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How Hot Are Sparklers? The Science Behind Your Wedding Light Show

According to a report from MPR, sparklers can burn as hot as a blow torch. But there’s much more to the science and safety of sparklers than this simple statement.

While facts like this may sound alarming, in reality, sparklers are nothing like handling a large open flame!

So how hot are sparklers really? And if they’re as hot as some claim, why don’t they feel that hot?

Keep reading to find out the basics of how sparklers are made, the science behind our sparklers, and what gives them their namesake sparkle.

Where were Sparklers Invented?

Most people know that fireworks originated in China. But what about the sparkler?

The first sparkler is actually believed to have come from Heliopolis, one of the major cities of Ancient Egypt. While evidence points to the first sparkler being a weapon, it was quickly adapted for festivals and celebrations.

As far back as AD 670, people were celebrating love and victory with sparklers — just as we do today!

What are Sparklers Made of?

There are four key components to any sparkler: fuel, an oxidizer, a binder, and metal powder.

These chemicals are mixed with water to create a paste. This paste is then coated onto the sparkler “handle” and allowed to dry.

The fuel is what keeps the sparkler burning all the way down once it’s been lit. Without this the sparkler would die out shortly after being lit — nobody wants to relight their sparkler several times!

The oxidizer is a chemical that releases oxygen as it burns. Like a campfire might need some deep exhales to get started, a sparkler needs oxygen in the immediate area to continue burning.

The binder is simply the “glue” that holds all of these chemicals together on the sparkler. Oftentimes, the fuel, oxidizer, and binder might be only one or two chemicals serving multiple purposes.

The metal powder is what creates the namesake sparkle and glow.

What’s in a SparklersOnline sparkler?

Our sparklers feature a sturdy, attractive iron rod — not the flimsy wire or wood that some brands use. This rod is carefully coated with our special blend of chemicals to ensure a reliable, bright sparkle.

Our sparklers use Barium Nitrate as an oxidizer. This chemical is very common in all types of pyrotechnics.

We use Phenolic Resin as both a binder and fuel for our sparklers. This material is what billiard balls are made of and makes a great, non-toxic binder for pyrotechnics.

We use Aluminum and Magnalium powder in our sparklers. These metals create the classic gold-silver glow of our sparklers.

Each of our sparklers is double-dipped by hand in this chemical solution. This means they are guaranteed to light easily and burn brightly.

Where Do the Sparks Come From?

Larger (but still very small) pieces of metal are mixed into the powder. These metal particles are about the size of a grain of sand.

As the sparkler burns, these pieces of metal launch into the air and create tiny explosions. This is where the “sparkling” effect comes from.

If these slightly larger pieces of metal weren’t present, the sparkler would burn just like a really long match. And that’s not very exciting if you ask us!

How Hot are Sparklers When Lit?

The exact temperature depends on the type of sparkler, but one thing is true for all: they are very hot! Most sparklers can get up to 1800 to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit at their peak temperature.

While sparklers are extremely hot, they actually have very little (but not nonexistent — use appropriate safety precautions) chance of burning your skin. Here are a couple of the reasons why:

The type of metal

Recall how the flying sparks are actually small pieces of heated metal. Well, the type of metal these particles consist of matters, as well.

Metals like aluminum have a relatively low mass. This means, even when the metal itself is very hot, it’s not capable of transferring much thermal energy to another object.

Just like you can grab a “hot” piece of aluminum foil straight out of the oven, the metal particles from a sparkler will feel slightly warm at most!

Particle size

Another factor in a sparkler’s heat is the size of the metal particles igniting off of the end.

The metal particles that create the sparks are so small that they cool within a fraction of a second. Any heat that these particles give off when first lit quickly disappears as they launch into the air.

What’s the Difference Between a Sparkler and a Firework?

Technically, sparklers are made of the same basic materials as a firework. But don’t let that scare you! The chemicals in sparklers are carefully mixed to burn slow and controlled — not like the big explosion of a firework.

The main difference in how a sparkler and firework “go off” is the heat reaction speed.

In fireworks, the explosive chemicals are tightly condensed into the very center. This is why a firework creates a loud, fast, and bright explosion. The chemicals are burning all at once.

Sparklers, as you can see by looking at one closely, have the explosive chemicals thinly spread across almost the entire length. This causes the slow, safe burning that allows our sparklers to last for up to 4 minutes.

Add Some Sparkle to Your Day!

Now that you know a little about the science behind sparklers, you can approach your wedding day with confidence knowing that you’ve chosen a safe and beautiful send-off!

Check out our photo gallery to see the breathtaking ways our customers have used our sparklers in the past. Or head straight to our online shop if you’re ready to order!

Wedding Sparklers: How to Light a Sparkler, Handle It and Dispose of It

Tired of grand fireworks but you still want an epic show for your wedding?

Thanks to Pinterest and other social media platforms, the use of sparklers in a wedding send-off is becoming more popular than ever.

Well, why not?

It makes for some nice photo opportunities, they’re pretty, and they’re easy to clean up as well as opposed to tossing rice or bird seeds. It comes with the additional benefit of being eco-friendly too.

However, using it comes with various risks, such as accidentally setting something (or someone) on fire. Learning government safety rules and how to use a sparkler the right way eliminates the risks, though.

Keep reading to learn how to light a sparkler, handle it, and then dispose of it.

How to Light a Sparkler

Before you bring sparklers to your wedding, confirm with the venue first if it allows a wedding sparkler send-off. Some don’t allow it for insurance and safety hazards, while most would have no problems with it if you use it the proper way.

With that said, here are tips on how to light sparklers.

Choose a Location

The best location for your send-off would be the outdoors as there are fewer flammable materials than indoors. Choose a spot away from objects and the wind to make lighting the sparklers safe and easy.

