3 Benefits of Using Sparklers For Events

When it comes to event planning, especially wedding planning, you have to strike a balance between sticking to tradition and planning a unique event. And some conventions have become a tradition for very practical reasons.

For instance, the most popular months for weddings are June and October, because weather tends to be very pleasant during those months. But some ideas are just plain conventional, and there is so much room to assert your personality in how you throw these events.

One great way to throw a really memorable celebration is to utilize wedding sparklers in your event. They will light up your night in ways you never would have expected. Check out their other benefits here:

Instant Crowd Pleaser

What’s more exciting than those sputtering lights and crackle that can only mean sparklers? Hardly anything, especially at a party. A traditional sparkler may only last for about 45 seconds, but that is more than enough to delight an already celebratory and excited crowd, take hundreds of pictures, and light more smoke free sparklers.


Yes, you do have to dispose of sparklers once they run out, but they are simply long, thin wooden sticks. Think of the waste involved with other types of party supplies, like string lights that go unused, bits of plastic from cheap party favors, and paper from hanging decorations. Minimize the waste and maximize the sparkle to illuminate any special night, from a wedding to a sweet sixteen party.

Ease and Convenience

There is practically nothing as easy as distributing lit, long lasting sparklers, then collecting them when they sputter out. Even safety measures for sparklers at parties aren’t hard to implement since they pose practically no risk once they’ve gone out. Since children tend to get burned two and a half times as often between the ages of 10 and 14, perhaps they can be passed over during the sparkler handouts. But otherwise, obtaining, distributing, and cleaning up party sparklers is as easy as pie. Especially when you think about confetti, rice, or pinatas.

Plus, buying sparklers online makes it even easier for you to plan the wedding or party of your dreams.

From easy cleanup to buying sparklers online, there is no doubt that wedding sparklers, or sparklers for any other celebration, is an amazing, low cost, and minimal effort way to celebrate with your own unique style.

Sparklers, and Props, and Hashtags, Oh My! Ways to Make Your Special Day Shine

sparklers for weddingsYour wedding day is finally here. You’ve picked the perfect dress, the perfect venue, and finally received all of the RSVP notes. You know that you’re going to have a wonderful time, but don’t forget about your guests! The key to a fun wedding is making sure that all of your guests can have fun, too. So if you’re looking for ways to spice up your special day, be it wedding sparklers, a photo booth, or party favors, here are a few ideas.

Open Bar
This may seem like an obvious one, but there’s no doubt that a free bar permits guests to have fun without worrying about a dry glass or an empty wallet. Of course, your menu will be limited based on your budget, but a few signature cocktails and a good beer or two will keep everyone smiling.

Create the Perfect Playlist
While hiring a band or DJ can add a little extra flair to the party, if they don’t have a great repertoire of music to play, nobody is going to dance. The solution? Create your own custom playlist and ask as many guests as possible for contributions. This way you’re guaranteed to get every guest out on the dance floor at least once!

Provide Photo Ops!
Of course, there will be lots of pictures, both professional and amateur, taken on your wedding day. But after a while, the same ol’ selfies get boring. So go a little prop-crazy! Adding a photo booth can be a huge hit, if it’s in your budget.

What’s the #Hashtag?
Everybody wants to be a wedding photographer on your big day, and why not give them the chance? A hashtag can not only give your day a unique spin, it can give all of your friends the opportunity to share and reminisce with everyone’s photos all in once place.

Make the Night Sparkle
Sparklers for weddings are becoming more and more popular, especially if the party is outdoors and runs into the night. Traditional wire sparklers last about 45 seconds, but with 20-inch or even 36-inch sparklers, you can get up to four minutes of burn time, which will give you plenty of time to snap the perfect shot.

Whether you choose sparklers for weddings, a quirky hashtag, or all of the above, adding some of these elements to your wedding can guarantee a memorable day.

Why Should You Buy Sparklers for Your Wedding?

buy sparklersWeddings are fun! That is, except for the bride and groom. How many weddings have you been to where the people you came to celebrate with looked the most exhausted and stressed out? Indeed, planning a wedding and executing it is a lot of work, even with the help of the professionals.

But, everyone wants their wedding guests to enjoy themselves and have fond memories of the event. That’s where wedding sparklers come in — it is not only a unique and low maintenance idea, but it is safe and easy. Check out these reasons why you should buy sparklers for a wedding

It’s Inexpensive
Buying long sparklers for the guests at your wedding is a very affordable way to assert your originality. Cut costs even more by sticking to basic but tasteful decorations, and concentrate on one simple theme. With smokeless sparklers, your wedding will be remembered forever as a classy, fashionable affair — without you remembering it for months by paying off expensive bills.

