Hosting a Christmas Wedding

Photo credit: Lisa Schiller
Photo credit: Lisa Schiller

With beautiful decorations adorning homes, offices, and stores, magical twinkle lights brightening the longer nights, Christmas carols playing on pretty much every radio station, and an overall sense of holiday cheer in the air — December really is the most wonderful time of the year. If you are hosting a Christmas wedding this season, it’s time to harness the magic of the season to create an affair that your friends and family will not soon forget. Below we discuss some ideas for infusing holiday cheer into your December nuptials.

Make your invitations extra special with a holiday theme

Hosting a Christmas wedding gives you the chance to think outside of the box when it comes to your save the date cards and invitations. Instead of opting for traditional invitations, we suggest going all in on the holiday theme. This could mean adding some extra sparkle to your invitations, incorporating Christmas colors and patterns, or even adding a beautiful red wax seal to each invite. We also love the idea of displaying your invites on a mantle covered in seasonal greenery during your reception.

Greet guests with warm, holiday beverages

If you are hosting a Christmas wedding, chances are it is going to be chilly outside! Keep guests warm and toasty by welcoming them to your ceremony or reception with the season’s most beloved warm beverages. Some delicious warm drinks that are certain to keep your friends in good spirits no matter how frightful the weather may be included mulled wine, peppermint hot cocoa, or even just some classic hot tea and coffee!

Add fun, seasonal touches to your wedding attire

One easy way to add some Christmas spirit to your December wedding is to incorporate holiday touches into your attire, as well as that of your bridal party. Some ideas that we love include switching out more traditional shoes for a festive pair of green velvet heels, keeping your bridal party warm with faux fur muffs or capes, opting for flattering cranberry colored bridesmaids dresses, and sticking with seasonal flowers and colors for your groomsmen’s boutonnieres.

Go all out with Christmas decor

One of the best things about planning a wedding during the holiday season is the decor! Christmas trees, fresh greenery, glitter, and twinkle lights are not only perfect holiday decorations, they also create the backdrop for a dreamy and magical wedding reception. For table decor you cannot go wrong with beautiful table runners that incorporate fresh pine, sprigs of holly, red roses, and other seasonal florals. When it comes to centerpieces and floral displays embrace the season by sticking to seasonal blooms like amaryllis mixed in with greens and Christmas ilex. A few other fun Christmas wedding decor ideas include adding in these rustic reindeer, filling glass vases with ornaments, and of course adding twinkle lights wherever possible!

Send guests home with Christmas-themed wedding favors

Another perk of hosting a Christmas wedding is that it creates a ton of cute and affordable options for party favors. These elegant (yet hilarious) naughty or nice favors are sure to be a hit with guests while personalized ornaments will help friends and family remember your wedding for years to come when they decorate their tree.

Have an extra festive wedding send off

With the spirit of Christmas in the air, your December wedding send off is bound to be extra special. When it is time to make your grand wedding exit, make it a tad more festive by adorning your getaway car with a holiday wreath. As you leave, have guests bundle up and send you off in holiday style by ringing Christmas bells, lighting up wedding sparklers, or trying out some of these creative wedding send off ideas.

Festive Ideas for Planning a Holiday Party

long lasting sparklersAs of today, December is officially here — which means it is time to focus on all things Christmas! Are you planning a holiday party this season? Whether you are gathering friends for an epic bash at your home, heading up your office’s holiday potluck, or hosting your family for a traditional Christmas dinner, here are some festive ideas for entertaining this holiday season.

Set the mood for holiday cheer with the perfect playlist

Nothing says Christmas quite like a festive playlist filled with classic holiday songs. If you are feeling ambitious, why not put together a mix of your personal favorite Christmas tunes? Running short on time? Fear not! The HuffPost has you covered with their definitive guide to the best Christmas playlists out there.