We recommend having the send-off close to your getaway car; you can walk through the line of sparklers and then head straight for the car.

Hold It Properly

Make sure to instruct your guests on how to hold the sparkler properly!

Hold it at the very bottom and light it at the very top. Position it horizontally, pointing toward the front of you (not to the person beside you!), or lower the tip slightly when lighting it.

Use a Lighter

People often underestimate the amount of flame that sparklers need to ignite.

Matches work, but they’re not the best way to light sparklers as they don’t burn long enough. They also keep the hand holding it close to the sparkler, which can be dangerous.

It becomes hot enough to melt metals; you sure wouldn’t want its flames near your hand.

Lighters can provide enough heat for the sparkler to ignite. There are long lighters that will keep your hand far away, too.

Use the Sparkler as a Lighter

Want an easy method of igniting all the sparklers? Light one sparkler with a long lighter and have the person holding it use it to light the others. Sparklers are much easier to light when you use another sparkler.

It helps to form the lineup first; the designated lighter will be able to quickly get to everyone. Have two designated lighters for the two lines.

How to Handle the Sparkler

The sparks are pretty, yes, but don’t forget the tips below as you

Keep It Facing Toward the Front

The sparkler should be as far away from you and other people or objects as possible. It burns at 2,000 degrees F, which can seriously injure people and burn flammable materials.

Keep it at arm’s length, away from your face and clothes.

Don’t Play with the Sparkler Too Much

You can safely wave the sparklers in front of you as long as you keep it away from you and other people. However, we recommend you don’t play with it too much.

Don’t run around with it and don’t wave it around if there’s not enough room. Don’t play with a person holding one, too.

Enjoy the Show

Using sparklers safely isn’t all that hard; don’t forget to enjoy the show while it’s still on!

How to Dispose of the Sparkler

You still need to practice safety measures once the sparkler has died down. Even if the flames are gone, it still poses a risk. Keep the following in mind to keep your wedding injury-free.

Don’t Touch It

Sparklers remain hot for a while after it has stopped burning. At the temperature it has burned, it will still be pretty hot even after the flames are gone.

Don’t grab the burned part, and don’t let it touch other objects as well. Some materials, like paper, can catch fire even without exposure to external flame.

Keep holding it at the bottom, and let it cool down before disposing of it in the trash.

Prepare a Bucket

To help guests cool down the sparklers as well as to encourage proper disposal, prepare a bucket or a metal tray of full of water or sand. These will help the sparklers cool down before disposal.

Prepare as many as would be comfortable for the number of guests, and keep them close to the send-off lineup. Create a sign as well so people would know where to go.

Put It in the Trash

Once cooled down, the sparkler is safe for disposal. You can leave the reception without worry, and your guests can end the night on a high note.

More Tips on How to Use Sparklers

To make the send-off more hassle-free and safer, buy a small quantity of the type of sparkler you’re going to use before the wedding. Test it outside while keeping in mind our tips above, and note how it burns.

Are they easy to light? Are they quick to burn?

If they stay lit for shorter than you would expect, time your grand exit accordingly or find a new one that would burn longer.

In case something goes awry, make sure you and at least some of your guests know where the fire extinguishers are. The wedding venue should have at least one, but in case you’re in a venue without it, prepare one or two and place it near the send-off.

Learn More About Sparklers

Everyone wants their wedding to be memorable – but not in the “the sparklers burned the venue down” way.

That’s why it’s important to know about the associated risks and learn how to light a sparkler. By knowing these things, you’ll be ready for a proper and beautiful wedding send-off.

Learn more about how to plan a wedding send-off with sparklers and visit our blog now for more information about sparklers.

Ready to buy? Visit our shop as well to see a variety of sparklers perfect for any event.

Sparkler Writing: How to Take Great Photos of Your Wedding Sparkler Messages

Think weddings are over?

A popular belief is that the younger generation no longer believes in marriage.

Despite that claim, around 35% of adults in the country still want to get married at some point in their lives. Weddings are great milestones in life, with the union of two lovers cementing their relationship into something almost inseparable.

A great way to accentuate your wedding is the use of sparklers. There are a lot of unique things you can do with it. But if you want to make great memories, you can make sparkler writing and take photos with it.

Read on if you want to know how to take sparkler messages on your wedding day like a pro.

1. The Set Up

You need to collaborate with your wedding photographer with this. They need to use long shutter speeds or Bulb mode if their camera has the capabilities. The photographer needs to have a tripod to put the camera on since the lack of support will result in shakes that can spoil the shots.

If they don’t have a tripod, a good alternative is a level surface where the camera can rest without movements. Working in Bulb mode needs a remote or cable release since the shutter needs to be open. A shake can appear in your shot even if you hold down the shutter button with your finger.

Without the use of Bulb mode, your photographer needs to set the exposure going. They can use the self-timer option of the camera, so they aren’t in contact with the camera when it begins. Even the smallest shake can spoil the shot, so it’s essential that no one touches it until it’s over.

Make sure they set an aperture of f/8 and get the exposure time to 30 seconds. It should be long enough when your photographer has no Bulb mode for their camera.

2. Position the Writer and Do a Trail Run

The background isn’t that important as long as it’s dark and there are no distracting lights around. The latter can turn into overexposed globs of light in the final image. The person in charge of sparkler drawing should face the camera and write their message backward to appear the right way in the photo.

If the writer is having difficulty writing this way, you can always edit it later in Photoshop, flipping it to display the correct words. Make sure that the ones writing the photo don’t have slogans or recognizable pictures that look weird once you do the image flip. It’s going to look awkward when people see the backward letters on the writers’ shirts after all.

Before your photographer hits the shutter button, you might want to do a practice run first. This allows you to save on the best wedding sparklers and lets the photographer check if they already set the focal point to be wide enough to capture all the writing with sparklers within the frame.