It’s Easy
Handing out sparklers to your wedding guests is practically effortless. Have one person in charge of coordinating a timed lighting, or allow everyone to do what they like, which will create a naturally staggered and stunning display of light. For weddings, 20 or 36 inch sparklers are ideal. The benefit of long sparklers is that each guest only needs one sparkler, and there is a very long handle for them to hold. The average wedding now has 136 guests, so plan accordingly.

A traditional sparkler lasts for approximately 45 seconds, but the memories and pictures they create will last forever. Once evening falls on your wedding day, sparklers will light up the event tent or outdoor space, just as you and your new spouse provide light in each other’s lives.

Make your wedding a night to remember for everyone involved. Tasteful, simple, beautiful, and cheap — there is practically no reason why you shouldn’t buy sparklers for your wedding. Create memories and stand out for your unique wedding idea.

Advice For Using Wedding Sparklers

Equality wedding sparklersveryone’s wedding should be a magical event, emblazoned in the minds and hearts of all who attend. One way to do this, both literally and figuratively, is to provide wedding sparklers for the magical day. A wedding sparkler can transform any outdoor wedding event into a magical and light infused celebration. Beautiful pictures from such events can attest to this. Everyone knows that once the sun goes down, the real fun starts, but the magic of the ceremony and the symbolism behind the traditions is only enhanced.

While providing sparklers for a wedding is an amazing idea, it also poses a fire hazard, and the last thing anyone wants on their special day is an accident or a catastrophe. The many weddings that have used quality wedding sparklers attest to the fact that they can be used safely and easily, but it is best to educate oneself on the risks and ways to avoid big mistakes. Check out this list of safety considerations to remember when it comes to quality wedding sparklers:

  • Get the right size sparklers — for weddings, 20- or 36-inch sparklers are ideal since it means that each guest only needs one sparkler, needs to only light it once, and there is a very long handle to hold. This way, there are no stray sparklers lying around, no excess lighters going off, and it is unlikely that anyone will burn themselves with long-handled wire sparklers.
  • It may be wise to keep sparklers an adult-only affair, as children may become overexcited and reckless when using them. Indeed, the risk of fireworks injury is two-and-a-half times as high for children ages 10 to 14.
  • Be prepared! Keep several first aid kits located in and around your wedding area, large pitchers of water for putting out potential fires, fire extinguishers, and the like. With more than 136 people being the average number of people at a wedding, it is always best to be prepared for all sorts of situations.
  • Have a designated area for sparkler disposal — this way you can keep track of all of them!

By taking a few precautions, you can have the most magical wedding of all!

Make That Twinkle In Your Eye Sparkle on Your Wedding Day

smokeless sparklersSome things about your wedding are sure to be traditional, and justifiably so. June and October — the most popular months to get married — are surely the most lovely, and ivory and white — the wedding colors chosen by 44% of new couples — is a perfect palette for any union. Indeed, there is something magical and enchanting about traditions like these, and knowing that you are joining a long line of couples in tying the knot.

But there is no doubt that you also will want your wedding to stand out from the crowds, in both your own and your guests’ memories. One way to do this is to utilize a unique visual element: wedding sparklers.

For weddings, 20- to 36-inch sparklers are ideal for both visual, timing, and safety. This way, each guest only needs one long sparkler; they only need to light it once; and the handle is long and easy to hold. Imagine a tent or a field full of beautiful sparks, each being held by a beloved family member or friend as they send you off on your journey with your new spouse. For wedding sendoffs like these, it is a good idea to order enough smokeless sparklers for 75% of the guests in attendance, just in case of early departures. It is also worth it to consider keeping the sparklers an adult only affairs — children have a two-and-a-half times greater risk of suffering injury from fireworks than do adults.

A traditional sparkler may last for about 45 seconds, but that is more than enough time to capture the beautiful images for your wedding that you need to preserve forever. Having multiple rounds of the sparklers during the night might be a good idea to improve the overall picture quality. Make sure to get smokeless sparklers to preserve their magical quality.

Sparklers for a wedding — what a great way to celebrate a union of love, by bringing the light of the stars down to earth for a night! Combined with the floral arrangements, the delicious food, and the amazing people, your wedding night will be one for the books.

How To Make Your Wedding Unforgettable: Plan the Wedding Sendoff of a Lifetime

sparklers for a weddingA traditional sparkler lasts for about 45 seconds — but the memories of your wedding day last a lifetime.

