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  • each sparkler lasts 4 minutes
  • ideal for non-rushed moments
  • smokeless
  • highest quality on the market today
  • easy to light
  • extra thick design
  • brightest of all the sizes
  • 100% guarantee
  • silver in color when unlit
  • gold in color when lit
Price $59.00 per box (48 sparklers)

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36 Inch Wedding Sparklers | Long Lasting + Smokeless

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    Super fast shipping... great product
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    The 36 inch sparklers were the perfect way to end our wedding night! Our guests lined up and we walked through a tunnel of beautiful lights before getting on a boat and sailing off into the evening. The 36 inch sparklers are so worth the money because by the time everyone’s was lit, we walked though, turned around to get more pictures, and were on the boat looking back at them, their sparkles were still going strong! I highly recommend these!!!
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    2nd time ordering, super fast shipping! We use these for our cape cod family reunion. We have a fire on the beach roast smores and light up sparklers! Always a hit!
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    full star full star full star full star full star
    Very fast delivery!

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Sparklers Online is your best choice for 36 inch wedding sparklers. They burn for up to four minutes, longer than any other 36 inch wedding sparkler on the market. This is the perfect amount of time to light your guest’s sparklers. It also lets the bride and groom:

  • Make a grand entrance
  • Add glitz and glamor to the wedding reception
  • Exit in style with a picture perfect wedding send off

The same style of 36 inch sparklers was used by Libba D., the Founder of Sparklers Online, on her special day.

Libba provides wedding parties and planners with celebratory sparklers that make spectacular memories.

Fact: Sparklers Online is the original wedding sparkler company since 2003.

Recommended by Wedding Photographers

Photographers love our 36” sparklers! They’re the top choice among professional wedding photographers across the U.S. and Canada.

They burn bright gold when lit, are smokeless and last long. This allows for lots of time to frame and take wedding photos. They make for memorable weddings.

Wedding Day Tip: Inform your wedding day photographer that you’ll be doing a sparkler send off.  Give out one sparkler per guest. Spread out a few people when they’re lit. A single 36” sparkler can light other sparklers when lit.

Sparklers Featured in Oprah Magazine and InStyle

Our products have been featured in wedding magazines including In Style Wedding, O At Home, The Knot and Modern Bride.

They are used in TV advertisements such as Southwest Airlines and in Academy Award winning movies like Ladybird. Our sparklers are stars!

We promise that our 36 inch wedding sparklers will dazzle and delight your guests. And we always keep our promises.

Wedding sparkler Sizes

Wedding sparklers traditionally come in three sizes: 10”, 20” and 36” long sparklers. The longer they are, the longer they burn for.

Wedding Day Tip: Some venues have size requirements, so be sure to ask which size(s) are acceptable before you order.

They can also be purchased in lengths of 10” and 20” but 36” sparklers are by far the most popular.  

Twenty inch sparklers are perfect for weddings of around 100 people or less.  At 20 inches, they are a great size – not too long, as well as a great price that fits most budgets.  They are also the perfect size for birthday parties and other celebrations.

Ten inch sparklers are perfect for a special event! Put them on a birthday cake for a little something extra. Each 10 inch wedding sparkler lasts for about 45 seconds. Plan on at least five 10” sparklers per guest.

We get tons of questions about different sparkler sizes and are happy to provide the answers. We’ve been at this since 2003. Some say that we wrote the book on wedding sparklers.

What are the best sparklers to use for a wedding?

Use 36 inch long sparklers if you plan on having 100 guests or more at your wedding. The longer they are, the longer the burn time. Also called long or extra long sparklers, 36” sparklers give you time enough to take the best wedding photos, and long enough for grand entrances & exits.

They also allow you time to line up your guests, get every sparkler lit, reapply your lipstick (thanks MOM!), and have a happy wedding sparkler sendoff. 

How long do 36 inch sparklers last?

Our 36" wire sparklers are the longest lasting sparklers on the market. They burn for four minutes because they are “double-dipped.” No other sparkler uses this process. And they are smokeless. They’re perfect for writing messages in the air, wedding receptions and more.

We can customize your order according to your needs and budget.

How should I display 36 inch wedding sparklers?

Display them in a tall, large vase wrapped with a ribbon. Place the vase near your sign-in or guestbook table, easily accessible to arriving guests. You can even mix them into each table arrangements or centrepiece.  We have plenty of creative sparklers ideas to share with you.

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Please call (800) 306-8070 with any questions or concerns you may have. You can also email [email protected] or text us at (615) 973-6100. We offer the friendly, professional and dependable customer service you expect.