When they aren’t using Bulb mode, it allows them to catch the timing on how long the process takes to work out the exposure times necessary.

3. Focus

Your photographer needs to shift their focus to the person in front of the camera when doing sparkler words photography. Since they’re doing this in the dark, it’s possible that the camera will keep on searching for them. To make it easier, you can always use a torch as a means of highlighting the person.

Once you apply the proper lighting, the camera can adjust and find the person without further issues.

4. Hit the Shutter Button

Once the writer lights the sparkler, the photographer can begin with the exposure. Ensure that the writer does it with an even flow to keep the trail smooth throughout the shot. In its most common means, the sparkle writer won’t be visible once the shot finishes.

If you want to include the writer on the shot, there is a great way to accomplish this. Get your photographer to fire the flash before the writer finishes their message.

5. Check the Shot

Getting the perfect wedding sparkler words picture needs trial and error for it to work. Especially for amateurs, getting the shots right is a hit, and miss technique so make sure to check the shots whenever you’re done and see if it’s to your liking. Make sure that you have a lot of sparklers to use so you can continue striving towards the perfect wedding photo.

If the trail doesn’t appear, you might need to ask your photographer to use a wider aperture. As an alternative, you can ask the person doing the sparkler words to make it a little slower. Otherwise, when the trail looks too bright and wide, you need to do the opposite.

Advantages of Using Wedding Sparklers

There are a lot of benefits when you use sparklers for your wedding. It makes your event more memorable since the bright, sputtering lights are an instant crowd pleaser. Traditional sparklers only last around less than a minute, but it’s already enough to make the atmosphere celebratory and take lots of great pictures.

It’s friendly to the environment since all you need to throw to the trash once you’re done are long, thin wooden sticks. Among other decorations your venue has, wedding sparklers are the least wasteful. It’s also easy to distribute and use, allowing you to coordinate for better wedding shots.

Learn Sparkler Writing Today!

It takes trial and error to get the best sparkler wedding photos around. If you want to try sparkler writing before your wedding, you need to get the best sparklers around. Sparklers Online is the original company for your sparkler needs no matter what occasion you have.

We’ve been in business for more than a decade and a half. We offer you a 100% guarantee for our products and have an extensive selection than most of our competitors.

Do you need help picking the best sparklers for your wedding and celebration needs? Contact us today, and we’ll help you with any questions you might have.

Let the Sparks Fly: How to Create the Perfect Wedding Sparkler Send Off

Congratulations! You’re engaged!

But your wedding day is fast approaching, and you want to add a certain glamour to your sendoff. What could you do that will make your pictures and memories stand out from everyone else’s ceremonies?

Your answer may be a sparkler send-off.

Learn all about these beautiful exits here to determine if they are right for you and how, exactly, you go about preparing for one.

What Is a Wedding Exit?

Don’t be embarrassed about not knowing the term. It’s one of those vague notions that we see more in movies than in real life, so it’s good to have a solid understanding of what a wedding send off really is.

Most people mix up the process with the recessional, but the big difference is that the wedding exit is purely for the bride and groom. A recessional is for the entire wedding party at the end of the ceremony.

When the send-off occurs is entirely up to the couple. Some prefer to do it after the ceremony and on the way to the reception hall. Others prefer it to be at the very end of the night.

How to Plan a Sparkler Send-Off

Planning a sparkler send off requires some extra planning, but the photos and fun are well worth it. We’ll take you through the entire process from start to finish here.

Check with Your Venue

The first thing you’ll want to do is check with your venue for restrictions. Some locations won’t allow sparklers because they pose a fire hazard. Others have specific locations you can use sparklers at.

If you haven’t chosen a venue yet and your heart is set on this exit, always ask before deciding on a location. Specify the sparkler length, as some laws or businesses are finicky about particulars.

If you have already chosen a venue only to find it doesn’t allow sparklers, don’t lose heart. Check at your reception hall if it’s in a different location.

If even that doesn’t work, consider contacting the chief of police. With his or her permission, you may be able to have a sparkler send off in the street or on a sidewalk. Most towns allow sparkler use, but in public spaces, permission is required.

Ask your venue about any curfews regarding their usage, necessary safety equipment or safety personnel.

Finally, always check on any added insurance expenses for sparkler use. Some venues require couples to purchase extra insurance because of the hazard.

Consider Other Uses

In addition to being great for send-offs, consider if you want sparklers to be used in other parts of the night.

For photos especially, sparklers can add a magical effect. Sparklers are also beautiful after the “first kiss” of the married couple, creating a fairy-tale like vibe that no one will ever forget.

However, such additions do require a minimal amount of preparation from your photographer (a tripod, instructions to you and anyone in the photo and a possible helper for lighting), so always inform him or her well beforehand.

Get the Appropriate Type and Amount

Next, make sure you get the right kind. If you get the wrong type, you’ll find everyone’s sparklers have fizzled out before you make it down the aisle of guests.

The most popular kind is the 20-inch sparkler. It’s affordable and gives couples about two minutes to make their exit, which is usually plenty of time.

Other types include 10-inch sparklers, which burn for about 40 seconds, and 36-inch ones, which last 4 minutes.

Note that the amount of sparklers you need depends on the number of people you expect and the type you choose. Because 10-inch ones, for instance, burn so quickly, its advisable to purchase several per guest.

Typically, one per guest works well with the 20 and 36-inch products.

Also, consider when you plan to have guests light the items. If it’s at the very end of the evening, you might have only a few guests left at the reception. Consequently, you’ll need fewer sparklers.

Purchase sparklers and miniature, easy-to-use blow torches well in advance to the wedding day to ensure they arrive on time. At least two weeks is best.

