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  • Each sparkler lasts 4 minutes
  • DON'T FEEL RUSHED - this is the sparkler for you if you do not want to worry about being rushed at the end of the evening!
  • Smokeless
  • High Quality – 100% guarantee
  • Burns the color of a candle flame
  • Silver in color when unlit
Price $59.00 per box (48 sparklers)

Number of Boxes

36 inch Wedding Sparklers
Annie and Yuri's wedding sparkler sendoff using 36 inch sparklers
Swirl sparkler photo at Alixandria and James Wedding
Photo of Bride, Groom, and 36 inch wedding sparkler send off
Photo of Angelita and Jerome's wedding sparkler sendoff
Photo of Leah and Arthur's wedding with wedding sparklers
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Photo of Adorable Florida Wedding with 36 inch Sparklers
Amazing Floridian Wedding with 36 inch Wedding Sparklers
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Barr Mansion Aerial Sparkler photo of 36 inch Sparkler Exit
Bright and long 36 inch Wedding Sparklers with a Kiss
Beach Wedding Sparkler Sendof by Jasmine Starr Photography
Wedding Sparklers light send-off path for smiling bride and groom
Group Lighting Wedding Sparklers - use one to light many
Bride and groom holding 20 inch wedding sparklers
Wedding sparklers and white sparkling lights strung in the air
36 inch Wedding Sparklers at barn wedding sendoff
 Alice and Ben's 36 inch Wedding Sparklers Photo by Christian Oth
Sparkler Exit with lots of 20 inch Wedding Sparklers
Jordan and Katie Sweet Wedding Sparkler Couple
Brent and Liz's Grass Path lit with 36 inch wedding sparklers
36 inch sparklers for a spectacular wedding sparkler exit
36 inch sparklers used for sky writing a heart
Happy Couple with path of 20 inch wedding sparklers
Drs. 90210 Celebrity with 36 inch wedding sparklers
A Beautiful 20 inch wedding sparkler photo up close
Night lit up with the glow of the hundreds of wedding sparklers
Sparklers at varying heights surrounding the newlyweds
Love Sky-Written with 36 inch wedding Sparklers
Wedding Sparkler Photo from behind the Couple
Chad and Natalie Flolo's 20 inch wedding sparkler kiss
Ashley and Kyle Bevier's 36 inch wedding sparkler exit
36 inch Wedding Sparklers used in outdoor barn wedding
Sparklers at Twah and Timothy's New Years Eve wedding ceremony
Alysia and Jeff Kool's Wedding Sparklers Exit
Super cute sparklers send off at wedding exit
Beautiful Dress Farewell with 36 inch Sparklers
Bavoy and Vu's 36 inch Wedding Sparkler Exit on Bike
Sparklers Photo from Libba's own Southern Wedding sendoff
Southern Wedding with Sparklers and Spanish Moss
Rising Stairs with 36 inch Sparklers used at a wedding sendoff
Jordan and Scott's wedding with 36 inch sparklers
36 inch Wedding sparklers used at an Engagement Party
Mike and Kelly Smith 's Beach Wedding with Sparklers
Party on a beach with 36 inch wedding Sparklers
Sarah and Louie Sloyan on a wedding exit of sparklers
Lots of 36 inch long sparklers at this wedding ceremony
Cindy and Dave Polek in a ring of 36 inch wedding sparklers
Jeremy & Charla Hodges Path Lit by 36 inch wedding sparklers
Alexandra and Brian Reuter's Church Wedding Sparkler Exit
Rebel and Philip's Wedding with 36 inch Sparklers
Sarah and Jason Baker 's Wedding Sparkler Surprise
Heidi and Gregg's Wedding with 36 inch Sparklers
Emily and John Graham's wedding Sparkler Path Photo
Liz and Danny Guy with Sparklers leaving the church
Kathy and Hank's 36 inch wedding sparklers with flowers
Bryan and Michelle's wedding with 36 inch Sparklers
Aloha Wedding Sparkler Exit using 20 inch sparklers
Marci and Nathan's Black and White Sparklers Photo
Flip Flop wedding exit path with 36 inch Sparklers
Leaving the Ceremony with 36 inch Wedding Sparklers
Beautiful Wedding Perfection with 36 inch sparklers
Wedding Luminaries and 36 inch wedding sparklers

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  • $ Verified Buyer

    full star full star full star full star full star
  • $ Verified Buyer

    full star full star full star full star full star
    Comments about 36 Inch Sparklers:
    They sent me my sparklers within two days when I desperately needed them for my wedding. This service is unparalleled!
  • $ Verified Buyer

    full star full star full star full star full star
    Comments about 36 Inch Sparklers:
    Sparklers shipped fast and arrived on time. Very happy with them so far and can’t wait to use them in 26 days!
  • $ Verified Buyer

    full star full star full star full star full star
    Comments about 36 Inch Sparklers:
    The sparklers where great and lasted a long time.
  • $ Verified Buyer

    full star full star full star full star full star
    Comments about 36 Inch Sparklers:
    HelloI normally don't do reviews, but I thought what the heck I'll do it this time. So I found this site pretty easy. I looked at what type of products they had to offer, pick one and ordered. There was only one shipping option which initially I was concerned about, because we decided last minute on the sparkler exit. I ordered anyways and our stuff came either a head of time, or right one time. Either way it was a relief to see they came so quickly. I definitely would recommend this product.

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This is our pride and joy! The very wedding sparkler I used for my wedding. Its 4 minute "sparkle" time will allow you to light the sparklers, arrange the guests and still have time for the perfect send-off.

How many wedding sparklers do I need?

Because the 36 inch wedding sparkler last for approximately 4 minutes (yes, we time it with a stopwatch), you need only allow for one per guest.

These smokeless sparklers have the brightest "sparkle" of any wedding sparkler on the market because they are "double dipped".  No other sparkler is made with this process... and no other sparkler can GUARANTEE that every individual wedding sparkler will burn brightly for 4 minutes with NO DUDS! The sparklers are also extremely easy to light and feature a dazzling bright gold color.

And shipping is fast! Check out the shipping estimate calculator on this page to make sure your wedding sparklers will arrive on time for your special day. Order before 3:00 PM CST and your order will ship the very same day.

Our wedding sparklers have been featured in In Style magazine, Oprah magazine, The Knot, Modern Bride, Country Living, and many more. These are the highest quality wedding sparklers on the market! Keep reading below to discover dozens of customer reviews about our sparklers. We pride ourselves on the best quality sparklers and the most responsive customer service in the industry.

Tips for Using 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers

  • Make sure that every guest has at least one sparkler.
  • Have a few people with lit sparklers spread out.  One lit sparkler can light 5 or so unlit sparklers.
  • Let your wedding photographer know that you’ll be doing a wedding sparkler send off.  Feel free to share our photo gallery for inspiration and ideas.