Make your party a winter wonderland with DIY decorations

Thoughtful DIY decorations are one of the easiest (and most affordable) ways to take your Christmas party to the next level. Planning a holiday party in your office or simply don’t have space in your home for a tree? We suggest creating a makeshift tree out of leftover wrapping paper or gathering extra greenery and placing them in a vase with ornaments to serve as a tree. Some other cute ideas that will add some Christmas cheer to your party include creating these DIY reindeer garlands, lining your walkway with these easy-to-make mason jar candles, or making a giant holiday wreath for your mantle.

Serve up snacks with a holiday twist

When planning a holiday party menu, don’t forget to incorporate at least a few festive, Christmas-themed treats. Some delicious (and adorable) options include these Christmas wreath cookies, these savory cream cheese penguins, and these chocolate-dipped candy canes. While you are at it, don’t forget about serving up classic holiday beverages like warm apple cider, hot chocolate, and eggnog!

Get competitive with a gingerbread house contest

No matter how good the food and decor is, any party can quickly get boring without some sort of entertainment. This is why we love the idea of incorporating some friendly competition into your holiday gathering with a gingerbread house decorating contest. You can provide supplies, ask each guest to bring a decorating item, or even splurge for decorating kits.

Invite guests to participate in Christmas-themed games

Along the same lines, we suggest planning some fun holiday games that guests can participate in. Fortunately, there are tons of ideas out there that make the planning extra easy for you, as the host. Some party games that are certain to keep guests entertained all night long (and include minimal preparation) include Christmas charades, a Christmas scavenger hunt, and Christmas movie trivia.

End your holiday party with the magic of sparklers

Who says that sparklers are reserved for wedding send-offs? In our opinion, sparklers add a magical and festive touch to any celebration. As your Christmas party draws to a close and guests head out for the evening, surprise them with sparklers. You can send them home as a fun holiday party favor or have your guests move outside to illuminate the winter sky and celebrate the season.

Planning a winter destination wedding

winter destination wedding
Photo credit: Nicole Gatto

When most people picture a destination wedding, they imagine friends and family gathering in a warm, exotic location to celebrate together under clear and sunny skies. However, for the couple that loves all things winter — be it the beauty of the snow, a love of winter sports, or fun memories from a cold-weather family vacation — a winter destination wedding is an option worth considering. In this post, we will share some cold-weather destination wedding locations that will set the perfect backdrop for your very own winter wonderland.

Create a Winter Fairytale in Finland

The beautiful Lapland region of Finland will provide a magical, snow-filled backdrop for your winter nuptials that cannot be rivaled. Some recommendations from the experts at the Travel Channel include booking a reindeer-drawn sled to carry you to your wedding chapel and reserving an igloo (yes, you heard us right!) for your wedding night.

Add a Touch of the Wild West to Your Wedding in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

If you want to enjoy your winter destination wedding surrounded by beautiful snow covered mountains, in a bustling western town, Jackson Hole, Wyoming is the spot for you! Nestled between the majestic Teton Mountains and the Gros Ventre Mountain Range, this charming town has it all. Martha Stewart Weddings suggests booking a stay for you and your guests at the Alpine House — a cozy inn that includes locally sourced breakfasts and an honor bar.

Love to Ski? Think Colorado.

For the couple that loves winter sports, and wants their guests to be able to skip off to a ski slope at the drop of a hat, you can’t go wrong with Colorado. The Travel Channel suggests going with a big-name ski resort, like Telluride, Aspen, or Breckenridge, to ensure you and your guests can enjoy plenty of time indulging in your favorite winter sports.

Keep it Classic with a New England Winter Destination Wedding

If you love the idea of hosting your wedding in a quaint town in the snow-covered New England countryside, the Berkshires is the destination for you. Ranked one of America’s most romantic winter destinations by Travel & Leisure, the Berkshires is known for its classic New England charm, including charming villages and picturesque red barns.

Found the Perfect Location? Don’t forget to bring your favorite wedding traditions with you!