Plan the Location

You have the go-ahead and you’ve made your purchase. Now it’s time to visit your venue to find the perfect place they should be lit.

Entranceways, stairs, bridges and outside areas make excellent locations for sparklers. When deciding on a place, contemplate the number of people you expect.

Generally, sparkler send-offs organize guests into two lines with about eight feet between them. This gives you and your new bride or groom ample space to exit without getting burned.

Double check to ensure you won’t conflict with any venue regulations. Discuss specifics with everyone involved in the planning, and consider taking a few photographs of the area to get an idea of what the exit will look like.


Now it’s time to get some inside help. You won’t be able to direct the guests yourself and let’s just say people get extremely excited about lighting sparklers. Therefore, you need someone responsible and commanding who will squash any pre-lighting madness.

Choose this individual wisely, as they’ll be in charge of the process. Have this person hand out sparklers or simply offer the sparklers as thank-you gifts when everyone leaves or enters.

This designated individual should also be tasked with handing out the blow torches (the easiest and quickest lighting method) to responsible guests prior to the exit. Then you won’t have to worry about your five-year-old nephew becoming armed and dangerous.

Plan an exact time to exit or use your cells to communicate readiness on the big day.

Safety Measures

To keep things safe, put out buckets of water in which guests place their sparklers afterward. Have a fire extinguisher and first aid kit on hand in case an emergency occurs.

Finally, make sure children are supervised and everyone stands far enough apart to avoid burns.

The Perfect Exit

If you follow these measures, you’ll have a fantastical sparkler send-off, amazing photos and memories that will last a lifetime.

Visit our website to order your sparklers today and cross one thing off your long list of wedding to-dos.

A magical, breathtaking send-off? Consider it checked.

How To Plan A Proper Wedding Sparkler Sendoff

If you’ve trawled through Pinterest for wedding inspiration, then you’ll probably already know that a wedding sparkler sendoff is perfect for gorgeous wedding photographs.

You know the ones, the kind where the happy newlyweds are walking hand in hand as they exit their wedding venue, surrounded by smiling friends and family waving sparklers around. These pics are nothing short of dreamy, and they’re great fun too.

With that in mind, let’s dive into how you can organize your own.

First Things First

You need to ensure your wedding venue allows sparklers, this is essential. Rest assured, most places allow them especially as nowadays wedding sparklers are incredibly safe and easy to manage.

Some places have even had dedicated areas for these kinds of send-offs. This is hardly surprising when you consider how popular they are!

Sometimes, the venue staff (providing you’ve asked them beforehand) will even help you pull this off.

Which Sparklers Are Best?

Our best advice is to source longer sized sparklers. Typically, these have a longer burn time, making them a more practical choice for weddings.

Some premium sparklers are as long as 36 inches! Make sure you buy enough, so each guest has at least two.

Top Tip: even if you opt for longer sparklers, instruct your guests to light them one at a time (this bides the happy couple a little more time).

If you don’t like the look of the extra-long sparklers, never fear. You can still get away with using the standard size ones- unless you’re having a massive wedding (say, over 450 guests).

If you decide to go with the smaller ones, you’ll need to buy more. You should budget for at least three to four per guests. That way everyone should have a lit sparkler in hand as you walk down the procession!

When Should I Buy My Sparklers?

You should buy your sparklers at least two weeks before the date of your wedding, and store them in a cool, dry place.

Here are a few other tips:

  • Purchase extra sparklers for the bride and groom to have separate wedding photographs. These are usually shot before the grand send off.
  • Only purchase smoke-free sparklers. These allow for much better photographs. Plus, the last thing you want is your wedding guests to be coughing and spluttering over the smoke as you make your exit.

Once you’ve bought them, you don’t need to worry about them. Be sure to check for a sell-by date and purchase them accordingly. Preferably, the sooner, the better so it’s off your mind.

Do I Need Anything Else?

There are a few other accessories you’ll need to ensure everything goes smoothly:

  • Several torch lighters (these are far easier to use than matches, these burn too quickly and are a challenge if it’s windy!). Give one to every sixth or seventh person down the line, to ensure all the sparklers remain lit.
  • Candles: You could also line the pavement (where you have your send-off) with candles. That way, people can light their sparklers using the pre-lit flames.

You may also want a few personalized signs that display the time of your sparkler send-off (that way your guests have a bit of advanced warning).

Let’s Make it Happen

Get your DJ to announce at the end of the night when you have your grande exit; this will encourage your guests to make their way outside.

This should take around ten minutes. Have a few bridesmaids or groomsmen handing out sparklers at the door, so that everyone has enough sparklers. Make sure they tell them not to light up until you ask them to.

Make sure your wedding photographer is prepared to shoot. You don’t want them to miss this magical moment, so be sure to give them enough notice.

Top Tip: try your best stroll down the line, and enjoy the last moments of your wedding. Resist the urge to run, so you and your partner can take it all in.

Tips to Ensure You Get Your Dream Snaps

There are a couple of things you can do to increase the chances of getting the photos you’re envisioning:

  • Position your sparkler exit away from any harsh lighting. For example, streetlamps and entryway lights.
  • Be sure to pause a couple of times through the procession. Perhaps at the top of the path and at the end of the line, so that your photographer can get a photos?
  • Put your photographer and wedding planner in communication with one another before your wedding day, that way they can discuss the logistics of your sparkler exit.
  • Most importantly, you need to tell your photographer if you want any specific shots. Otherwise, you run the risk of not getting them- it’s as simple as that.

If you follow all of the above advice, you shouldn’t go too far wrong. You’re sure to have a successful exit that’ll provide both you and your spouse with plenty of happy memories.

Do You like the Sound of a Wedding Sparkler Sendoff?

If you like the idea of having a wedding sparkler sendoff, then you should check out the other articles published on our blog.