There are many ideas for unconventional decoration and theme ideas for weddings out there, but they tend to be costly, inconvenient, or tacky. That’s one reason why simple, elegant ideas based around symbolism and imagery are making a huge comeback. Some ideas include string lights, wildflowers, and sparklers. Here are a couple of ideas for how to incorporate these beautiful, light-emitting design elements into your special ceremony:

Invent a new ceremony
Consider drawing all of your guests into the wedding ceremony by asking each of them to hold smokeless sparklers for a wedding in a line, and lighting them in succession. The effect will be dazzling. You’ll make your grand exit as you walk back through an aisle of sorts at the end of the reception. As the last of the sparklers die out, you will be remembered as the happy, dazzling bride surrounded by a halo of light on her way to her honey moon.

Encourage revelry!
It is your party, after all! By distributing sparklers and encouraging dancing and outdoor games, everyone will remember your wedding as a glorious cacophony of sound, light and sparkles.

Have an evening outdoor ceremony
And light it with sparklers! A professional photographer taking pictures with a slow shutter speed will capture some truly astounding images of your ivory dress lit by moonlight and sparklers.

Spell out your names
Have guests arrange the letters of you and your newly wed’s names for a stunning sparkling display by sticking long sparklers and wire sparklers,into the soil or sand of wherever you are tying the knot.

Make sure to order enough sparklers for a wedding to account for 75% of your guests, which should be enough after accounting for no shows and early departures. It also may be worth it to try to keep sparklers an adult only affair at your wedding, since the risk of fireworks injury is two and a half times as high for children ages 10 to 14. Order smoke free sparklers for an even more pronounced effect

But no matter what, remember that this is your day and your chance to go down in sparkling history!

3 Cool Wedding Trends for 2016

sparklers for a wedding
Credits: Music City Events and Kristyn Hogan

If you’ve said “yes” to the ring, then the next logical step is planning out the wedding. If you’re planning on getting married within the next year, then like many couples, you may be interested in knowing what’s trending in the wedding community. While you’re not going to want to opt for flash-in-the-pan trends, it’s possible to get ideas for unique and classy additions for your own celebration. Here are three things that are going to be popular in weddings this year.

The Naked Cake
A recent survey from USA Today has showed that young consumers are increasingly concerned about eating healthy and “clean” food. Naked cakes have either no frosting or are only partially frosted, typically revealing the cake layers for all to see rather than hiding them beneath a layer of fondant. Adornment with berries or flowers is typical. This can also encourage brides to get more experimental with the actual flavor and texture of the cake, which will be the star of the show.

Wedding Sparklers
We love wedding sparklers here! This year, you’ll see couples use them more and more in order to create unique and memorable wedding photos. The average wedding has about 136 guests, and wedding sparkler send offs are a way to get everyone in on something fun without having to drop thousands of dollars. Experts recommend planning on having sparklers for at least 75% of your anticipated number of guests, so that you have enough for everyone who wants one. Sparklers also pair well with themed weddings, whether you’re going for a hollywood glamour or a roaring 20s theme. For indoor parties, smokeless sparklers offer a handy solution.

Drones as Photographers
It’s been news for a while that companies like Amazon are considering using drones for quicker shipping. One intriguing trend has been the use of drones for taking unique wedding photos. Drones are capable of taking wide-angle and top-angle shots of ceremonies and parties that would previously only be possible by use of a helicopter. Drones can also be used to capture epic shots of sparklers for a wedding send off at night.

Sparklers for a wedding may only last for about 45 seconds, but your wedding memories will hopefully last a lifetime. Take tips from these three 2016 wedding trends in order to make your celebration amazing!

Wedding Sparklers – Not Just for Weddings Anymore!

buy sparklersWedding sparklers are making their way on to every bride’s must-have list. Since they first came on to the wedding celebration scene, their popularity as a way to add a little extra magic to a bride’s special day has skyrocketed.

While we love incorporating sparklers into a wedding, they’re also great for really any occasion, especially birthdays. If you want to buy sparklers for a special birthday, here are three ways to use them that you probably haven’t thought of!

  1. As a Cake Topper
    The tradition of lighting candles on a cake traces back many, many years. However, candles can be messy, tricky to light, and downright dangerous. Instead of boring old wax candles, consider using sparklers as a cake topper. You can ignite just one for a special surprise or multiple ones to create dazzling fountains of light.The standard size sparkler is about 10 inches — perfect for a smaller cake. If you have larger, multi-tiered cakes, buy sparklers in longer lengths to fit your needs. Imagine the delight on someone’s face when you bring out their birthday cake covered in glittering sparks. It will surely be a day they won’t soon forget.
  2. As a Part of the Celebration
    Some birthday parties like to incorporate games, or set aside a time when all the guests can just dance and let loose. If you’re struggling with ideas on how to entertain your guests aside from the cake and ice cream, buy sparklers to make them a part of the celebration!When the sun goes down, give every guest a sparkler so he or she can dance around and play with them. Sparklers last anywhere from 45 seconds to four minutes, depending on the size you choose. Extra long sparklers not only have a longer burn time, but are a safer way to wave or write messages in the air with sparklers. Their long handles keep the ignited end far away from a person’s hands, making them perfect for older kid’s or teen parties. As a note of caution, we do recommend that sparklers are handled by kids over the age of 14. Anyone younger should be supervised.
  3. As a Party Favor for Your Guests
    Giving guests party favors as a way to say thanks is a standard practice, especially at kid’s parties. Favors aren’t just for children’s celebrations, though. If you’re having an adult party, bachelorette party, or any type of gathering where guests bring the hosts gifts, it’s a good idea to give them a little something to take home.Instead of cheap toys or candy, give a bundle of sparklers to your party-goers! They can light them right there (smokeless sparklers are safe to use indoors) or take them home for use at their own special occasion. Sparklers are an unexpected gift that your guests will surely appreciate.