Once you have booked the perfect location for your winter destination wedding, don’t forget to incorporate some of the most beloved wedding traditions into your ceremony and reception. Just because you are traveling away from home, doesn’t mean you should skip out on wearing that “something borrowed” from your mother, grandmother, or a close friend. And just because you are in a new location doesn’t mean you can’t still incorporate a slideshow of old family wedding photos into your reception.

Most importantly, if you are traveling for your wedding, don’t forget to plan for an epic wedding send off! Whether this involved tossing birdseed or rice, lighting up the sky with wedding sparklers or having guests shower you with rose petals, a perfect send-off is key to ending your destination wedding on the right note.

Hosting a Winter Wedding

hosting a winter weddingDue to shorter days, freezing temperatures, and snowstorms, winter is typically known as the “off-season” when it comes to wedding planning. However, although the colder months certainly don’t win the wedding season popularity contest, we think there is something magical about hosting a winter wedding. Below we share some ideas for turning your December, January or February wedding into a winter wonderland that will rival a warm-weather soiree any day!

Keep Spirits High with Warm Drink Stations

Winter is about indulging in all things warm and cozy, so why not offer guests seasonal beverages in place of traditional refreshments? Setting up DIY stations for friends and family to mix up hot toddies or gourmet hot cocoa will keep spirits high — even on the chilliest nights of the year.

Incorporate Seasonal Greens into your Decor

Along with winter comes beautiful greenery — be it a traditional Christmas tree, a pine wreath, or a simple sprig of holly. Instead of focusing on traditional flowers in your decor, why not embrace the season by opting for fresh greenery. This could mean using mistletoe as a fun photo prop, adding a sprig of evergreen to your escort cards, or adorning each place setting with a festive holly cutting.  

Adjust your Attire Accordingly

If you are hosting a winter wedding, it is important to make sure that you and your wedding party are comfortable and warm no matter how low the temperatures may dip. In lieu of sleeveless styles, you may want to consider going with a sleeved dress. Have your heart set on a sleeveless style? You can easily customize your dress to include sleeves, like this bride. Another fun idea to keep warm is adding cute winter accessories like white gloves, faux fur scarves, or even capes!

Remember to Keep your Guests Warm & Toasty

When hosting a cold weather wedding, it is important to keep the comfort of your guests in mind. Some cute ways to ensure your family and friends are warm and cozy throughout your wedding reception include setting up a blanket station with soft throws guests can wrap up in while enjoying a warm drink or giving out gloves or mittens with a custom label as a favor that will be used time and time again.

Create a Cozy Atmosphere with Lighting

With sunsets as early as 5:00 p.m. during the winter months, chances are that at least a portion of your wedding will be after dark — making lighting an extra important consideration when hosting a winter wedding. To keep your reception merry and bright — no matter what the weather may be — we suggest embracing the darkness of winter and creating a romantic ambiance using delicate string lights, candles, and lanterns to set a magical mood.

Don’t Overlook Your Winter Wedding Send Off

When planning a winter wedding it can be easy to forego the popular wedding send off in order to avoid the freezing temps, but we say embrace the season for a dramatic wedding exit to remember! Some wedding send off ideas that will add an extra special touch to your winter wonderland include having guests ring dainty wedding bells, lighting up the dark winter night with wedding sparklers, or giving guests fake snow to throw as you make your escape.

Thanksgiving ideas to make your celebration extra special

Thanksgiving Ideas

Can you believe that Thanksgiving Day is less than two weeks away? As you prepare to gather friends and family for a delicious feast, consider incorporating some of these fun ideas that will make this year’s Thanksgiving celebration extra special!

1. Mix things up with some new recipes

When it comes to the Thanksgiving menu, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut. We suggest mixing things up and refreshing your annual celebration by testing out some new seasonal recipes. Who knows? You may even end up stumbling upon a new family favorite. If you are in search of fresh Thanksgiving ideas, check out this list of 25 Unique Thanksgiving Recipes.