Over there we discuss everything from unique things to do with sparklers to providing top quality sparkler reviews. Enjoy!

Alternatively, please feel free to reach out and contact us if you have any questions. Just fill out the simple contact form with your query, and we’ll endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible. Speak soon!

8 Grave Wedding Sparkler Mishaps To Avoid At All Cost

Every couple dreams of their big day, traditionally most focus on a grand entrance into the reception hall. However, it’s important not to forget the exit.

Wedding sparklers are a great way to make sure you get photos that truly capture how special your big day is.

Just imagine it, all of your friends and family standing in line waving lit sparklers. They’re all excited and celebrating as you make your way to the car as husband and wife.

This magical moment has become a very popular trend among summer outdoor weddings. But there are some mistakes that you want to avoid making.

1. Check that the Venue will Allow Wedding Sparklers

A simple mistake that people make when they are planning a sparkler send-off is checking that the venue actually allows it. Some don’t allow it due to insurance policies.

The next thing you want to ask the venue about is whether they allow both the 20-inch ones or the 36-inch ones. If they only allow smaller ones you don’t want to show up with big sparklers.

Having the right wedding sparklers is half the battle.

2. Have an Announcement Sign

You want to make sure you have a sign that announces your sparkling send off. Be sure to include the time that its happening so your guests are fully aware. The best pictures have lots of people sending you off.

In a lot of cases guests will slowly dwindle as the night goes on, but if they know that you are having wedding sparklers you will have more people stick around to join the fun.

These are easy enough to make yourself, or you can purchase them online.

3. An Easy Way to Light Them

A lot of people make the mistake of having personalized matchbooks made to hand out with the wedding sparklers. While they make great keepsakes for your guests, they don’t make good tools for lighting the sparklers.

You want to make sure that the sparklers are easy for your guests to get lit relatively the same time. The best way to do this is to have barbeque or butane lighters. Use one at each end of the lines and then have people use the lit wedding sparklers to help get the rest lit.

Doing it like this can get all of your sparklers sparkling in a short time frame.

4. A Way to Dispose of the Sparklers

After your send-off, the guests have to put the sparklers somewhere. They burn really hot, so just sitting them down somewhere can be a fire hazard.

You’ll want to set up a few buckets filled about halfway with sand to contain the heat without causing any damage. While you can also use buckets of water for the wedding sparklers, we suggest the sand because the buckets are less likely to tip over.

You should also delegate someone in your wedding party to make sure your guests are putting the sparklers where they should be. This should also be the person who cleans it up after, tell them not to worry though, the buckets make clean up a breeze.

5. Not Enough Room

When deciding to have wedding sparklers, you need to find the right place at the venue to do it. There needs to be enough room for two lines and the couple to walk between them.

You want to be careful that you’re not smooshed too close, the sparklers can be dangerous. You want to be able to stop along the way for the pictures and not get hit with a spark.

Another thing to think about it how far from the car your sparkler send-off is. If possible it should be close, so you can leave easily from there.

6. Overbuying

Wedding sparklers can be easily bought in bulk, but buying too many is a problem a lot of couples have.

Between 100-125 guests attend an average wedding but you won’t need one for every guest. Even with a sign telling them that you’re having wedding sparklers, some guests will leave. On top of that, some people won’t participate because some will be taking pictures and others might even be afraid.

That’s why its best to buy enough for about 75 percent of the guests. Don’t worry though, a lot of companies will let you send back your unused wedding sparklers.

7. Wrong Timing

When getting the perfect picture timing is everything. It’s one of the most common mistakes people make. Not all sparklers light well, and some stay lit longer than others. We always say it’s best to try out a few and see how long they take to lite and how long they stay lit.

High-quality wedding sparklers will stay lit for longer, the short ones that are used for things like Fourth of July burn quicker and are less safe for this sort of thing.

You want to have some sort of countdown to let your guests know when to start lighting, it will also let your photographer know when to be ready for your grand exit.

8. Limiting Yourself

Wedding sparklers aren’t only good for a sparkler send-off, the can add flare to other parts of your wedding as well. They can add to other special moments, like your first kiss and husband and wife. Just pass them out as the guests take their seat and have someone explain when and how to light them.

You can have your bridesmaid write out special words, like love or forever while you’re photographer shoots it. this could be during the kiss, or while you guys are taking photos after.

Final Tips

We have a few extra tips to make sure your wedding sparklers turn out to be everything you want them to. You should try to limit any extra light, it can mess up the exposure. Let your photographer know what your planning, he or she might want to practice before your big day.

If you’ve decided to give yourself a sparkler send-off take a look at all of the different options we have.

What Are The Best Sparklers For Wedding Receptions?

Sparkler send-offs are one of the biggest trends in weddings over the last several years.

Wedding trends come and go, but this trend is here to stay. Happy couples are choosing to celebrate their big day with this fun, creative send-off.

Now that you’re committed to the trend, you need to figure out what are the best sparklers for weddings. Read below to find what’s best for your big day.

What is a Sparkler Send-Off?

Before you choose which type of sparkler is the best for you, you need to learn the ins and outs of the sparkler send-off.

Send-offs have been a wedding tradition for decades. Originally, guests would throw rice at the newly-married couple as a way to wish them good luck with fertility. This tradition has changed over the years to include confetti, bubbles, and now sparklers.

The send-off occurs at the end of the reception when the newlywed couple leaves. Wedding guests gather around the couple to cheer them on and wish them a happy future.

A sparkler send-off involves a handheld firework emits colored flames. Your guests each light a sparkler and line up on both sides of your exit path. This makes for a beautiful moment as well as stunning photographs.

Ten-Inch Sparklers

Ten-inch sparklers are the smallest size you should consider. This is the traditional size of sparklers that you may be familiar with already.

