull off your beautiful outdoor winter ceremony if it’s sleeting, hailing, or blizzarding. Have a backup on hand, or at least plan to rent a durable events tent for the day.

5. Plan a Suprise
Make your ceremony extra special by planning a surprise to thank all of your guests for celebrating your special day with you. This might mean an epic wedding sparkler send off or a complimentary hot chocolate bar.

6. Keep the Ceremony Brief
Don’t dillydally outdoors — make the ceremony short, poignant and beautiful, and then get everyone up on their feet and dancing.

From something as simple as staging a wedding sparkler send off to something as complex as booking horse and carriage rides for your guests, there are many ways to make a late fall or winter outdoor ceremony work.

3 Safety Rules For Using Sparklers At Your Wedding

buy sparklersWhen it comes to organizing a wedding, it can be hard to adhere to all the traditions while still throwing a unique, memorable, and affordable party. One great way to incorporate personality is by adding some homemade touches to the decor and food — and to add some sparkle, literally. You can buy sparklers for your wedding to distribute to your guests and make the whole place shimmer. It’s a beautiful yet inexpensive way to make for amazing pictures and fast cleanup.

But it is of course very important to remember that the presence of sparklers represents a fire hazard and could potentially be dangerous at your event. Keep in mind these safety tips to guarantee that your event goes as smoothly as possible:

1. Have Someone In Charge
One great way to keep track of the sparklers at your wedding is to assign the task to one point person. They can be in charge of distributing and then disposing of the sparklers when they go out to make sure they don’t reignite and cause any accidents.

2. Keep Them Out of The Kids’ Way
The image of small children running around with beautiful sparklers, their eyes alight with excitement, is indeed lovely, but may not be worth the risk. After all, the risk of injury with fireworks is more than twice as high in kids between the ages of 10 and 14. If you want the pictures, you can make them happen — just make sure that the children know the rules of using sparklers and are supervised at all times.

3. Choose Wisely
Not all sparklers are created equally. It is important to choose the right type and size for your wedding festivities and to make sure they have safety features, like a long metal handle, so that no one gets hurt during the merrymaking. In most cases, 20 inch sparklers or 36 inch sparklers will be perfect long lasting sparklers for weddings.

When you buy sparklers for your wedding, be prepared for some very memorable pictures and a lot of fun! As long as you are safe about the execution of it, you should be set to enjoy a night filled with friends, family, and sparklers.

3 Benefits of Using Sparklers For Events

When it comes to event planning, especially wedding planning, you have to strike a balance between sticking to tradition and planning a unique event. And some conventions have become a tradition for very practical reasons.

For instance, the most popular months for weddings are June and October, because weather tends to be very pleasant during those months. But some ideas are just plain conventional, and there is so much room to assert your personality in how you throw these events.

One great way to throw a really memorable celebration is to utilize wedding sparklers in your event. They will light up your night in ways you never would have expected. Check out their other benefits here:

Instant Crowd Pleaser

What’s more exciting than those sputtering lights and crackle that can only mean sparklers? Hardly anything, especially at a party. A traditional sparkler may only last for about 45 seconds, but that is more than enough to delight an already celebratory and excited crowd, take hundreds of pictures, and light more smoke free sparklers.


Yes, you do have to dispose of sparklers once they run out, but they are simply long, thin wooden sticks. Think of the waste involved with other types of party supplies, like string lights that go unused, bits of plastic from cheap party favors, and paper from hanging decorations. Minimize the waste and maximize the sparkle to illuminate any special night, from a wedding to a sweet sixteen party.

Ease and Convenience

There is practically nothing as easy as distributing lit, long lasting sparklers, then collecting them when they sputter out. Even safety measures for sparklers at parties aren’t hard to implement since they pose practically no risk once they’ve gone out. Since children tend to get burned two and a half times as often between the ages of 10 and 14, perhaps they can be passed over during the sparkler handouts. But otherwise, obtaining, distributing, and cleaning up party sparklers is as easy as pie. Especially when you think about confetti, rice, or pinatas.

Plus, buying sparklers online makes it even easier for you to plan the wedding or party of your dreams.

From easy cleanup to buying sparklers online, there is no doubt that wedding sparklers, or sparklers for any other celebration, is an amazing, low cost, and minimal effort way to celebrate with your own unique style.