The Ultimate Wedding Sparkler Guide

The Ultimate Wedding Sparkler Guide

Thank you for visiting our website! I hope you will find this wedding sparkler guide useful. It is filled with every bit of information I can possibly think of – every question I have been asked over the last 15 years to help you decide if sparklers are right for you. But that is an easy answer – of course they are! Where else can you spend less than $100 (or more if you want, of course) and have the most impactful addition to your wedding day – the one moment your friends will remember. I also assure you that these will be the best photos you have ever seen!

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    Comments about 36" Sparklers:
    Sparklers arrived quickly and were wonderful at the reception. Certainly a great send off to the married couple.
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    Comments about 36" Sparklers:
    Arrived quickly. Don't need until the end of March but have ordered the same as last wedding and know they will be GREAT!!!
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    wedding sparker photo 5EED9E45-DADA-42C3-BD86-AC198256BFBD.jpeg Comments about 36" Sparklers:
    These sparklers created such amazing lighting for a once in a lifetime exit from our gorgeous wedding!
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    wedding sparker photo _DSC4067.JPG Comments about 36" Sparklers:
    We used these sparkers at LUXE All Inclusive New Year's Eve party at Carambola Beach Club in St. Kitts. They worked wonderfully and were a fantastic addition to our party as you can see in the included photo. I recommend this product!
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    Comments about 20" Sparklers:
    Easy to order. Sparklers arrived in just a couple of days in excellent condition. Shipping boxes are sturdy; sparklers look good. Still two weeks before wedding, so haven’t used the sparklers yet. I’m confident they will work just fine. This was a great purchase experience. I recommend this company without hesitation.

Thank you for Considering Sparklers for Weddings

Wedding Sparklers

It makes me so happy you are visiting our website and are considering sparklers for your wedding. Perhaps I am a little biased as I had two things I knew I wanted at my wedding: A certain wedding band and sparklers at the end of the night.

When I used the sparklers at the end of the reception, it brought out a certain joy in all the wedding guests in attendance. I was delighted to see how many of the adults enjoyed holding a sparkler. People often forget how much fun it is to light a sparkler and having the bride and groom send off with wedding sparklers is truly magical.

Traditional Wedding Sparklers

A question I am asked all the time is what is a sparkler for weddings? I then go through explaining that brides and grooms use these in place of rose petals or bubbles at the send-off for a fun and different idea. It still amazes me that this little unusual idea I had for my own wedding 19 years ago has now become one of the options brides might consider.

We offer the most traditional sparklers for weddings - the exact ones you have in your mind. They are simply high-quality sparklers that you as a bride and groom will be proud to have at your wedding.

Hopefully our website is a happy place where you as a couple are in 100% agreement. Mothers and fathers of the bride - we love you too! Feel free to call me anytime or send an email and we can talk about anything in detail.

Quality and a 100% Guarantee

SPARKLE offers the best quality wedding sparklers available and they are 100% guaranteed. Why a guarantee you ask? Well, we know how special the wedding day is to each and every bride and groom as well as the family. Things can happen, and we completely understand. You might change your mind about using sparklers for your wedding, you might want a different size wedding sparkler or maybe the box arrives damaged. In all cases, we will work with you to make sure you are completely happy. My sparklers are often more expensive and there is a good reason: quality. These sparklers have been the same sparklers my family has purchased for over 50 years! I refuse to change even though I know I could get a lower price because the quality would be compromised. A poor quality sparkler is bad for three reasons. They either do not light, they make a lot of smoke, or the sparkler composite falls off in chunks. Nobody wants any of that at their wedding!

What do the Sparklers for Weddings Look Like?

Our wedding sparklers are physically silver in color but burn the color gold. But often that gold color is described as a silvery white or gold. I simply say it is the color of a candle frame. Different depending on how you look at it. Confusing? We hope not. The nice thing about the sparklers (our best selling 36 inch sparklers) is that they are smokeless sparklers, and last a longer amount of time than other brands. The burn time is a full 4 minutes so there will be plenty of time to get those amazing wedding photos that your family will adore, especially at the wedding exit. We offer 20 inch sparklers as well as a 10 inch sparklers. The 20 inch sparklers are great for groups of under 100 people. With more people, you might want to consider having the longer sparklers so you have plenty of time to light all the sparklers and have the guests lined up all while having a beautiful send-off.

Display and Sparkler Tags

A question I am often asked is how to display the sparklers for the wedding ceremony. No need to spend a lot of extra money - as I know those expenses are adding up! I suggest looking at a pot you already have in your potting shed and filling it with play sand (sold for $6 at the hardware store). This will hold your sparklers upright. Some people also have great luck at Target, Michels or Hobby Lobby finding containers that will work.