These burn quickly, for about 40 seconds each. Due to the quick burn time, 10-inch sparklers work best for small, intimate weddings. It won’t take long for your closest family members and friends to light these sparklers and gather around for a send-off.

Due to the size and burn speed, bundling together 4-5 sparklers is a great idea. Tie the sparklers together with a theme-colored ribbon. Guests can then choose to light them all at once for a large spark or use them one by one to celebrate longer.

Twenty-Inch Sparklers

Twenty-inch sparklers are great sparklers for weddings with less than 150 guests. These are twice the length of traditional sparklers and provide over twice the burn time.

These sparklers will burn for two minutes. This will give your guests time to light the sparkler, organize themselves along the send-off path, and cheer you on to your happy life.

Due to the extra time, your photographers will have a better chance to photograph the send-off. Two minutes will even give you enough time to stop a few times along the path to kiss or pose.

Thirty-Six-Inch Sparklers

Thirty-six-inch sparklers are the largest size and best choice for your wedding day. Large sparklers will allow your guests to feel relaxed when celebrating your send-off.

These sparklers will burn for four minutes and are the perfect fit for large weddings of more than 150 people. Don’t think because you have less than 150 guests, these sparklers aren’t the right fit for you. Thirty-six-inch sparklers are great for any wedding where you don’t want your guests to feel rushed.

Guests will have more than enough time to light the sparklers, get in place, and truly celebrate you as a couple. The larger size will take your wedding celebration up to the next notch as guests will remember these large sparklers for years to come.

Your photographer will thank you later for all the extra time they had for send-off photos. The larger size also means a larger amount of light comes from the sparklers. Meet with them beforehand to discuss what you want your sparkler send-off photos to look like.

Heart-Shaped or Numbered Sparklers

Heart-shaped or numbered sparklers may seem like a great idea, but you should stay away from these.

Sparklers start burning at one end and continue burning to the other end. The heart or number sparklers you paid extra money for won’t light up like you thought they would. Only one section of the sparkler will be lit at one time.

Wooden stick sparklers are another type to stay away from. These emit a lot of smoke and can ruin your big send-off. If you aren’t careful, they can send off smoke alarms and bother your guests as they are standing there breathing in all that smoke.

There’s a reason you always see the traditional sparklers used in wedding send-offs. Stick with what’s been tried and tested by other brides. You’ll save yourself a lot of headache and money.

Other Ways to Use The Best Sparklers for Weddings

While the send-off is by far the most popular use for wedding sparklers, there are many other ways you could incorporate them. Here are a few other ideas:

  • Instruct your guests to light their sparklers during your first kiss as a couple. This will make that special moment even more magical.
  • Have your photographer come up with ways to use sparklers in your wedding photos. Sparklers are great for light writing, making words or images appear in photographs.
  • Adding sparklers to your wedding cake is a great idea. You can decorate your whole cake with sparklers for a grand entry. Also, try adding a small sparkler to each piece of cake for a special touch.
  • Have your guests light their sparklers and gather around for your first dance. This makes for a magical, memorable moment.
  • Use them as extra decoration. By adding a themed ribbon or placing them in a rustic bucket, your sparklers will add to the charm of your big day.
  • Send any extra sparklers home with your guests as a wedding favor. Your guests will be able to enjoy the sparklers and remember your special day

When choosing the best sparklers for weddings, buy from a reputable seller. Sparklers Online is the original sparkler company. We have been in business for 15 years and operate with a 100 percent guarantee.

Our team is available to talk with you to figure out the best sparkler for your big day. Sparklers can be tricky and your wedding day isn’t the day to make mistakes. Contact us for help to address any of your questions or needs. You can also start shopping for sparklers to find your favorite.

The Amazing Science Behind the Simple Sparkler

Everyone loves to see fireworks. So for the bride or groom looking to add some pizzaz to their wedding, sparklers are a great choice. They are a safe way to add excitement and impress your guests.

Those who choose to add this unique element to their evening or night ceremonies may be curious.

What are sparklers made of and how do they work? Are they safe for my guests to use? Will they burn for long enough to get a good photo?

These are all perfectly normal questions, and you can find out more if you keep reading. Sparklers are a great and inexpensive choice for your wedding, so it’s good to find out more.

If you’ve ever wondered about these fun party accessories, this article will help. Read on to find out the amazing science behind the sparkler.

What Is a Sparkler Is Made Of?

First of all, a sparkler and a firework are two completely different things. Unlike the latter, a sparkler burn will give a controlled “slow burn”. The longest ones can go up to four minutes for an impressive effect.

The basic composition of a sparkler starts with a mix of chemicals. These chemicals are connected to the part that you hold, a thin stick or wire usually. The most common fuel combination is sulfur and charcoal.

Once it’s lit, there’ll be a shower of sparks in a ball shape around the sparkler’s end. The wire or stick should support sparkler burn all the way to the end.

There are some common ingredients in all sparklers. Namely a fuel, oxidizer, metal powder, and a binder.

The binder is the part that combusts and is usually made of starch, sugar, or dextrin. Metal powder and oxidizer are combined in a paste and the binder holds it all together. In some sparklers, the binder is also used as fuel.

Colorants can also be added to make different colored sparklers. The salts of certain metals give off a variety of colors. Certain metallic fuel may be colored light or deep yellow, white, or a bright orange color.

The Chemical Reaction

Sparklers do in fact have one similarity to fireworks: combustion. The powdered metal and the oxidizer (usually potassium nitrate) mix and create a huge amount of energy. This causes a flash of light, as well as some heat and the “popping” sound that you get with sparklers.

Sparklers are a safer, less noisy version of other common combustibles. The reaction in a sparkler happens more slowly. The binder also often acts as a regulator or reducing agent to slow down the reaction.