2. Keep kids (and adults) entertained with coloring placemats

Getting your kids to stay seated throughout the entire Thanksgiving meal can be a challenge for even the most seasoned parent! That is why we love the idea of incorporating Thanksgiving-themed coloring placemats into your table settings. This is a fun and easy way to keep your kids entertained, and can even result in some pretty memorable artwork for your refrigerator door after the big day is over!

3. Spice things up with seasonal beverages

Instead of sticking to the classic tea, water, beer and wine drink menu, why not mix things up this year with some seasonal cocktails (and mocktails for guests that don’t drink alcohol)? If it is going to be a chilly day, we love the idea of serving guests this warm mulled cider (bonus: it will smell amazing!) or this decadent hot cocoa. Looking for some creative cocktail ideas? Check out this guide for 33 Cold-Weather Cocktails.

4. Take your decor to the next level

Sometimes a little bit of seasonal decor is all you need to make a gathering of friends and family feel extra special. A few Thanksgiving decor ideas that will get guests in the holiday spirit include these DIY wreaths from HGTV, a simple Thanksgiving banner, or a seasonal centerpiece.

5. Incorporate turkey day games

Having the entire family gathered under one roof for an extended period of time can prove challenging. One way to keep spirits high is to plan some fun Thanksgiving-themed activities for guests to participate in after the meal is finished. Want to burn off some calories after overindulging in that second slice of pie? Gear up guests for some active Thanksgiving games, like Turkey Tag or the Turkey Pokey. Too stuffed to get off the couch? We hear you. Here is a list of some low key games you don’t have to break a sweat to enjoy.

6. Take the celebration into the night with sparklers

In our opinion, no celebration is complete without sparklers. Sparklers will add a magical, playful touch to any Thanksgiving celebration, and are certain to keep your guests engaged long into the night!

If you are looking for sparklers to incorporate into your annual Thanksgiving celebration, we offer a wide selection of quality sparklers – including 20 inch and 36 inch sparkler options – that are certain to add an extra special touch to your Thanksgiving gathering this season.

Festive ideas for your Thanksgiving wedding

Thanksgiving wedding
Photo credit: Christina Kenny

November is here, which means Halloween is over and it is officially Thanksgiving season. Focused on gratitude and gathering friends and family, what could be better than incorporating a little bit of this classic American holiday into your Thanksgiving wedding celebration? Below we share a few fun ways to add a touch of Thanksgiving to your November nuptials.

Serve up pie instead of a traditional wedding cake

When you think about Thanksgiving, chances are that pie is one of the first things to come to mind. Whether you prefer pumpkin, pecan, apple, or chocolate, it wouldn’t be a Thanksgiving wedding celebration without pie! So why not ditch the traditional wedding cake in favor of this beloved Thanksgiving tradition? If you aren’t sure how to pull it off, we love the idea of setting up a pie bar featuring a variety of popular pie flavors. You could even ask friends and family to contribute their favorite family recipes to the spread.

Incorporate gratitude

A Thanksgiving wedding is a wonderful opportunity to let those you love most know how grateful you are to have them in your lives as they are gather together to celebrate your love. Show guests how thankful you are by preparing thank you notes to add to their place settings or creating a thank you map that expresses your gratitude for the the time and money guests spent to be there on your special day.

Mix up seasonal cocktails

Cranberry sauce is synonymous with Thanksgiving, so why not incorporate the tart yet sweet berry into your signature wedding drink? These cranberry fizz cocktails are simple and delicious and will instantly add a touch of fall celebration to your wedding reception.

Give back at your Thanksgiving wedding

The holidays are a time to remember the less fortunate and give back to society. As you gather your guests for your wedding celebration, it is a wonderful opportunity to encourage them to give back, be it through hosting a canned food drop off for a local charity or asking guests to donate to a favorite cause in lieu of a traditional registry gift.