Another question I am asked about often is about sparkler tags. These days every bride seems to have a color theme and everything for the wedding is coordinated. It is adorable how into the details some people can be. There are a few options with sparkler tags. I suggest wrapping a pretty ribbon around your sparkler container and hanging a tag from that ribbon. These tags for sparklers are something you can do from your home computer - yea! Or you could print something cute and put it in a picture frame next to the container of sparklers. Please check the sparkler blog for further details. Other people want an individual sparkler tag on each sparkler. That presentation is also adorable but a little more time consuming. We have seen some super cute tags on ETSY that can be customized but again, you could always do this on your home computer. Please check our website for creative ideas about displays and tags for the sparklers. Look at this adorable site too:

Cute taglines include:

  • Sparkler Sendoff at 10:00pm
  • Let's Light the Way for Jenna and Jake
  • Let Love Sparkle
  • Let Sparks Fly

Our website offers some creative and fun sparkler ideas to use during ceremonies and wedding receptions. They can be placed in display buckets or as 'bottle sparklers' - in champagne bottles on the tables and lit to give the whole room a lovely glow. Some couples have pressed them into the ground, forming large heart shaped sparklers where the bride and groom kneel for remarkable wedding pictures. You have to look up that photo on the website - it is so cute! We are surprised and delighted every day by the amazing wedding pictures that are submitted to us every day.

Easy Shipping

We offer the 36 inch wedding sparkler, which is our most popular, along with the 20 inch wedding sparkler and 10 inch wedding sparkler with free shipping on every order. There are never any hidden shopping cart charges and your satisfaction is completely guaranteed. We often can get the sparklers out the same day. Our cut off time is 3pm central time but we try our best to get the wedding sparklers shipped after that if the truck has not arrived. We even have driven orders of sparklers to the local UPS facility for one large order that needed the product to ship out that day or they would not arrive in time. Those sparklers were actually for a celebration of lights at a university.

Specific Product Details

We sell only superior steel wire sparklers that generate the very least amount of smoke possible. In our 15 years in business, we've never had a customer complain about the smoke from our steel wire sparklers. And that goes back to our guarantee as we would completely refund someone even if they used every single sparkler at their wedding and were unhappy. I like to be in the business of making people happy, so an unhappy customer is unacceptable. It's very negligible and our awesome product is recommended by most wedding photographers. Wooden sparklers burn up, fall off in chunks, and make a mess. They also produce more smoke, making it hard for your wedding photographer to get perfect shots every time. And strangely the sticks of the wooden sparklers are magenta in color! What bride or groom would want that? Also we do not sell colored sparklers because they first of all are primary colors only and secondly because they burn like a torch. Not with the pretty sparkler spread you have envisioned. We also do not have sparklers for baby reveals. We get asked to have them all the time and I have had nightmares about sending the wrong color to a couple and ruining their entire party!

Additional Information

We believe wedding celebrations should be perfect and wedding day sparklers add that whimsical touch that is sometimes missing from weddings. I started this idea in 2003 and barely knew how to use the internet at that time. I knew if I offered a quality wedding sparkler at a reasonable price and showed the beautiful outcome of the pictures that other brides and grooms might want to use sparklers for weddings. Boy was I right! We have been in business for 15 years and are the premier wedding sparkler company. That's because we offer exceptional products, great prices, and friendly service.

Sparkle is female owned, and I am proud to be the Original Wedding Sparkler Company, located in Tennessee. I really did invent the idea of sparklers for weddings as they were such a hit at my own reception. As you can see, many other companies have followed our lead and are also selling sparklers for weddings. I can tell you that I personally check my email every day, answer my own phone and will help you make the best decision for your wedding day. I have helped more brides and grooms and moms brainstorm about the right size sparkler, the right number of sparklers or even an alternate if there is not enough time to get sparklers to you on time.

Our customers always give us excellent reviews, wedding pictures, and share their stories about how our sparklers made their "Special Day" a complete success and perfect in every way. We look forward to getting to know you!


I hate to even say this, but before you order, make sure the wedding sparkler company, if it is not us, is a real company that has actual product. I get calls about 5 times a week from people who chose another company to order wedding sparklers from and they have not shipped, the company will not return emails and will not answer the phone. It is disappointing the companies let these brides and grooms down on their wedding day!

My Promise to You

I strive to offer the best wedding sparklers on the market. I strive to have excellent customer service. I will email you often immediately with responses to wedding sparkler questions. I will often text you, if I am in a situation when I cannot return your call and want you to have information immediately. When you order, you will receive a tracking number for UPS for the sparklers around 4pm central time the same day or the next business day depending on when you order.