It starts when you light the top, releasing oxygen. The next step will be the oxidization of the super tiny powdered metal pieces in the sparkler. That causes more heat which in turn ignites the next piece of the sparkler till it reaches the end.

The sparkles themselves are larger pieces of metal. They produce the actual sparkles once they are ignited. They look similar to a shooting star when they are ejected into the air and start to burn.

These pieces are important to call the device a sparkler. Without the large pieces then the sparkler would just burn down to the end without much fanfare. Kind of like lighting a match.

The metals used range from aluminum to steel and even magnesium dust.

The key thing that makes a sparkler safe is that the metals are proportioned in just the right amount. This leads to a controlled burn.

Temperature vs Thermal Energy

Can you guess how hot a sparkler is? Let’s compare it to some other temperatures. The human body is around 98 degrees, an oven can get up to 1500 degrees.

Iron, on the other hand, melts at around 2,800 degrees. This is in the range of how hot a sparkler gets. The sparks can reach from 1,800 to 3,000 degrees!

You might think this makes them scary. However, a spark that touches your skin won’t seriously damage you.

This is because its heat is coming from its thermal energy. Scientifically, temperature and energy are two different things. The sparklers have extremely low mass and their thermal energy is low as a result.

An easy way to think about this is to consider the case of a pizza wrapped in foil in the oven. Once it’s hot enough, you slide it out by holding the foil. Will the foil burn you?

Likely not, since although it’s about 300 degrees, it’s low mass and very thin. It’s not going to hold enough energy to burn your fingers.

Size and Volume

The sparks in your sparkler are doubly safe because of their size. Since they are so small, they don’t stay hot for long. If you think about it, you probably already know that small things cool off more quickly.

It’s the case whether you’re talking about a sparkler or a tray of muffins. For example, say you’ve got two trays, one full of bigger muffins and the other full of smaller ones. You already know that the smaller ones will cool off more quickly and be ready to eat that much faster.

The science that determines all this is all about volume. Think about a small cube of metal. If you want to double the size of that cube, you’ll have to double each of the eight sides of the cube.

You’ve effectively made the volume EIGHT times what it was. This means eight times the thermal energy. If that new piece of metal is heated, it’s going to be much warmer than the original smaller piece.

Be Sparkler Safe

A sparkler is not dangerous, but they still produce a tiny bit of heat. This is not usually enough to burn anyone. Still, remember to take precautions, but still, have fun!

Sparklers are a great way to add some magic to your ceremony and get your guests involved in a way they’ll enjoy. Have a look at our guide and see how this little item can take your big day from blah to wow.

Your Ultimate Guide To Sparkler Safety

There’s nothing quite as stunning as running through a crowd of your friends holding sparklers on your wedding day.

In fact, this special moment has become an expected part of almost every wedding celebration in today’s world.

But especially if you have little ones (or, let’s be real, are planning on serving alcohol) at your wedding?

We know that you’re curious about sparkler safety. Don’t worry — we’re here to help!

From teaching you how to light sparklers to offering up some invaluable safety dress, this post will tell you everything you need to know to stay worry and stress-free on your big day!

How to Light a Sparkler

First thing’s first: let’s teach you exactly how to safely light a sparkler!

We know that you’ll likely have lots of guests surrounding you on your big day. So, you want to do things quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing safety.

First of all, invest in a longer barbecue lighter. To master how to use a lighter safely, look for one that puts as much distance as possible between your hand and the flame.

Under no circumstances should you use matches — though this is less for safety reasons, and more because they rarely actually get hot enough to successfully light a sparkler.

We suggest that you line up your guests in two separate rows. This is great for creating a bridge that you and your new husband or wife can run through on your way to the reception or even your honeymoon!

Give each guest only one sparkler. If someone (read: someone’s child) starts asking for more than one, just smile and say you only have enough for each person to get one.

You can pick out three or for friends to be your designated sparkler lighters. They can disperse themselves throughout the two rows, starting at the top. Then, instruct each guest to light the sparkler of the person standing next to them by touching the tip of their sparker to another’s.

We suggest that you allow parents of small children to light their sparklers for them.

General Sparker Safety

There are a few other things that you should take into consideration when it comes to having sparklers on your wedding day.

Especially if you’ve noticed that your guests are getting a little, um, rowdy?

Make your designated sparkler lighters walk down the line and gently remind your hardest-partying guests not to swing or play around with their sparklers. You shouldn’t have to worry about reprimanding your best friends on your wedding day, after all!

Also, instruct everyone (again, especially young children like your flower girl and ring bearer) that they can only use their sparklers when they are standing up. If you sit down, it can be easy to accidentally get burned.

We suggest that younger children aim to hold sparklers about a complete arm’s length away from their bodies. This will help them to stay safe and have fun in the process.

Finally, keep in mind that, while sparklers won’t usually cause any lasting burn damage on your skin, they can leave permanent marks — or holes — in your clothes!

So, for best results, refrain from getting your sparkler too close to clothing of any kind (especially your wedding dress!)

Safely Cleaning up after Sparklers

You’ve already paid what feels like a small fortune for your wedding venue.

You don’t want to have to pay even more because you didn’t properly pick up after yourself!

First of all, remember that, depending on the length of the sparklers that you get, they can burn anywhere from 45 seconds to over three minutes!

So, depending on how long of a walk you want to take (or how many guests you have) make sure that you buy sparklers that match your needs.

What should you do to ensure that sparkler safety continues after they’ve all burned out?

As you’ve probably already guessed, it’s once again the time to depend on your handy sparkler designated lighters and monitors to come to your rescue.

Before anything happens, make sure that they’ve arranged to have a few metals buckets of cold water somewhere around where you’ll be taking your walk.

