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About Sparklers Online

Ok, so we are a fantastic place to buy sparklers online, but who are we? How did we come to be so passionate about sparklers? 

Why do we make every effort to provide fantastic experiences to those enjoying birthdays, patriotic events with family and regular holidays are as amazing as possible with sparklers? Why do we work to provide the best ideas and ways to use sparklers?

In essence, what drives us to work to spread light in many people’s respective worlds?

These are all great questions, and here is what you need to know about us and our sparkler story. 

Lit up Sparkler

Our Story

The story starts with a joyous event in our lives, our wonderful wedding. See, I was able to find someone special and conduct my wedding. Then, shortly after the wedding, I had a flash of inspiration, a tiny spark that would ignite Sparklers Online’s concept. 

We were grateful to have 36-inch sparklers at our wedding. Indeed, we were able to use these impressive sparklers for our send-off, and everyone lit up with joy. The amazing people in our lives were happy to participate in the send-off, and everyone gained a bit more pleasure from this extra event.

The wedding photographs were unique and excellent and portrayed our happiness. It genuinely captured the sense of exhilaration and thrill I had during the event.

But you may be surprised to know that sparklers were a last-minute addition to the series of events on the wedding day. I included sparklers into my wedding day because it would help me honor my father, a key part of my life. It was even more special because he had a long history in the fireworks business. Now that I think about this history, it seems as if lighting up events, bringing joy, and adding more memories to people’s lives runs in the family!

Maybe I was destined to continue the tradition!

But back to the story.

I do not know exactly when I thought that it would be a good idea. As you might know, planning and executing a special wedding takes time, immense effort, and dedication.

But once the idea sparked, I couldn’t forget about it. I had to have it at my wedding.

The most curious thing here is that I almost could not have it on my special day. See, I had my wedding at my parent’s home, and something happened, the transformer blew! It had combustion and was on fire.

This mishap led to a small power outage. How small? It took around 90 minutes to get back. It was getting a little worrying for a short while, as a few people who dealt with these types of issues said that it would take at least two days or more to get everything in order.

Thankfully, they were wrong, and the situation was able to get better.

Now, you can only imagine the array of feelings at the time. This was a special day, not only for me but everyone present at the wedding. I wanted everyone to have a grand time!

But a few more problems would occur. For instance, the band started late, someone fell, and the booze ran out.

Finally, the moment arrived. It was time for the send-off. Many were excited, but a few people said that it was best to forget the send-off. A few people said it was time to wrap up the event and send everyone back to their homes.

I had to take a stand. We HAD TO DO the sparkler event. Thankfully, with a little convincing, everyone eventually came on board. Yes, everyone stood there lit a sparkler, and we were able to walk through the line carrying our luggage for our honeymoon. 

That memory left an impression on many people at the wedding and us. I look back on it fondly, and so do many people in our lives.

My father was able to participate in the retail fireworks business for over fifty years. He was entrepreneurial and started in the industry with a small roadside tent selling 4th of July fireworks which grew into fully-fledged retail locations that survive and thrive.

He started in the business by spending one whole summer selling fireworks in a tent in Missouri for one special reason. See, my father wanted to buy my mother an engagement ring. He would work hard all summer and save enough to buy a unique engagement ring. That ring would eventually find its way from my mother to my boyfriend, who would, in turn, hand it to me. That ring rests on my ring finger to this very day.

Over time, sparklers would become more popular at weddings, and friends and acquaintances would ask about how they could include sparklers at their weddings, too.

I was able to connect different ideas and passions and conceive Sparkle. I hope you enjoy Sparkle’s products and will share your wedding sparkler send-off stories with me!

The Founders Guarantee

The idea started over fifteen years ago and still endures to this day. That is a testament to our sparklers’ quality and the joy that Sparkle brings to many brides and wedding participants.

I am delighted that brides and families reach out to me to this very day to order durable, reliable, and lasting sparklers for their many special events.

We guarantee that we will provide fantastic customer service, excellent products, and effective communication throughout the process. This enables you to enjoy your sparklers without worrying about potential issues in delivery, shipping confirmation, or other matters that unfortunately occur with competitors. In essence, we guarantee compelling experiences.

Why Choose Our Sparklers?

You should choose our sparklers because you will enjoy great sparklers, fantastic communication, and excellent experiences throughout your order.

We understand that you are ordering these sparklers to add a bit more joy and delight to your event. 

We provide the best quality sparklers in the business, ensure timely delivery, quick resolution of issues, secure transactions, a strong reputation, years of experience, simplicity, and authenticity.

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