Fully embrace seasonal decor

Thanksgiving means all things fall – especially when it comes to decor! Embrace the season by incorporating fall into your centerpieces, floral arrangements, and table settings. Some of our favorite ideas include this stunning fall foliage bouquet and these seasonal place settings. You can even take the Thanksgiving decor to the next level by opting for a fall-themed cake, using mini pumpkins as seating cards, or placing bowls of these classic pomander balls throughout your venue (bonus: they smell amazing!). Planning a wedding sparkler send off? You can add a Thanksgiving touch to your sparklers display by placing them in a hollowed out pumpkin or a festive fall basket adorned with leaves.

If you are looking for wedding sparklers to incorporate into your Thanksgiving wedding celebration, be sure to check out our wide selection, which includes both 20 inch and 36 inch sparkler options for your special day.

How to Plan a Spooktacular Halloween Bash

Halloween bash
Photo credit: Julia Dennebaum

Halloween is only a few days away, which means it is time to embrace your inner child and prepare to celebrate the spookiest holiday of them all. Whether this means having friends over to carve pumpkins, hosting a neighborhood block party, having family over to hand out candy, or boosting office morale with a post-work costume extravaganza, here are some fun ideas for hosting your very own spooktacular Halloween bash.

Serve Guests Savory and Sweet Halloween Treats

Hosting a Halloween party gives you the chance to get playful with your menu by incorporating all things creepy. Instead of serving a traditional cheese plate, why not opt for these cheesy eyeballs or a platter of goat cheese fingers? Looking for dessert ideas that go beyond candy corn and the candy you purchased for your trick-or-treaters? Delight your guests with these adorable white chocolate ghosts or these easy-to-make mummy cake pops.

Add a Touch of Haunted House Style to your Home with DIY Decor

One thing we love about decorating for Halloween is that it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Some fun and easy DIY ideas to set the mood for your Halloween bash include making these no-carve fanged pumpkins, creating a haunted front porch with this easy guide from HGTV, turning egg cartons into hangable bats decorations, or crafting these creepy drip candles.

Plan Halloween Party Games

No party is complete without entertainment, and Halloween-themed games are certain to delight both children and adults! Some options that are sure to keep your guests entertained include a fun twist on a classic “pin the tail on the donkey,” with pin the spider on the web, an old-fashioned pumpkin toss, or adorable Halloween-themed piñatas including a candy corn piñata or a ghost piñata.

Mix up Specialty Beverages with a Spooky Twist

Serving up spooky cocktails is an easy way to get guests in the Halloween spirit, and thanks to the internet, there are tons of creative and easy ideas to try out this year. Can’t get enough of margaritas? Spice up the classic party drink with these oh-so-frightening black magic margaritas. Meanwhile, these glamorous and creepy witch’s heart cocktails look delicious and will add a magical touch to your event. Don’t want to get stuck mixing up drinks all night? Keep it simple with this four-ingredient punch or place bottled beverages into a pumpkin cooler!

Set the Mood with Lighting

When it comes to hosting a Halloween bash ‒ lighting is everything. The eerie glow of tea lights from jack-o-lanterns or orange twinkle lights sets the tone for a spooktacular affair. Some other unique lighting ideas to keep your evening party aglow include creating milk carton ghost lanterns, hanging these creepy witch hat luminaries, or making reusable mason jar jack-o-lantern lights to place throughout your home. For an extra memorable Halloween extravaganza, you can even illuminate the sky at the end of the evening with sparklers.

If you are looking for sparklers to incorporate into your Halloween bash this year, be sure to check out our inventory of 36 inch and 20 inch sparklers. Here’s to a spooky and fun Halloween party you will not soon forget!