Sparklers are a great way to add a little twinkle to any special occasion. Birthdays are a celebration of another year of growth for someone you love. Show your excitement with the magic and wonder of sparklers.

Daytime Sparklers That Actually Work!

Daytime Sparklers That Actually Work

Some people may think you have to wait until dark to use your sparklers… but we disagree! Our 36 inch sparklers burn so brightly that you can use them during the daytime! Just take a look!

Daytime Sparklers For Your Special Dayhttp://www.kclearphotography.com/

Daytime Sparklers Burn Just As Brightemilymarchphotography.com

Daytime Sparklers That work!!emilymarchphotography.com 

If you make your photos black and white you can even make it look like you had your send off at night!

Daytime Sparklers In Black and Whiteemilymarchphotography.com


Sparkler Sizes

Find the Perfect Size Sparkler For Your Perfect Wedding

We get tons of questions about our different sparkler sizes so we thought it would be helpful to put all of the information in one place! We love all of our sparklers but each one works best for specific types of events – check out the different types to figure out which sparkler is right for you!


36 Inch Wedding Sparklers WritingPhoto Credit: http://www.kelliephoto.com/

48 Sparklers/Box
Burn Time: 4 Minutes

This is our pride and joy! The very wedding sparkler that Libba used for her wedding. Its 4 minute “sparkle” time will allow you to light the sparklers, arrange the guests and still have time for the perfect send-off.

smoke free sparklers

These smokeless sparklers have the brightest “sparkle” of any wedding sparkler on the market because they are “double dipped”.  No other sparkler is made with this

process… and no other sparkler can GUARANTEE that every individual wedding sparkler will burn brightly for 4 minutes with NO DUDS! The sparklers are also extremely easy to light and feature a dazzling bright gold color.


Wedding Sparklers HeartPhoto Credit: http://www.divineportraitstudios.com/

Burn Time: 2 Minutes
48 Sparklers/Box

The 20 inch wedding sparklers are perfect for smaller weddings where there are not as many guests to coordinate. They are a great value for a beautiful effect.

20 Inch Perfect Smokeless Sparkler Send OffPhoto Credit: http://www.wstudiosnewyork.com/

I have so many brides ask me what size sparklers they should order for their weddings.  They know they need a long sparkler but the 36 inch sparkler simply seems too long.  It can be a hard decision, choosing the right size wedding sparkler for your big day, because it is hard to imagine what the sparkler feels like and how it will work within your space.

The 36 inch sparkler is the length of a yard stick – three feet long.  Often the decision about sparkler size comes down to space. Perhaps your outside walkway is narrow or your guests do not have enough space to spread out.

20 Inch Smokless Sparkler WritingPhoto Credit: http://www.ctryan.com/

What you most want to consider when using any sparkler is: will you have enough time?  I am asked “what is the most popular wedding sparkler” all the time and have a simple answer.  The sparkler send-off has become a moment of the wedding.  The last thing you want is for the bride and family to be stressed out because they have to get all the sparklers lit, the guests lined up and have time for the send-off.

Simply imagine if you have 200 guests and only have 2 minutes to orchestrate the sparkler farewell.  It is going to be a super tight timeline.  But with weddings of around 100 people, you can certainly have a perfect send-off with the 20 inch sparklers.

10 INCH SPARKLERS 10 Inch Sparklers

288 Sparklers/Box
Burn Time: 45 Seconds

Our 10 inch sparklers are perfect for a party or special event! Put them on a birthday cake for a little something extra. Each 10 inch wedding sparkler lasts for approximately 45 seconds. Plan on at least 5 sparklers per guest. What you don’t want is a send off line with guests who have used all their wedding sparklers before you even begin your send-off.

10 Inch Sparklers PartyThe 10 inch wedding sparklers are perfect if you are creative and want the sparklers to look as good unlit as they look lit. Pair our smokeless sparklers with a matchbook and you have the perfect favor.