Then, once you’re certain that all the sparklers have burned out, have them collect each of the sparklers from the guests. Make sure that they only grab the sparklers by the wired ends. Anything else may be too hot!

Then, have them place the used sparklers in the bucket of water. In truth, this isn’t really necessary, but it will make everyone feel much safer. Once they’ve sat in the bucket of water for a few minutes, it’s safe to toss them in the trash can.

Looking back at your photos from running through the line of sparklers will, no doubt, be one of the most special parts of your entire experience!

Use These Sparkler Safety Tips on Your Big Day

We hope that this post has helped to remind you of the importance of sparkler safety on your wedding day.

Just make sure that you choose only your most responsible friends to help you with this part of the celebrations.

Of course, you also need to choose only the best sparklers.

That’s where our amazing products come in.

Be sure to spend some time on our website and blog to learn more about how our beautiful sparklers can help to make all of your wedding day dreams come true.

How to Incorporate Sparklers Into Your Wedding

Nothing brings a wedding night send-off to life quite like sparklers. But have you ever considered using them in other innovative ways to “light” up your special day?

From professional photos to the cake cutting, wedding sparklers can provide dramatic punctuation as you and your loved one pass over the threshold into married life.

Interested in learning more about how to fill your wedding with glow and dazzle? Read on for fun ways to incorporate sparklers into the different stages of your once-in-a-lifetime event.

Decorate with Wedding Sparklers

Instead of saving the lights for the end of your special event, incorporate them into your wedding decorations. In fact, why not make sparklers for weddings an unforgettable theme for your big day? How?

Place them in glass jars, sophisticated vases, or quaint metal buckets to create unforgettable centerpieces. Not only will these decorations create a unique wedding-day ambiance but they’ll stoke anticipation for the light show to come.

You can also spread them on a table in an artistic arrangement. Be sure to include matches or lighters for ease of lighting. You’ll want to clearly demarcate where sparklers will appear during your wedding ceremony and reception.

High-quality sparklers come in myriad shapes and sizes including 10 inches, 20 inches, and 36 inches. So, you can choose the best option depending on your decor, arrangements, and planned activities. Do a little research so that you choose the best products for your special day.

Make Your First Kiss Momentous

As guests take their seats for your ceremony, have ushers distribute sparklers and matches or lighters. Make sure the ushers let guests know when and where these sparklers should be lit. That way, you’re sure to have magical light for that most special of moments when the ceremony culminates in your first kiss.

A breathtaking event illuminated by these props, you and your significant other will cherish the photos that result. Imagine a sea of sparkling lights through which you and your loved one float mid-kiss. The sparks will literally fly, and why not?

There’s no better way to capture the moment as you and your loved embark on your new life together. Your guests will be talking about this moment for years to come.

Sparklers Transform Wedding Photos

While we’re on the topic of wedding photos, let’s discuss more fun ways to incorporate them into your pictures. There are so many ways to use sparklers in wedding photos that it’s difficult to know where to start. They bring formal portraits to life with romantic sparks.

They make casual reception photos memorable and unique. You can even have your bridesmaids use them to spell out words or dates during nighttime photos. (Just think about the visual impact of “LOVE” glittering in the background of your photo.)

Interested in learning more about how to write with sparklers in your wedding photos? It’s easier than you think. But you’ll need the right equipment and a skilled professional photographer.

Cake Cutting Lights

There are a number of ways to tackle how to use sparklers during the cake cutting ceremony. Each one is innovative in its own way and produces irresistible results. So, think about how you’d like to set this portion of your ceremony ablaze with golden light.

If you plan for a big cake reveal, consider having staff place lit sparklers all over your cake before rolling it in. Then, when it enters your guests will gasp with amazement and long-awaited anticipation.

Or, as you dole out individual pieces of cake, place a sparkler atop each one as a dynamic garnish. How you use sparklers is up to you.

In terms of seasons, keep this in mind. Many brides gravitate toward sparkling toppers during the summer. Why? Because they are evocative of the Fourth of July with its fireworks and festivities.

That said, you may choose to make your winter wedding unexpected with glowing lights as well. They are especially well-suited for cozy weddings where snow echoes their white brilliance.

First Dance Fantastic

Your first dance represents another dramatic opportunity for using sparklers. Like your first kiss, you’ll want to make arrangements ahead of time to have ushers or other designated individuals pass out all of the necessary props and communicate when the lighting should take place.

Because of the nature of a wedding reception, it’s also advised that the bride make arrangements with the DJ for an announcement when it’s time to light the sparklers. That way, the glittering scene will illuminate you and your partner as you enter the room. Not only will your first dance feel extra special, but you’ll come away with captivating images.

The Perfect Send-Off

While using sparklers to conclude a wedding is not a new concept, there’s a reason couples continue to opt for the experience. It’s stunning. Or, as Brides puts it, “For a finale fit for the Fourth of July, make your getaway amid a shower of sparklers and fireworks.”

The dazzling lights will look magical. Imagine walking into the future with your loved one surrounded by glittering, glowing radiance.

You can also create another photo opportunity by placing sparklers around your getaway car. Then, as you prepare to drive off, they’ll light up. You’ll leave in a blaze of brilliant lights and fairy-tale magic.

Make Your Wedding Memorable

Do some online research to find the perfect products for your wedding. Some sparkler kits even come with matches and stickers that read, “Let Love Shine.” Whatever you choose, let wedding sparklers bring whimsy, romance, and light into your transition into married life.

Interested in learning more about lighting up your wedding night? Still not sure which sparklers are right for you? At Sparkle, we’re here to make your event spectacular and unforgettable.

Do you want to add flare to photos with wedding sparklers? Or, perhaps, light up your first kiss? Whatever your goal, contact us today to find the right products for your event.

We’re the wedding sparkler experts. Let us help you light the way to a bright future with your soulmate.