4 Common Wedding Planning Mistakes Solved

common wedding planning mistakes
Photo Credit: Andres Valenzuela Photos

When it comes to planning weddings, there are certain mistakes that we see time and time again. That’s why we decided to create a post on common wedding mistakes and gather the best advice on how to avoid these issues when it comes to planning your special day. Read on to learn about the top four wedding planning mistakes and the easy ways to avoid making them!

1. Going with the cheapest vendors without doing research

Yes, sticking to your budget is one of the most important things you can do when planning a wedding; however, this doesn’t mean you should choose the cheapest options for everything without doing a little bit of research.

They say you get what you pay for, and this is definitely true when it comes to choosing your wedding vendors. The Huffington Post suggests you choose wedding vendors as you would choose any other big-ticket purchase like a car, appliances, or a new phone: with lots of research.

The internet is a great resource for learning more about your options, however, one of the best ways to ensure you choose wisely is to get recommendations from friends and industry insiders, as well as by meeting with the vendors one-on-one to see if you like their work. This may mean not opting for the cheapest option, but it will be worth it in the long run.

2. Lacking a backup plan for inclement weather

Although a healthy dose of optimism is key when it comes to planning your big day, one of the most common wedding planning mistakes is assuming that your wedding day will be crystal clear, without a cloud in the sky. In reality, you never know what the weather will be – especially if you are planning six months to a year in advance.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, put down deposits on tents, umbrellas, and other rainy-day essentials. It’s true that this may end up costing you more for items you may not even need, but Martha Stewart Weddings suggests viewing it as “an investment in your peace of mind.”

3. Failing to stick to a schedule

Although it is not always the case, wedding planning often tends to fall to the bride. Even if you are the primary planner in the relationship, it is important to get your significant other’s input while planning your big day to make sure it is an event that represents you both.

The wedding planning experts behind Style Me Pretty suggest asking for your significant other’s opinion as you plan, to ensure they have input. If something stands out as important to them, let them take over that aspect of planning. This will result in a wedding ceremony and reception that reflects you as a couple.

4. Not having a clear endpoint

One of the most common wedding planning mistakes you can make is failing to set a clear endpoint to your reception. This can leave the party dragging into the night, with guests aimlessly drifting off before your grand exit.

An easy way to avoid this problem is by planning an official wedding exit and letting your guests know the plan in advance. If your wedding send off involves wedding sparklers, we suggest setting up a fun display that clearly tells guests when you plan to leave. This will not only keep guests from leaving early since they will have a clear endpoint in mind, it will also ensure your wedding goes out with a bang!

How to Plan a Holiday Wedding

holiday weddingIf you are planning a wedding in late fall or early winter, your wedding is bound to coincide with the holiday season. Whether it is Halloween for October brides, Thanksgiving for November nuptials, or Hannukah and Christmas for December ceremonies, planning a wedding during this time of year gives you the chance to incorporate some of your favorite fall and winter holiday traditions into your big day! Below are some fun and easy ways to add a touch of holiday flair to your holiday wedding celebration including ideas for decor, food, drinks, and even your wedding send off.

Add a Spooky Touch of Halloween to Your October Wedding

For couples planning a wedding in October, adding in a touch of Halloween is a must. If you are not fans of the creepier sides of the holiday, you can focus on adding in some less spooky traditions. Some fun ideas include having Halloween Carnival activities, like pumpkin carving and bobbing for apples at your reception, trying out a masquerade theme, serving a Halloween-themed signature drink, or sending your guests home with trick-or-treat favors at the end of the night.

Love the spookier side of Halloween? Some creative ways to incorporate this fall holiday into your wedding include sending creepy save the dates, like these, having an eerie candle-lit ceremony after sundown, and embracing the “Till Death do us Part” portion of the wedding vows, with this spooky ring holder or this dramatic display.

Incorporate the Thanksgiving Harvest Theme into your November Wedding

Since Thanksgiving festivities are centered around giving thanks for friends, family, and food, we can’t think of a better holiday to incorporate into your November wedding. One festive way to add a touch of Thanksgiving to your reception is to serve delicious, seasonal cocktails like warm mulled cider or a champagne apple punch. Can’t get enough of Thanksgiving Day food? Consider serving up a Thanksgiving feast of your own. Wedding expert Renee Strauss suggests subbing venison, pheasant, or other seasonal dishes with turkey for an extra special meal. It is also easy to embrace a Thanksgiving theme by adding touches of fall into your decor with pumpkin centerpieces, a fall color palette, and seasonal flowers and foliage for your bouquet.

Embrace the Season by Making Your December Wedding Celebration Merry & Bright

If you ask us, December is one of the most magical times of the year. Whether you celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas, there are tons of beautiful ways to add a touch of these seasonal celebrations into your holiday wedding day. When it comes to floral arrangements and decor, adding pops of pine needles, mistletoe, and cranberries alongside flowers in seasonal hues will instantly add a festive touch of Christmas to your special day. Meanwhile, if you are celebrating Hanukkah, also known as the  “Festival of Lights,” adding candlelight, twinkle lights, or lanterns will add a traditional element to your reception while also providing elegant mood lighting for your guests.

No matter how you choose to incorporate fall and winter holidays into your wedding, you are bound to have a beautiful celebration that you will not soon forget! If you are looking for an easy way to add a festive touch to your holiday wedding exit, be sure to check out our wide selection of wedding sparklers, which add a special touch to every celebration — no matter what the season.

Tips for planning a daytime wedding

planning a daytime weddingThere are many reasons to opt for a daytime wedding. Whether you are trying to save money, want to embrace the beautiful morning light, or are trying to keep your wedding casual, you can’t go wrong with a daytime wedding. Typically our posts are focused on planning evening weddings. However, in this post, we’ll share some of our favorite pointers for planning a festive and fun daytime wedding. And in case you were wondering—you can still incorporate wedding sparklers into a daytime affair!

Stick to a strict timeline

One of the main differences between planning an evening wedding and planning a daytime wedding is the timeline. When planning an evening wedding, you have the entire day for last minute logistics, hair and makeup, and other wedding prep. However, if the ceremony starts at 11:00 a.m., it is important to plan accordingly so that you aren’t rushed. suggests planning on an early wakeup call to ensure plenty of time for hair and makeup, lounging with your bridal party, and dealing with any last minute logistics.

Consider serving brunch or lunch

When planning a daytime wedding many couples are tempted to opt for light hors d’oeuvres instead of serving a traditional meal. However, this can result in hungry guests, who most likely ditched breakfast or lunch to attend your nuptials. Jyl Deering, a wedding planner for Chancey Charm suggests centering your reception around either brunch or lunch to ensure guests are well fed. If this simply isn’t in the budget, that’s okay! Just be sure to inform guests that you will be hosting a wedding followed by light hors d’oeuvres so they can plan their meals accordingly.

Plan your music accordingly

According to, it’s perfectly acceptable to incorporate dancing into your daytime wedding. However, if you do want to get guests moving, it is important to choose your music to match the time of day. Instead of hiring a DJ to spin popular club tunes, they suggest sticking live music, like a classical guitarist or a popular jazz ensemble. If live music isn’t in the budget, we love the idea of putting together a fun daytime playlist that guests can dance to.

Incorporate lawn games

If you are planning a daytime wedding that is outdoors, you can’t go wrong with lawn games. Setting up games like croquet, horse shoes, giant jenga, corn hole, and more, will ensure guests have a blast at your reception and will also provide fun photo opts. Want to personalize a game for your big day? We love these monogrammed cornhole boards!

Don’t forget to plan a send off!

Just because you are planning a daytime wedding doesn’t mean you should skip the grand wedding exit! In fact, a clear end to your wedding may be even more important to ensure your guests don’t stay into the evening. Some of our favorite wedding send off ideas for daytime weddings include balloons, flower petals, pom poms, silly string, and, of course, wedding sparklers!